10 Reasons Your WordPress Website Needs Maintenance

The favorite plants of yours that are hanging on your balcony don’t bloom or look fresh without any effort. They need continuous care, nurturing, and maintenance. To water your plants regularly is not just a suggestion, it is a requirement you need to follow in order to keep them alive. Likewise, a WordPress website maintenance plan is like watering your plants. It is critical for your business that your website remains functioning and performs well.

If you are thinking that a WordPress website just needs a hosting service after it is done being developed then you are wrong because it is not a one-time thing. WordPress website needs continuous maintenance in order to perform effectively and help your business to grow.

There are hundreds of plans roaming around the internet telling you about a regular WordPress website maintenance strategy. But first, let me show you 10 significant reasons behind you need a WordPress maintenance plan.

Security is perhaps the major reason why you should keep your WordPress website up to date, above all other benefits. According to indusface, Every 39 seconds, a website is targeted, and attackers steal 75 records each second


This means your website is always on the verge of being hacked and you can lose your valuable data and critical information and which will hamper your business severely. According to Hosting Tribunal, WordPress currently powers 39.6% of all online websites in the world. And because of its popularity, WordPress websites always stay on top of hackers’ targets. 


As it is open-source, there is a possibility that hackers might study the source code and discover new ways to sneak into websites.  Therefore, If your WordPress website is not kept up to date with the newest security updates, it becomes more insecure by the day.


Maximum Performance Benefits

In this fast-paced world, everyone has become used to the fastest internet, for example, if you search “WordPress”, google will show you About 2,640,000,000 results within 0.51 seconds which is a lot of results in a very little time. If your website’s loading page becomes slow then it will surely affect your online presence negatively. According to BackLinko, a web page’s average page loading time is 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile.

WordPress website needs many plug-ins and among them, if a single plug-in is missing an update then this can slow down your website. Developers should maintain regular updates to ensure compatibility. If you run your WordPress website maintenance regularly, you can easily ensure the fastest speed on your site which will maximize the website’s performance and help you to gain more traffic.


Create a Backup of your WordPress Website

You may have installed security measures to protect your website, yet your website data may still be compromised. The possibility of hackers obtaining corporate data or an innocent coding error putting your site down will always exist.


As a result, it is critical that your WordPress maintenance plan includes regular off-site backups. The term “off-site” refers to backing up your website on a second server, giving you two backup sources.f something were to happen to your website, you will be glad you invested in regular off-site backups and do not lose useful data.


Enhance your User Experience

Without proper maintenance, your WordPress website may contain bugs that will lead to a poor user experience due to website errors such as broken forms, slow loading speed, images that disappear, and so on.

Nobody loves a site that looks confused and broken or is out of date, and it might frustrate the visitors. Updating your WordPress website regularly and including a “bug repair” system can find out all little bugs and repair them to enhance the user experience for your website. You should always prioritize user experience as it plays a crucial role in your web development and maintenance service.


Keep Up with the New Technology

Every day, the technology that interfaces with your WordPress website evolve. Aside from adopting frequent software updates to keep software versions as current as possible, it is also critical to keep an eye on the market for newer and better software in general.

Eventually, a particular piece of technology may become outdated and no longer be as effective as it was before.

With WordPress support and maintenance services, you can ensure that your website is always running to the highest industry standards by regularly updating WordPress themes, plug-ins, and versions.


Site Health Monitoring

Crawlers for search engines filter through web pages in the backend and index them for visitors. Working links, backups, and optimizations are all signs of a healthy website. Incorrect backlinks, 404 error pages, and slow-loading pages can harm your website’s reputation. 


Regular health inspections by experienced personnel guarantee that adequate storage space is used, site speed is adequate, and technical defects are resolved as soon as they appear.


Time and Cost Savings

As we discussed before if you don’t maintain your WordPress website, it may cause your website many dysfunctions like data loss, slowing down the website, bad user experience, and many more which will eventually impact your business badly, and repairing these errors will cost a lot of money and time. And it is a well-known fact that Prevention is better than cure. So if you can prevent this kind of dysfunction then it will be beneficial to your business in terms of money and time.


Managing all parts of WordPress websites can be difficult, and self-management of company websites is frequently injurious to business success. Experts are familiar with intricate programs, algorithms, and plugins, which aids in better resource management. Professional WordPress maintenance plans and solutions allow you to concentrate on crucial business choices and the development of your core business which is a much more cost-effective way without any hassle.


Better Revenue Generation

A well-functioning website with appealing content has a low bounce rate, which means more consumers for a longer period of time. Increased site rankings provide the added benefit of attracting more high-quality visitors who readily convert into leads.


So without any doubt, it helps to generate great revenue and eventually more businesses for your company.


Search Engine Ranking

Websites with outdated material are ranked lower in search engine results. Some search engines, such as Google, use the “if-modified-since” HTTP header to decide whether your website is worth crawling. Failure to make frequent changes may cause you to be moved below current competitors in the listings, costing you business in the long run. That’s why SEO services should be maintained regularly.


Improving Brand Reputation

Your website is mainly the first impression and your first opportunity to persuade your users to become paying customers. If your website fails to wow them, and especially if it annoys them, you have a significantly lower chance of gaining their business, which will eventually hamper your brand image. 


A slow website or website with many errors and bugs is not good for improving your brand identity. By having a WordPress maintenance service, you can easily avoid these kinds of negative perceptions of your brand. Regular maintenance will make your website fast, bug-free, and reliable which will eventually boost your brand reputation.

What is typically included in a WordPress Maintenance Service?

WordPress Maintenance Services can be performed on a weekly or monthly basis. The service often uses the following action –

  • Server management 
  • Off-site backups on a regular basis
  • Plugin, theme, and core upgrades 
  • Uptime monitoring 
  • Security monitoring 
  • Bug fixes
  • Page loading speed optimization 
  • Ongoing website work, training, and support

Let’s see some steps to follow for a healthy WordPress Website


  • Regularly backup your website
  • Update software
  • Test all Your WordPress forms
  • Optimize WordPress database
  • Run performance tests
  • Change all passwords 
  • Find and fix 404 errors
  • SEO audit 
  • Image optimization
  • Review WordPress security logs


These steps will help you to improve your online presence, enhance your brand image, and ensure safety for your website. You can choose to outsource WordPress maintenance to an external organization or do it yourself. In either situation, a series of continuing duties must be completed in order to keep your website healthy, safe, functional, and many more.

Freedom from Worry and Anxiety

While you could always do some of the ongoing maintenance yourself, many typical concerns with running a site will almost always require some level of technical experience. This might include being unable to restore your site if a backup is damaged, forgetting to update your site while you are busy, or making a change that breaks your site without your knowledge. A reliable maintenance service provider can handle all of this for you (and know what to look for), which will save you time, money, and trouble in maintaining your site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I protect my WordPress site from hackers?

    Keep all plugins, themes, and WordPress up to date and try to use strong passwords.

  • Why is my WordPress site super slow?

    You may have installed too many plugins, some plugins may be out of date and cause compatibility issues. Mostly because of a lack of regular maintenance.

  • How can I safely update my WordPress site?

    You should ensure you have a full, clean backup before you perform any updates. And if you are not confident then contact an expert for it.

  • What are the most essential WordPress plugins?

    Plugins mainly depend on your website preference. However, Yoast SEO, UpdraftPlus, Optimole, WP Rocket, Elementor etc are some of the most essential WordPress plugins.

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