63% of respondents experience improvements with software deployment using DevOps.

The ability to continuously improve software functions has become fundamental at this age and our DevOps service combines development and operations to speed up the software delivery sprints in a transparent way.

When properly applied, the DevOps methodology eliminates department barriers, allowing you to deploy many times per day and save hours of your team's work by automating important processes.

Equipped with years of experience, our DevOps professionals are ready to assist you with difficult processes, no matter what your software challenge is, and this is what makes us the leading DevOps solutions provider in Bangladesh.

At Dcastalia, we can develop customized software applications and systems that are launched fast and maintained through minor and regular upgrades using the DevOps methodology. In addition to that, we can host any service on the cloud through DevOps. As a consequence, Dcastalia's competent DevOps team places it among the best DevOps solutions provider in Bangladesh.


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Why do Tech Managers choose us for their DevOps development?

Service that Works

A DevOps team that plans ahead, develops, tests, deploys and maintains operations for the long run with daily improvements.

Advanced Reporting

We are goals and time-oriented with transparent and customized processes

Accessible Technology

Our team utilizes modern technology stack and tooling that enables swift and reliable operation that evolves the capability of the application.

Focus on Priorities

With our DevOps solutions for your business, you can focus on the important tasks and leave the repetitive ones for the software.

Solve Problems

We provide solutions that alleviate business problems and lets you focus on reaching goals faster with customized DevOps.

Lifetime Partner

We help you maintain the software and consult from inception to completion and throughout its lifetime.


Integrate modifications into your product code on a regular basis.

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Expert DevOps Solutions
from initial design to deployment

Augment your existing system from continuous planning, coding, testing, and sprint deployment by bridging the gap between development and operations.



Remove complexity, contain and integrate the versatile set of tools such as CLIs, APIs and UIs, technologies, and frameworks now used to build modern software with Docker.

Our experienced Docker experts make your work easy and fasten up your project timeline by automating and increasing the efficiency of your repetitive processes.



Kubernetes is a management system that is based on containers and has become the benchmark for containerized application deployment and operation. Initially developed at Google and then evolved with the help of an open source community, Kubernetes service has become the touchstone to coordinate and manage the effective deployment of production-grade workloads at scale.

Begin assembling a high-speed team today to reap the benefits of faster application development and delivery with the experts of Kubernetes service at Dcastalia.

How we build the best DevOps team for you

Our DevOps team collaborates and builds a seamlessly integrated software architecture for your business. As a result, our methodology places us among the top DevOps solutions provider in Bangladesh:

  • Requirements - For an enterprise-level project, client consultation is very important. Similar to all the other services the team discusses with clients their needs and their expectations from this project. After which we provide well-thought-out advice, keeping the best interest of clients at heart.

  • Planning - After collecting the requirements, the team engages in research about the project. As a team, they discuss all the resources that we will be needing in order to satisfy each requirement and successfully complete the project.

  • Collaboration - This cycle involves collaboration between designers, developers, the maintenance team, and stakeholders. This ensures completed sprints of functionalities of the software solution.

  • Learning - In the field of software development, it is mandatory to adapt the latest trends. Technologies like Docker and Kubernetes are constantly upgrading and the team at Dcastalia stays updated in order to be at the top of the game.


Fast and
Smart Work

Projects with a lack of automated tests and reviews slow down the whole timeline and impact both the team’s and stakeholders’ enthusiasm.

However, with DevOps Development method teams deliver results and functions more frequently, with improved quality and stability.


Unplanned work is the fact of failure for every organization, and it has a significant impact on overall organizational productivity.

Development and operations teams can better manage unscheduled work while focusing on planned activity with established protocols and clear priority of DevOps..


DevOps models of IT operations use automated processes and standardized production environments to make deployments predictable and efficient.

This also relieves workers from waiting for other people and mundane repetitive duties so they can focus on higher-value jobs.

Transparency and Legitimacy

DevOps Development approach offers simple communication among team members, which helps to breed openness in the whole organization.

This eliminates, divides, and promotes collaboration, allowing the team to focus more on their specialized sector.


Developers commit their code changes to a central repository regularly, with automated tests and runs.

This detects and fixes defects faster, enhances software quality, and shortens the time to validate and deploy new software upgrades.


Members from all departments are responsible for maintaining stability and adding new features under the DevOps technique on a regular basis.

As a result, unlike the previous traditional way, software distribution is quicker, efficient, and unaffected.

Asked Questions

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development process that builds a bridge between the development team and the operations team for continuous and rapid delivery.

How can a business benefit from DevOps?

DevOps technique enables faster and more effective product delivery with shorter development cycles, higher deployment frequency, and more dependable releases that align with corporate objectives and therefore, allow to build enterprise-level applications faster and more efficiently.

How can DevOps Development ensure security?

With shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, and more trustworthy releases that correspond with company objectives, the DevOps technique enables faster and more successful product delivery.

What is the limit of Docker scaling?

Containers are used in some of the world's largest server farms today. Container technology is used by large web deployments such as Google and Twitter, which can scale to hundreds of thousands or even millions of containers.

What is the difference between Kubernetes and Docker?

The primary distinction between Kubernetes and Docker is that Kubernetes is designed to run across a cluster, whereas Docker runs on a single node. Kubernetes is more comprehensive than Docker Swarm and is designed to efficiently coordinate clusters of nodes at scale in production.

What is the cost of the DevOps service?

DevOps service costs vary depending on a number of criteria, including the size and type of firm. Please contact us right away if you have any questions about the cost.

How much time does it take to deploy an application through DevOps?

The time it will take to deploy an enterprise application will be less than classical methods by the use of DevOps, however, the exact time will depend on the size of the business.

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