40% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress.

To power up your company’s website, share your requirements with our WordPress experts and get your site delivered in days. As WordPress is a popular platform for creating and managing websites, blogs, business websites, personal sites, and even e-commerce stores can benefit from using WordPress development.

At Dcastalia, we use a simple WordPress development process that is in line with our clients' needs. Moreover, we have established ourselves as a robust WordPress development company in Bangladesh and around the world with over a decade of experience.

Our clients' relationships do not end with deployment, and our supporting hands do not expire, therefore we welcome everyone to just give us a call and we will take care of the rest.


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Completed Projects

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Building optimized and value driven products

Building For Future Ltd is one of the country's most famous real estate development firms. They guarantee sophisticated...


Building for Future Ltd.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Design & Development

JCX Developments Ltd initiated its Real Estate venture with the goal of bringing contemporary architecture style to...


JCX Development Limited

  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Technical Support

Eduko Bangladesh is a multinational organization providing overseas higher education consultancy services in Bangladesh. We...


Eduko Bangladesh Website

  • UX/UI Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • Technical Support

Safar Tours and Travels is an agency offering domestic and international travel services to tourists.

Our team...


Safar Tours and Travels Website

  • UX/UI Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • Technical Support

DPS STS School is one of the most well-known English Medium schools in the country, offering internationally recognized...


DPS STS School

  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Technical Support

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Our reputation branches across different industries and far beyond the borders


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Concentrating to your detailed objectives and catering accordingly

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Immaculate design that enables your business to inspire

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Building seamless strategy that ensures innovativeness

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Every working step is aligned for your satisfaction

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Offering instant solutions to any problems


Providing robust technical support for smooth usability


Hire a professional team of WordPress developers to construct your website from scratch.

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After thorough research on the client’s requirements, we build a prototype and invite the client to play around and leave feedbacks as we pass the different phases of the project.



Our WordPress theme development adheres to current industry standards in order to provide an amazing user experience. We can assist you with a simple one-page mock-up or multiple-page UI design.

Our WordPress theme development team can take your pixel-perfect designs and turn them into a W3C-compliant, accelerated, and responsive WordPress CMS theme. Each design goes through an analysis, file structure creation, cross-browser compatibility check, and validation process.



Plugins extend the functionality of your WordPress site beyond what is provided by the WordPress core.

The Custom WordPress Developers at Dcastalia focus on constantly giving improved plugin solutions that are of high impact and productivity, due to their hands-on experience in developing WordPress custom plugins.



When you are not satisfied with your current hosting provider, thinking of migrating can be hectic. We understand the complex process of WordPress migration and our team of experts can ease the process for you.

With a multitude of useful tools and skilled coaching from our experts to get your website up and running quickly, our commitment to offering WordPress excellence to you is unrivaled.



According to new research, 63% of enterprises are implementing microservices architectures. Microservices are an architectural approach in which a single application is developed as a collection of small services. Each service has its own process that it follows.

Dcastalia has been assisting businesses with microservices development in order to upgrade their IT legacy systems with autonomous, secure, and agile microservices applications. The process includes the design and development of various sorts of microservices such as numerous elements, business-oriented microservices development, and then testing them for high-quality performance.

Maintenance &

Maintenance &

The backbone of any successful WordPress website is excellent maintenance. By assisting with optimization, analytics, and security checks, we help our clients develop a successful, stress-free online experience.

Our dedicated technical support team is in charge of delivering internationally acclaimed maintenance and upkeep for your WordPress site, ensuring that you continue to have great experiences from your digital presence for the duration of its life.


Ease of

WordPress is simple to use and features a user-friendly interface. Adding new pages, blog posts, photographs, and other content on a regular basis is simple and quick.

Because the technology is so basic, formatting time is drastically decreased with WordPress, hence redesigning the site becomes effortless.

and Innovative

A website's function and purpose might evolve over time, and happily, WordPress is up to the challenge.

Regular updates ensure that the CMS is also upgraded, bugs are fixed, and new useful and exciting features are released on a regular basis.


WordPress's code is clean and basic, making it easier for search engines to read and index the content of a site.

Furthermore, each page, article, and image can have its own meta tag keywords, description, and title, as well as be optimized for specific keywords, allowing for extremely fine search engine optimization.

Responsive Design

Everyone is scrolling through their mobiles which has become the most effective means of obtaining traffic for business websites nowadays and thus, websites must be responsive in order to attract potential customers via the mobile channel.

WordPress has a responsive design that allows your website to work well on a variety of devices without requiring you to invest additional time and effort in designing separate web pages for each device.


WordPress makes it very easy to install plugins or even integrate custom-made plugins. With plugins, the functionality can be extended up to the sky’s limit.

Other than the plugins, themes can also be interchanged and even custom-made to always keep your website modern with the latest design trends.


WordPress websites are extremely adaptable. Your site's performance will not be harmed in the slightest whether you have thousands of pages or blog entries on it.

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A great wrodpress partner

The most impressive thing about Dcastalia was that they always suggested the best way to make the website elegant, no matter how much effort they needed to bring that best. At the same time, they respected our requirements at each stage and valued our choice over everything. The website that they created has earned many positive reviews, views and aesthetically represents the company itself with modern animations.

Abdullah Al Tushar

Manager & Head of Marketing, JCX Developments Ltd.

Innovative and Responsive

A nice landing page Minimalist design Fantastic support team. Also, they're innovative and they have nice client support.

Kaberi Gayen

Professor, University of Dhaka

they have extensive portfolio

We were referred to Dcastalia through a professional network due to their extensive portfolio for a Group of Companies. For this project, their responsiveness and attention to detail were what I find most amazing. They’ve delivered all the projects on time and within budget.

Shariful Islam

Assistant Brand Manager, Mir Cement Ltd.

Asked Questions

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging and content management system that is open source and was released in 2003. It is now the most widely used blogging platform on the internet and its CMS powers over 35% of websites on the internet.

What do I need to provide to start building a site with WordPress?

To kickstart your project and in order for it to run smoothly you can help us initially by providing the website assets (logo, content, images etc), your existing domain if you have any, CSM or web host login, and the rest can be discussed in the initial meeting.

Is WordPress Secure?

WordPress is updated four to eight times a year, which is more frequent than typical software. Regular updates improve the security of WordPress websites and ensure that the most recent version is used.

Can I easily edit everything in WordPress?

WordPress has been created with non-technical users in mind. Changing font sizes and colors, altering navigation, building new web pages, incorporating photos, and embedding video is all simple tasks with this CMS. To take it a step further, Dcastalia provides each customer with a personalized website manual and free consulting that contains precise "how-tos" for upgrading the WordPress website once it has been developed.

What kind of license does WordPress have?

The General Public License (GNU) is used to license WordPress. This is an open-source license, which means anyone can edit and redistribute the source code.

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