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Focusing on the Foundation: 6 Key-Benefits of Hiring a Tech Support Team

In recent times, businesses require a fully functioning website in order to run their proceedings and connect with clients and customers. However, with innovation taking its toll in technologies, just creating and establishing a website is never enough; other various technical issues are to be taken under consideration.

Business websites are somewhat critical to maintaining, and sometimes without the influence of the right understanding, there could be a lack of required technical support for the website. Technical support aligns with the maintenance of the website, making it smooth and feasible for users and potential clients to have a great experience and a good name for the business.

Hence, lack of support leads to failure in implementing a wide range of features available on the internet, such as bad performance, unnecessary load time on pages, and many more. Website development is an area that evolves and interchanges itself in rapid motion with technological advancement. For this, a project must constantly be monitored and updated accordingly to reach more audiences and eventually grow the business.

API development services is also one of the key aspects of the future of software development in Bangladesh. However, determining which APIs to develop and what products & solutions they will enable, require experience & expertise. So, in this blog, I will list down some of the API development companies based in Bangladesh and their services, participating in this digital transformation globally, for you to choose from based on your business transformation priorities, such as cost-efficiency, offshore development capabilities, or tailored digital solutions.


What is Website Technical Support and Why Do You Need It?

Technical support or Web Tech Support is basically an enhancement of technical assistance that, in essence, lets the businesses communicate better with their audience productively and securely. A website’s technical support resolves issues with the website’s technical problem, such as handling errors to stay more secure on the internet and focusing on providing effective business content or product to the visitors.

Living in the digital era has changed the way businesses think, and influential companies are now defined by how capable they are in terms of technological advancement and applied knowledge. Therefore, the lack of a skilled team of technical experts behind an organization’s website would result in plenty of issues that will affect the performance and usability factor of the website and would put the data at risk from cyber attackers.

Hence, the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty come with proper website maintenance, and every modern business must abide by the webmaster’s instructions. There are various website maintenance tips every business should be aware of, the knowledge ultimately enhances the quality of the website.

Websites enable a business to share content that is beneficial to the targeted audience and help them do marketing campaigns and create brand awareness strategies, so websites must be updated regularly. A proper website technical support team maintains the performance of the website to ensure its usability and feasibility, updating the website with the latest web dev trends, fixing technical issues, making sure there are no bugs in the system, and following up with professional consultations to keep the organization’s website proactive to any future issues.

Therefore, the importance of technical support can be achieved by ensuring collaboration with the right team of experts. They are viable enough to help with web performance optimization so that your visitors don’t have to go through unnecessary load times and have a wrong impression of your website. Furthermore, the analytics report would be generated to pinpoint issues that are causing visitors to bounce off your website, and thus, this report will help technical experts to solve the problems. A robust report can also assist with web security in order to keep your resources on the web from not getting hacked. Most importantly, regular maintenance of the websites can help to have a backup of your codebase, which is one of the crucial parts of your website or any IT business. The technical teams would regularly monitor and optimize your codebases on a regular basis for better performance and conduct an on-site SEO that maintains an optimized strategy for your organization’s website to rank higher on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With up-to-date technical support, you can enjoy the right SEO services that are also essential for a business in Bangladesh to have a successful future.


Key Reasons and the Benefits of Having a Reliable Team of Web Technical Support

Cybercrime has raised to 600% due to Covid-19 pandemic.


The risk of cybercrime is now more than ever. As the statistics show, it is just another scope for hackers to take advantage of global situations. This is why companies or organizations must maintain stable maintenance on their websites and avail the benefits of technical support. Therefore, an important list of information has been accumulated for the audience to get more aware of the digital footprint and take proper measures not to get infiltrated through technical support.

Tech Support Saves time and Maintains your Website

It is for a fact that many entrepreneurs are not professional webmasters and are unable to conduct the tasks which a webmaster performs, such as writing an HTML or CSS code snippet and making alterations in the CMS platform of your website. Thus, without having proper knowledge of that area, you can easily make a mistake and do more harm than fix the problem. For which, website maintenance and technical support are crucial for such cases.

Furthermore, renewing your domain name is an important factor, or else it can cause your organization to lose many potential customers. If the domain name doesn’t get renewed on time, this will result in other competitor companies purchasing your domain name, which will showcase similar products and services such as yours. By neglecting your organization’s website, it grows to become backdated or outdated and gives an unappealing appearance to the targeted audience.

