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Latest Web Development Trends to Keep Eye in 2023

The emergence of the future evolves with every ticking moment and it has led people to experience a world with miraculous technological advancement to their surroundings. With such advancement and newer digital experiences, people want to feed on the highest quality and the most trending defined content of everything found on the internet.

In accordance with it, the main focus of this blog represents the core idea of web development trends that are getting popular in the present time and why its implementations would be beneficial for the industry. Therefore, the latest trends in web development would align the developers and software companies to attract the key factor that would bring ease of usability and focus more on the interactive aspect by its application in the development.

API development services is also one of the key aspects of the future of software development in Bangladesh. However, determining which APIs to develop and what products & solutions they will enable, require experience & expertise. So, in this blog, I will list down some of the API development companies based in Bangladesh and their services, participating in this digital transformation globally, for you to choose from based on your business transformation priorities, such as cost-efficiency, offshore development capabilities, or tailored digital solutions.


For the Gamechangers

The web development trends have been evolving with time and it allows the developers to obtain the characteristics to build a web application that is robust and precise. Besides, these modern trends also allow them to be a more competitive player in the software development industry. According to HubSpot, in 2010, there were over 2 billion internet users and the number rose to 4.6 billion in 2021. The increasing number shows the internet users will keep on incrementing and with the technological trends which will also keep enhancing to newer and innovative scopes. The increment factor would always keep on rising, the question is, as a developer, are you contributing to the increment of the advancement of web development?

If you are one enthusiastically charged tech lover and appreciate being trendy with newer knowledge of the industry, then keep reading because the accumulated lists that are compiled below, which would enlighten broader opportunities that are yet to be achieved.


List of Trendy and Innovative Web Dev Technologies in 2023

Innovation changes the way and dynamics of traditional practices and brings an altered perception for the betterment of the future. Therefore, keeping up with the trending features is a way to re-analyze any developer’s development tactics. Let us look at the top web development trends in 2023 and drive the knowledge pool to implement in real life and have a competitive advantage in Bangladesh’s Digital Economy.

  • Implementation of Progressive Web Application (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Applications 
    The implementation of PWA and AMP apps have become a very used and well-known tool for the developers in the industry right now, as it enables quick load time on mobile contents. By adapting the size of the phone PWA allows the web contents to have a much better UI/UX design layout for full satisfaction for the users, whilst browsing a website or web application. However, it has been gaining popularity as an emerging trend for web development and website development in Bangladesh since users are most likely to enter a web app using their mobiles phones making it the next big thing in Web Development.In respect to that, if a web app content contains animations, high quality images and videos, the implementation of AMP becomes more compatible to the implementation of PWAs. It enables the developers to avail the high-quality and effective approach to developing a result-driven website or web content in Bangladesh for the users with less loading time.

  • Keeping it Simple with One-Pagers: SPA 
    Single Page Applications (SPA) is one of the many emerging trends in web development which focuses on the comfort of the users and simplifying their navigational approach of the system. SPA approaches make it clear for a user to find information on a particular page, without the hassle of searching for it and making it more convenient and less time consuming. In accordance to that, it enables the developers to list products and news for online stores using the SPA Approach.
    Moreover, this approach helps the developers to avoid the complicated large menus and makes it simple to navigate for the users. Keeping it simple and clean with this recent trend in web development worldwide.Dcastalia Limited, one of the top website development companies in Bangladesh has incorporated this method, the SPA approach, for one of their projects, Shanta Securities. They developed a single-page application for one of the concerns of a prominent conglomerate in Bangladesh.

  • Enabling the Dark-Mode UI Experienc

    The dark-mode-themed web designs in website development or any web development are something that has been trending in recent times. Indeed, it increases the enhancement of usability of the users and effectiveness to stay on the web application for longer hours without causing any strain to the user’s eyes. The popularity of the dark-themed UI on web apps has been influenced by the developers and coders; this particular feature has also introduced exclusive digital apparel to make users happy and satisfied.

    “Dark Mode by Default – 95% Prefer Dark over Light Mode”

    -Source: Get Polarized

  • Implementing Navigation and Control: Using speech rather than texting/typing
    The voice-activated search feature enables opportunities for users of every type, in fact, this is one of a kind feature to be implanted in a web application for the improvement of the UX/UI factors. Speech activation has the potential to make the users interact without the hassle of waiting and typing something in, manages the users to search for anything on the go which makes it to be a very convenient feature. Most importantly, the convenience of it relies on users who suffer from visual impairment and farsightedness.Searching for something via speech has been on the trending rise within the latest web technology trends and this feature recognized as a crucial feature to be implemented for the betterment of the system’s usability and this was made possible by the pioneering AI speech assistants, like Alexa or Siri.

