Website Maintenance Tips Every Business Should Know

A website is more than a virtual mirror of the business as it plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Having said that, to get the optimum benefit of your website, you must keep it up-to-date to ensure it is running smoothly by generating leads and expanding reach 24/7!

Website maintenance and keeping it up-to-date are important once your website is up and running. However, it is common practice in Bangladesh that business owners give their full effort into building their websites to get an appealing digital presence and connect with their customers, then they neglect the fact that their sites also need maintenance support to function properly.

To solve this problem, business operators need to be familiar with the life-changing tips of website maintenance services in Bangladesh so that they can focus on both their core services and website maintenance simultaneously.

Do you regularly monitor your car for leaks or damages? Or do you check the tire pressure or fuel level regularly before using? I bet the answer is YES!


Thus, website maintenance is like owning a car, which means you have to optimize page speed, check security (Owasp top 10), solve CMS bugs, prepare analytics reports, record codebase backup and database backup, maintain SEO snippets, monitor uptime, technical consultation, and update content on a regular basis.


However, what happens if you do not maintain your car regularly or ignore checking and preparing the car before using it? Well, the consequences could be terrible. The long-term cost of not maintaining your car can contain hefty repair bills for awful brakes, failed emissions tests, or even a failed engine.


Likewise, if you avoid maintaining your website, there are the most obvious risks of getting hacked or damaging the integrity issues of the website. It will not only affect your cybersecurity but also sabotage your customer’s trust by attacking their private information. Therefore, the importance of maintenance services is significant for every website.


What is Included in the Maintenance Packages?

The website maintenance package involves checking security updates, encouraging traffic growth, and ensuring Google is pleased with the site’s performance. So, it includes:


  • Security Updates
  • Google analytics integration
  • Website speed optimization
  • Crawling and indexing issues
  • Repair broken links and HTML errors
  • SSL Installation
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Drupal/Magento/WordPress Update
  • Codebase Backup
  • Database Backup
  • Keep plugins up to date
  • Delete unnecessary plugins and themes
  • Clear junk files
  • Website Responsive Optimization
  • Sort any malicious data issue
  • Monthly analytics report
  • Technical consultation
  • Social media post design
  • SEO snippet
  • Content update

To get the best result, a fixed website maintenance service is necessary, and a consistent plan goes beyond merely assuring the site is up and running regularly. If you are aware of the modern website trends, you already know these trends are ever-changing.


In such circumstances, a professional support team who has been working in the market for over a long time can help the business planners to have a secured and upgraded digital presence with experienced and fundamental knowledge about the web.


As digital transformation is an increasing trend all over the globe and modern technology has now become an inseparable part of modern businesses, great technologies may cause great complexities. In such cases, website maintenance services play a great role by providing technical consultation to offer 360-degree solutions to the website owners.


Useful Tips to Maintain a Website?

A report published by the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) stated that 77% of agencies believe a bad website user experience is a weakness for their clients. Therefore, to provide a healthy and secure website to the customers, continuous monitoring and updating the website are the keys. However, how often should you update your website? 


Well, the answer is it depends on the nature of the task that you carry out. To make your work easier, there is a category of website maintenance services listed below based on how often you should perform them.


Annual tasks

  • Renewing website domain name.
  • Upgrading website design.
  • Reviewing content on each page to check its up-to-date.

Quarterly tasks

  • Searching for scopes to the overall website improvement.
  • Updating web graphics and contents to make them up-to-date.
  • Refreshing meta descriptions and meta titles.
  • Checking mobile responsiveness.
  • Fixing issues with update popups, forms, and CTA
  • Confirming that marketing campaigns are all good.
  • Restoring the latest backup.

Monthly tasks

  • Monitoring website loading speed.
  • Analyzing security scans.
  • Checking website statistics.
  • Keeping track of local search visibility.

Weekly tasks

  • Searching for 404 errors on the website.
  • Updating core plugins and website software.
  • Posting SEO-friendly blog posts.
  • Checking for any broken links.

Why do you Need Website Maintenance?

“88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience”

While users land on your website, they never expect to wait a long time to load the web pages or to find any issues with links, contact forms, contents, payment mechanisms, shopping carts, etc. While waiting, if they feel that your website is not offering value up to the market trend, they might move towards other competitors in the market.

Apart from retaining customers, there are countless reasons for investing in website maintenance and some of them are listed below:


Enhances Security


Every website owner’s first and major concern is security, and therefore, there is no setback from having a robust website maintenance service. According to PURPLESEC87% of websites have high or medium cyber security risks


If you run your website on WordPress or other Content Management systems (CMS), make sure that you are using the latest version with the newest security plugins. Otherwise, it may get malware and DDoS attack, which is harmful not only to you but also to all the users who have visited your site.


More than 50,000 websites get hacked every day, which is significantly alarming for website security. Besides, if a website is hacked it can lose about 98% of traffic.


Therefore, maintenance service packages include providing security features and modules to preserve website damages, including loss of reputation, finance, and intellectual properties, and even getting lawsuits for breaching users’ privacy.


Boosts SEO and Website Traffic


To rank your website on the first page of the search engine, you need to present the most recent content with the latest graphics on your website. This is because search engines like Google, elevate rankings for sites that are updated routinely. Accordingly, a higher ranking means higher visibility, which eventually leads to more traffic on your website.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. 

