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The rise of the Covid pandemic led to emergency initiatives by governments across the world to manage and monitor the surge of infections and simultaneously educate the mass people about the life-threatening virus, the precautions and the real-time scenario.

The looming crisis required immediate measures and an initiative was taken by A2I and Government Agencies to create an informative platform for the mass people in the country to understand the severity of the situation, take proper precautions and have access to real-time accurate information concerning hotlines, treatments, health care facilities available, rate of infections and death and recovery rates and more. The completion of the project required the services of top-notch skilled technical experts in Bangladesh, due to the national significance and urgency of the project.

Dcastalia was selected by A2I over others to execute this project, as it has established a prominent footprint in the world of technical knowledge and expertise, as a reliable, skilled high performing software development company in Bangladesh.

scope of

  • Design
  • System Architecture
  • Development

At Dcastalia, our workstream focuses on turning contemporary ideas into magnificent digital presence to help our clients reach their goals. As a top software development company in Bangladesh our philosophy of success revolves around modern technical skills and knowledge, creativity, and accountability towards our clients and their customers too..

Hence, we created an adequate user interface design, performed strategic analyzing meetings, developed the portal, and conducted user testing and quality assurance for optimizing performance.


The web portal is an advanced information system presenting mass data to the public from various sources. The data includes the overall infection rates and number, number of tests conducted, number of recovered patients, and death toll. Information on detecting and testing for the infection, cure and treatments, and prevention is also shared with mass people.

We incorporated diverse updated technologies to present continually changing statistical data with the graphical custom algorithms.



During the pandemic, it was critical to keep the people well informed without spreading panic. The creation of a ready platform with updated information was an urgent measure required to address the national crisis

Access to information related to government initiatives, emergency ambulance services, hospitals treating covid patients, availability of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, medications, vaccines, medical accessories for treatment, pharmaceuticals, helplines, and much more, was essential for the masses. Dcastalia designed the web portal to present a fully informative multi-functional dashboard for the mass people, that represents real-time accurate information to the public, using the Laravel Voyager which is an admin interface providing an easy way for adding/editing/deleting data to support robust website/web apps and provides an elegant UI to control the real-time data and media files.


We designed the web portal to provide holistic information covering all updates details about the COVID-19 situation. The design of the system was based on making access to information quick and easy for the people, without any technical errors or glitches. To ensure the purpose of reporting accurate real-time information to the people was served, we utilized software-defined storage and workload optimization in designing the web portal.

As a top software development company, we responsibly ensured that people had access to a reliable advanced information platform, that was readily available, during the time of the pandemic, so that the masses were well informed of the real-time situation, could cope better, and avoid panic to a certain extent.

Service & Assistance

We deployed contemporary technologies to create multiple sub-sections on the web portal that contain information related to emergency health services with integrated helplines.

Through this portal, people have access to 24/7 information related to government measures and imposition of restrictions, precautionary updates, and warnings, information about Covid-19 infection & recovery rates and discoveries, and treatments for Corona patients. Such a platform made it easy to access information related to health care and all of the aforementioned concerns, from anywhere all over the country.

Powerful DBMS
For Diverse Information

We designed the architecture of the system making it robust to handle the vast amounts of data from varied sources, User-friendly algorithms were employed to constantly update the data, and prepare and provide the information for the public.

The uniqueness and the most crucial feature of the portal lies in the framework of its system - that is carefully designed to contain and display an organized collection of structured information with the purpose to serve a large number of users at the same time, without any technical issues.

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Challenges &
Our Approach

Adapting to
the new normal

Due to the newly implemented lockdown to restrict the Covid-19 spread, working remotely among the team was a huge challenge to maintain smooth communication and transition to responsibly and efficiently execute the project.

Our Approach

We adapted to the situation in the fastest possible time by using various types of online communication platforms and project management systems. We used Trello, Version Control System with GitLab. We also followed the Scrum methodology for better management.

Fast delivery to
address a national

The spread of COVID-19 was like wildfire with thousands of newly infected cases on the rise almost every day. Time was of the essence, and the need to have a public information platform to spread awareness and cope with the national crisis was immediate. The stakes were high and A2I depended on us heavily to complete the project with the best possible outcome. Being the top software development company in Bangladesh, expectations were high for us to ensure the completion of the project within the shortest time possible.

Our Approach

The urgent responsiveness by our dedicated, passionate, skilled team is the core factor behind our successful endeavor to create a national informative web portal to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. We worked round the clock to ensure the timely execution of the project fully understanding the national emergency situation. Prioritization and the proper management of the module-based development aided in achieving our goal effectively within the timeframe.

Heavy traffic
control and real
time data

A system that is holding vast amounts of data and will be accessed by large nos. of people on a national scale required a robust design is being built. We ensured the integration of modern technologies and technical expertise to create a portal that would allow smooth access to everyone and would continually accommodate the entry of new data and the up-gradation of existing data, to provide the most updated latest information to the masses.

Our Approach

Dcastalia designed the system to allow over 100k people to access the system at the same time. We optimized the entire system for speed and performance to ensure that the site can handle a large number of traffic with ease, allowing all visitors to access the COVID-19 data provided by the government health organization at any given point in time.

Custom algorithm
for statistical data

The system was developed to give the users a real-time picture of the current Covid-19 situation in the country, through data and graphical representation.

Our Approach

We designed custom algorithms that were complex in nature to represent accurate information to the people. Even though the framework designed to create the web portal was based on complex logical processes, it would serve to build a smoothly accessible information platform that represents data in an easy-to-understand format, for all users.

Third party API

Many of the data that we needed to access and work with, was on a third-party API with restricted access. This caused a mixed content issue and posed a major blocker in executing this project.

Our Approach

In order to complete the project successfully, we needed the data, so we identified the best possible solutions and tools to resolve the issues of restricted access by the third-party API. We used Curl, which is a command line tool that facilitates the transfer of data across servers bypassing network protocols to access the data from the third-party API. By doing so, we were able to resolve the conflict and successfully move ahead with the project.

data sorting

The data that we received from our client were uncategorized and unsorted. It was getting difficult to manage these scattered data since they were provided in various formats.

Our Approach

We had to sort all these data and bring them in a common format for better data management that will work in the system. We used data parsing to convert the unstructured data formats.

Key Numbers

The national web portal is constantly providing relevant updated Covid-19 records to more than one hundred thousand people from all walks of life, across the country on a daily basis. People are now better informed, are acquiring medical aid from this platform and are also availing guidelines, support and suggestions for COVID-19 related concerns, through this portal.


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