    “The global smart speaker market will reach over 35.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2025”

    Source: Statista

    According to the stat, the rise can already be seen to the newer systems in the industry, it is already happening. The User Experience is the core component that defines the nature of a smooth and satisfactory experience whilst using that particular system, be it web developmentcustom software developmentWordPress Development, with one of the Top WordPress Developers in Bangladesh, or even an e-commerce application.

  • AI-Activated ChatBots for Assisting Users
    The advancement of AI-powered features is the latest trend in web application development that needs to get associated more with the development process as well as and get recognized as the unique and feasible characteristic when it comes to providing digitally engineered assistance for the users.

    “The vast majority (87.2%) of consumers have neutral or positive experiences with chatbots

    Source: Drift

    The AI-Based chatbots are a unique phase of customer-centric solution since it has been designed to learn the behavior of the users and provide solutions accordingly as it reprograms itself every second with collecting data of where the users are facing obstacles and provide solutions with those specified issues. This will focus on becoming more popular with its ease of use and accommodating instant consumer solutions.

  • Reinventing the User Interface: Motion UI

    Focusing on the aspect of making a web application more life-like and even more interacting is one of the latest trends in web application development. The implementation of the Motion UI in web application development creates a promising channel for users to be more reliable on the designing aspect of the system and attract more users for that specification. The Motion UI has reinvented the opportunities for the product owner since it makes the system look more digitally enhanced and precise in nature with its smooth interface. It is available in all the platforms and devices the users use on a daily basis because of the SASS Library Technology, which made the implementation of Motion UI possibly easier in all the devices. Besides, this enables the developers to invest less time in creating digital products as the methodology of the Motion UI is all about CSS shifts and standalone libraries with various classes of animated components, allowing custom animation integration.

    As a matter of fact, this also enables the product owners to save money on such development enhances the effectiveness of marketing strategies as well.Although Motion UI has been trending since 2018, it has gained popularity in recent times since it is highly responsive, allows flexibility with JavaScript, HTML & CSS, and most importantly, SASS is quite easy to use for the developers.

  • API-First Development Approach

    API-First Development Approach is the most innovative and futuristic approach of web development trends in the recent times to come.I it allows developers to do their tasks in an easier way and pushes the code to the system simultaneously while users are also accessing the web application. Besides, it offers the developers to deliver the system faster with lower expenses. Moreover, the benefits of API-First Development are immense between the stakeholders, as it increases the enhancement in adaptability, quickens the time-to-market factors, enhances the client experience, and lessens development expenses. The CMS created through this approach could be accessed from browsers and smart kiosks, since it enables the permission for the newly developed web applications to become a content delivery source.

    The average cost of a web application built with core features in 2022 is $3200 and the average turnaround time for a professional web application in 2022 is 2 months.

    Source: GoodFirms

    The stats elaborates on the potential opportunities how convenient it has become to build a web application with need-based features according to what the system demands and that too within a shorter period of time.

  • Mobile-First Development Approach

    As we are approaching the future and revolving in changing times, we are evolving ourselves to become faster on information and choosing the most minimal way of retrieving it. Mobile phones have become our go-to for everything in life and it is the easiest way to achieve any task we need to complete within a shorter time frame.

    92.6% of Internet users use their mobile phones to go online.

    Source: DataReportal

    Mobile users have reshaped the web application development trends since mobile devices get the maximum amount of traffic on the web application. With such statistics and solid facts, the implementation of the latest web technology trends relies on the point of view of mobile phone users rather than desktop users. With such intentions and numbers, the web developers need to re-strategize their developing approach and create a web application that is mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly.

    The indication of why the mobile-first development approach is the nature of increasing visits to the web application has been identified by Google’s Core Web Vitals when they stated that considering page experience as the ranking factor for web applications. That is what makes mobile-first development one of the top web development trends in 2023. Upon this approach’s implementation, the developers must be aware that the users can have a seamless experience all throughout different devices when accessing that particular web application. Developers must also consider important development technologies and tools for example, LT Browser, which will enable them to develop web applications with respect to mobile-friendly usage. As per these concerns, they empower the nature of becoming relevant in the industry, and therefore, we recommend you redesign and update your existing web application, if you have any.

  • Cyber Security

    “A 300% rise in cyber crime was reported following the COVID-19 outbreak. According to cyber attacks statistics, small businesses were the main targets of 43% of cyber attacks.”

    Source: LegalJobs

    As it has been reported, cyberattacks are the digital era of crime where data is valuable for the users and much crucial data is being kept on the internet without being secured or protected. Cyber security is one of the major web dev trends in 2023 and onwards and this should be implemented for every site in order to keep the system and user’s personal data of the users safe from virtual attacks, such as DDoS Attacks.