Source: FORBES

strategic SEO plan offers a higher search engine ranking, increased visibility, and a higher chance of conversion rate. In this process, regular updating of the website through a consistent maintenance plan boosts SEO performance.


Website Performance Optimization


Your website is the foundation of your business on the internet, hence, a functional website is crucial to business success. When users visit your website and find that loading time is more than three seconds, or contents do not appear properly, their trust in your company would be jeopardized. Therefore, before it happens to your digital platform, it is time to optimize your website performance.


User Experience Optimization


Removing outdated content and including actionable sections on your website helps you to provide an idea to the users about what you are up to and what currently makes you different in the market. Also, regular sharing content, including upcoming events, image galleries, and blogs on the websites, eventually promotes your business and mission. Again, your audience can have an interactive user experience when you add actionable details like a newsletter signup form and social media icons that link to your company’s profile.


The Current State of Website Maintenance Service in Bangladesh

The current state of website maintenance service in Bangladesh has advanced significantly in the last few years, especially among businesses that want to build their strong identity online. Besides, the corona situation for the past two years has changed the mindset for all industries that there is no alternative to moving their business online and keeping it secured for business success. The importance of maintaining a website thus achieved great popularity same as developing a functional, visually attractive website.


In 1997, the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), was established with only 17 companies. Surprisingly, there are currently more than one thousand companies registered under BASIS and among them, many companies started offering website maintenance packages. However, the sad part is business operators are often afraid to invest in website maintenance services as they fail to imagine the adverse consequences of an unmaintained website. Therefore, software development companies have a great responsibility to create awareness about the importance of website maintenance services in Bangladesh.


So, do you Want to Enjoy a Competitive Advantage with Website Maintenance Tips?

The benefits of website maintenance are countless and any online business can approach to get the maintenance services. Having said that, the important question comes into mind that how do you get more benefits of website maintenance in the market?


Well, to know that you have to first understand the maintenance options that are available:


In-house web and marketing team


While you hire an in-house team, you have to bear a huge expense to pay them a salary, benefits, and other overhead costs, which makes this option the most expensive.


Specialized freelancers


Though hiring freelancers is less costly, it cannot bring long-term benefits to your organization. This is because freelancers work independently, hence, do not bother to focus on the bigger picture of your business.


Do it yourself


Maintaining a website all by yourself will require you to be updated with all the latest information related to the technical support sector, which will cost you an ample amount of time and patience.


Web maintenance service provider


Working collaboratively with a web maintenance company is the best and smart way to maintain your website. Once you make a contract, you do not have to bother anymore as they will take care of the site with their own resources and strategy on behalf of you.


Now, if you want to choose the smartest option, contact the leading and experienced company, Dcastalia, which is in this industry for more than a decade and working both national and international companies successfully. Many prominent businesses from various industries, including the Corona Web PortalEdison Real EstateRangs Properties, and many more have taken the web maintenance service from Dcastalia with great satisfaction.


While developers at Dcastalia build any website, they keep in mind the best practices of website development to make the visitors happy. This process remains incomplete unless the technical support team does not start working on maintaining the site with the best effort to make the users satisfied with the final outcome.


At Dcastalia, the support team provides infallible website maintenance service in Bangladesh, which stops malware and threats, avoids customer data exploitation, and ensures protection from hacking. Do you want to know more in detail about what makes Dcastalia the best in the market and what are their leading website maintenance services in Bangladesh?


Dcastalia offers splendid technical support as part of maintenance services that includes numerous on-site SEO advantages from boosting the credibility of websites to maximizing advertising strategy, robust consultation that suit the client’s need, and unfold the right tech for businesses regardless of the industry. They also maintain the last thirty days of backup of the codebase and monitor the codebase regularly so that the website drains lower memory than before and performs more efficiently. 


Also, the codebase is the backbone of digital agencies, and hence, recording more than one copy of the readily available backup is a must as nobody knows when and what might go out of the track. Moreover, Dcastalia guarantees entire analytical jobs by strategically assessing and controlling, which will assist you to look at bigger pictures of business decisions. 


Furthermore, a major task of digital marketing is the trackability of the website visitors to have a superior command over them and know about their preference about your business advertising ideas. Authorizable analytics also offers a comprehensive knowledge of why your visitors bounce off the website, why they stay insignificant time on a website or a particular page, why they do not take any desired actions and many more. To make this process easier for business owners, Dcastalia provides regular analytics reports with detailed information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which type of website needs a web maintenance service?

    Every type of website requires maintenance service regardless of the business size, type, or other aspects. A website without routine maintenance will fade out soon from the user’s priority and brings significant loss when it comes to preserving its digital brand image.

  • What is usually included in a maintenance contract?

    It depends on the package you are taking for your website. However, some standard maintenance services in Bangladesh include page speed optimization, security checking (owasp top 10), cms bug solving, analytics reports, codebase backup, database backup, SEO snippet, uptime monitoring, technical consultation, and content update.

  • How long does it take to get the changes made after informing a maintenance request?

    If it is a minor maintenance change, it usually does not take more than 24 hours. Nevertheless, a few changes may take up to 3-7 business days or even more than that, depending on the task nature and contract terms.

  • Can I take a maintenance contract from a company that does not host my site?

    Yes, of course! Many companies provide only web maintenance services in Bangladesh along with their other digital services.

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