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Dcastalia is a software development company in Bangladesh that started its journey back in 2009; with the aim to deliver personal, passionate and tailored services. Over a decade’s operation, we have marked a place of reliability and trustworthiness both nationally and internationally among our clients of different industries.

Since our inception, we have been helping organizations with complete technological solutions consisting of services like software development, web design and development, digital marketing, technical support, graphic design and many others.

Our team of experienced, diligent and result-oriented individuals strongly focus on developing and executing pragmatic solutions that best cater to your needs and problems. Our individualized approach towards project development helps us to build a visually refined experience for users.

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What We Believe

When our customers succeed, we succeed.
Our whole organization works hard to make your business successful. That’s why we exist.

Our Values


We are reliable and affordable

We provide customized digital services no matter if you are a well-established brand or just starting out as a small business. We have affordable service packages for everyone! And, as a pioneer digital agency, we take pride in our reliability. Reliability is of utmost importance to us not only for our credibility but also for our internal network and even if something goes wrong, you can rest assured that we will move heaven and earth to set things right for you!


We understand and we deliver

Over 11 years of operation, we have seen what troubles businesses go through from time to time. We understand your pain and we are here for you. We talk to you about the troubles you're facing in your business or if you’re simply looking to upgrade your business. We listen to you and we plan our action accordingly. Our software model is designed to quickly address the issues, develop the solution and make on time delivery.


We Are Serious

We are living in a fast paced economical environment. An idea that is innovative today will be yesterday’s news tomorrow. So, a project that lasts for a year becomes ineffective and non-profitable. That is why we try to implement your idea as quickly as possible with your constructive feedback and communication channel.


  • Deliver compelling digital solutions that empowers businesses.
  • Embed the importance of digitalization among people.
  • Inspire innovation that would make enterprises sustainable.

Since inception, our mission has been to embed the importance of digitalization among people and inspire innovation to empower businesses, consequently ensuring sustainability.


  • Become a prominent face of trust in the digital sector offering pragmatic solutions to multifaceted challenges.
  • Establish digital soundness with knowledge of the importance of visual refinement of online platforms among people.

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