    The users using any web application want to be aware that the web development is at its best with all the security concerns and measures taken and implemented in it. The industries which focus on banking, health, finance, retail are highly likely to get breached by these virtual attacks. In accordance with that, the delicate information which is kept in the database of Banking or Financial industries is to be protected by implementing the usage of Cyber Security. This will follow a maintained audit of the web application’s traffic and security on a regular basis and includes choosing the right web development company in Bangladesh, which ensures the web application maintenance tips as part of the technical support to avoid any problems. Also, if there were any issues, they could be solved in no time.

  • Serverless Architecture
    Serverless Architecture is another recent trend in web development or website development method which enables the exploration factor to avoid the hectic system overloading from happening, prevents no loss of data, and allow a less costly development process. This simply serves the purpose of replacing the regular servers with clouds and these clouds manage machine resource consumption.Alongside, it naturally comes to your mind why does Serverless Architecture plays a significant role in the most useful web dev trends? Well, simply because it is a technology that actively implements chatbots, IoT Applications, APIs, and products demanding complex backend requests.

    Moreover, the serverless architecture in a system allows the consumers to execute tasks easily such as downloading files as a backup, object export, and many more. The major service providers for the serverless architecture in 2023 would be Microsoft AzureAWS Lambda, and Google Cloud.

  • No-Code Programming
    No-Code Programming allows the users, who lack technological or coding bases, to build a full-fledged working web application for their clients or consumers to showcase their products or services online. The essence of this method lies in the modern latest web technology trends and allows the user to rapidly create user interfaces and as many pages as needed for their business and proceed to make it available on all devices and platforms.Moreover, No-Code Methodology allows the consumers to have a web application of their specification, without the help of any human touch and diminishes the occurrence of human errors.

    As a matter of fact, it increases the productivity and efficiency of the team with the benefit of reduction in cost and energy. Also, it creates a robust and precise beautified web application that attracts the consumers to be delighted with the smooth responsive features.

  • Low-Code Programming
    The method enables the simplification in the development of any web application by allowing both technical and non-technical developers to adapt its ideology into building a mobile or web application utilizing its capabilities Low-Code increases the scope for your businesses and saves time and energy at the same time. This method is most likely one of the latest trends in web application development which is being used in the professional and non-professional areas of the industry.

    “Low-code and no-code solutions give teams the potential to reduce application development time by 90%”

    Source: DronaHQ

    Low-Code tools are becoming the most standard approach for prototyping tools in the coming days because it reduces the traditional effort of time consumption and coding knowledge. The method lets the user do the screen design in a drag and drop approach, as simple as making an MS PowerPoint Presentation.


The importance of the blog is to keep oneself, the tech enthusiast, be updated with the latest trending nature of the industry and implemented it to enhance the skills and become relevant to the business by setting the bars high. The latest trends in web application development will keep on innovating itself with time, therefore,  It’s our duty to focus on the concerning platforms, provide the scope of learning with changing times, and build the necessary knowledge to cope with the growing industry. All these are signs to let the users have the best user experience through the enlightening implications of the interface.

The best practice for any client is to be notified of the recent trends in web development with proper knowledge. They can also choose an experienced software firm in Bangladesh to avail the necessary aspects of design and theme for building a web application of their caliber and attract the consumers in the most subtle and elegant way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What are the common mistakes Web Developers make in recent times?

    The common mistakes the web developers make are the ones that do not focus on customer requirements. Focusing more on Research & Development enables the key factor to make a collaboration of consumer needs and perfects it to create a web application which is satisfying in technological terms and as well as in terms of user’s satisfaction.
  • What is the Future of Web Development?

    The prominent web dev trends in 2023 will be the PWA, AMP, SPA, Serverless Architecture, and Motion UI, these approaches will flourish the web dev designs and features as we know it. However, technologies such as AI-Based Chatbots, Speech Assistants will continue to grow as the trendy web dev features for the future to come.
  • What Languages are used for Web Development?

    Developers use a range and variety of languages, depending on each of their satisfaction & choosing based on the type of the system they are trying to develop. The languages include NodeJs, PHP, Python, Laravel & most importantly Javascript (ReactJsVanilla Js) because it helps the developers manage the frontend & backend criteria of the websites. And other development tools which include IDE (Jetbrains), Editor (VSCodeAtomSublime), TrelloJiraGit.
  • How to find out the Latest Web Development Trends?

    The most recent & trending web application development is represented by the domains of the web development. Hence, makes it suitable to learn from the tech giants who are already in the dominance of the market, to name a few FacebookGoogle & Amazon and other famous web applications which are used on a regular basis.
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