Technical Support Enables Updating your Website to Keep Up with the Trend

38 percent of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

Blue Corona

Even though an organization’s website deems a certain time to expire and lose its validity, a less updated and trendy website gets poor traffic as per the statistics. Therefore, newer UI/UX design trends keep getting introduced to the market, and Google’s search engine algorithm keeps evolving; your technical team would align your website with the latest trends and update it accordingly to stay ahead of the curve, as well as benefit from the importance of the website’s maintenance.

In addition to it, if your company’s website is running an old version of a hosting package, such as an old version of WordPress, it will lead the company’s important information to get breached by cyberattacks and your data will be lost or put at risk.

Maintaining a WordPress website is essential as well and it is an ongoing process, not just a one-time task. Simply having a hosting service is not enough; regular maintenance is necessary.

Hence, maintaining proper management is crucial as well. The technical support services enable constant feature updates to your website’s hosting package and renewal of your Content Management System (CMS).

Tech Support ensures Website Security

Websites currently experience an average of 94 attacks every day and are visited by bots approximately 2,608 times a week.

Expert Insights

As per the statistics shown, websites are highly at risk every day, and it has become a hectic problem. Therefore, it is important to know why you should invest in a proven technical support service firm. With the expertise and technical knowledge of the technical support team, the crucial information on your website can be safe.

Since, it is nothing unusual to see data breaches on websites, starting from big organizations, such as Bangladesh Bank, to smaller organizations, it is interesting for hackers to infiltrate the vulnerable information of users for various reasons, ransomware or identity theft. Here, hiring a technical support team working on your website helps your organization mitigate any consequences related to cyberattacks or cybercrimes.

Improves the Website’s SEO

High-quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search.


As the statistics suggest, entrepreneurs are not traditionally aware of the technical issues of ranking websites on Google’s ranking and getting more traffic through it. High-quality content and further factors such as keywords, SEO backlinks, and tags are essential terms and technicalities that enable a website’s outreach to the targeted audience. Therefore, tech support experts can help achieve that.

Boosts your Brand Reputation and Strengthens Brand Loyalty

36.5% of shoppers said they will spend more on products if they are loyal to a brand.

Brand Watch

In order to keep brand loyalty on an increasing curve, you must ensure that your website is not getting slow or taking too much load time. This ultimately weakens the brand image and makes it seem unprofessional. Hence, the assistance of technical support can instantly mitigate these issues and provide the best-performing website with ease to navigate.

Website Hosting Enhances your Website’s Overall Quality

Your organization’s web server is directly related to the quality of your website, ensuring its capabilities in respect to performance. Website hosting provides the appropriate speed of page loading, vulnerability exposure, and security of your website. In the point of view of entrepreneurs, website hosting plays an insignificant role. Still, it is the most important factor that establishes the website’s quality if you ask any technical support expert. 

When an organization’s website gets the allocated hosting, its resources and bandwidths are shared with other websites since they are on the same server; this is known as shared hosting. Eventually, it increases the risk of cyber-attacks and other technical issues on the website’s performance.

In essence, your technical support team would ensure that your website’s hosting is done through a trusted agency to optimize the website performance and give the best usability performance to your consumers.

To Sum Up

In essence, the website is something that is never completed. Instead, it is being updated with time and coming trends. Thus, the technical support team must monitor and upgrade your organization’s website when it is necessary for better performance. From reanalyzing the core elements of content marketing to website security, maintaining these factors would ensure security and prevent various unfortunate events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • How can I do SEO for a Technical Support Website?

    There are two types of SEO, one is On-Page SEO and the other one is Off-Page SEO. Best practices to implement SEO effectively include focusing on keywords (location-based), guest blogging, social media, blog commenting, internal linking, examining analytics data, and quality assurance of websites.

  • What are website maintenance checklists for better security?

    The most crucial factors and checklists to maintain a secured website are to update basic issues such as fixing bugs, examining CTAs, renewal of domain names, testing browser compatibility, examining backups, examining and testing the entire website.

  • How can I protect my organization’s website from cyber-attacks?

    You could consider these facts, backing up your data, securing your devices and network, considering cyber security insurances, getting updates on the latest risks, consulting cyber security advice, training your staff to be safe during online transactions of information, ensuring multi-factor authentication (MFA).

  • What is the best web host to use?

    The best website hosting services in the market now are GoDaddy, Dreamhost, Hostinger, HostGator, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, and SiteGround.

  • Why does a website need maintenance?

    Maintenance is crucial for better performance, higher security and reliability, better UX/UI for users, and higher Google Ranks.

  • What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

    Content Delivery Network, often known as Content Distribution Network is a global network that distributes your digital files, such as images, CSS, and videos for the website around the globe. CDN enables the improvement of the load time of a website since it loads the static content from the nearest CDN server from the end-user. Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, Verizon Media are some of the CDN providers.

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