10 Types of Software Development

Technology is the lubricant that revs the engine for software and mobile development industries,  making the software development sector closely attuned to the most recent technical innovations. The application of software development has not left any sector untouched and with rapid technological advancement software development to has become more modern, advanced, and robust to match, solve and simplify the demands of real-world problems with hi-tech solutions.

Technology is constantly evolving and improving, enabling speedier innovation and advancement, and accelerating the rate of industrial change. It has become essential for businesses to be updated on technological trends and developments in the market to armor against shocks and changes that may crop up in the near future. Businesses have to sync with changing times and adapt to new technologies that will keep them ahead or at the least, at pace with the competition. In light of this, this article includes 10 types of software development that are essential and currently popular in the software development industry.

What are The 10 Types of Software Development?

A proficient software firm intends to take advantage of technology’s breakthroughs and opportunities. Every business leader is working to utilize software projects as effectively as possible through the efficient use of resources and technology. There are a number of unique types of software development represented in the list, although some are more common than others.

Embedded systems development is a typical method of software development that is adapted to internal hardware specs. Thus, it caters to cooperating with various processors, microcontrollers, and related components to fulfill a specific purpose or function—in robotics, automotive technology, and even private home goods like appliances. For instance– Motion detection systems in security cameras, and automation systems in smart home devices are just a few examples.


Embedded systems can be easily and affordably customized to meet precise functional and performance requirements since they are extremely adaptable and inexpensive. An embedded engineer, according to industry experts, requires a spectrum of technical and problem-solving abilities, including knowledge of computer hardware and software as well as programming languages like C and C++.


Software Tools

Software tools development refers to the creation of tools that simplify the software development process for developers. These tools are designed to help with tasks such as code writing, debugging, and maintenance, making the process more efficient and accurate. It helps improve the software’s quality and the developer’s productivity.


Writing code simply is only one of the numerous techniques that developers need to create software. Let’s explore few of the most renowned software development tools

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    IDEs are considered to be the mainframe of software tools– it allows the programmers to write, run, and test their codes. Examples: Xcode, Android Studio, Light Table, and many more.
  • Code Editors 
    Code editors are simpler than integrated development environments (IDEs) and often behave like text editors that are used with code.
  • Version Control Systems (VCS)
    VCSs serve as an online community where software developers can collaborate. Version control systems (VCSs) include tools like GitHub, GitLab, SourceForge, Apache Allura, and numerous others.
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Mobile Applications

One of the most prevalent and well-liked software developments in recent years is the growth of mobile applications. Every other business has an application to sell their goods and services, allowing them a greater opportunity and interaction with consumers conveniently.

Thus, it’s a strategy for businesses to flourish in the industry– nearly 90% of users’ time is spent in mobile applications. It’s high time to consider developing an app to give your business a boost. When it comes to providing services to a particular customer, mobile apps have a big impact from the viewpoint of small enterprises.

For instance, MJL Bangladesh Limited created the mobile app “Lube Solutions” in collaboration with a proficient app development company. In essence, they were aware of how it would help them drive results and strengthen customer relationships.


Web Applications

Many of us wrongly assume that web development just applies to the creation of websites, but this is clearly not the case. Web development is a general word used to refer to the process of developing software for deployment on the World Wide Web. The enhancement of web developments and its trends are evolving in an innovative way as we progress to the future– keeping the usability in focus.

The pros of web development include its scalability, affordability, and cross-platform compatibility– this sort of software development is typically client-centric. A new product or service can be launched online quickly using web development. However, it can get rather expensive, though, if customized coding or design is required. Furthermore, it can be difficult to create apps that are cross-platform compatible without making substantial compromises.

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Front-end Development & Back-end Development

The component of software development that is most accessible to the user is front-end development– since it contains the graphical components of any system, app, or website, it is visible to users.

Back-end development, on the other hand, describes the kind of development that takes place off cameras. Back-end development entails server-side functionality, which is associated with servers, databases, application programming interfaces (APIs), and other internal components that support the software application itself.

Front-end and back-end development are typically carried out by separate teams of professionals. However, an individual who handles both front-end and back-end development simultaneously is referred to as a full-stack developer.

These developers possess the understanding to develop a functionally dynamic website and give the users an excellent experience. Consumers nowadays demand a customized approach & design for their business– relating to their theme. Therefore, they share the expertise to develop a seamless custom softwares as well. 


Security Softwares

Security is the ultimate necessity for your online presence– ensuring a protection from various cyber threats on the web. 

To secure the security of sensitive data of your business and users, security experts create software for testing systems which are essential elements of software development.

Thus, proactive technical support and web maintenance services are necessary for this reason. They are professionals in handling security lapses of any kind and preventing them from occurring. Additionally, they are trained to take a variety of precautions to protect the software system– Maintaining the security of your website or software system offers major benefits.

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Application Programming Interfaces (API)

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, are essentially the bridge connecting various and specific computer or software systems– Users can connect their social media profiles, data analysis programs, and other services through APIs, ensuring that they operate smoothly together.

It boosts efficiency and reduces the need for many applications to carry out certain tasks because apps and programs can run simultaneously and more can be done via APIs. Essentially, it automates the workflow to shorten the time needed to complete a task.

Additionally, you can use APIs to give any React application a data boost. As various tasks must be carried out on the server-side since they can’t be completed from the client-end. After which, you can use the client-side APIs to receive the data. As a result, React-based websites have gained popularity and have emerged as the best choice for development– MJL Bangladesh Limited is a React-based website.

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Desktop Software Development

Desktop software development involves the building of applications for desktops or operating systems like Windows, Mac, or even Linux. You may be familiar with using desktop software like the Microsoft Office Suite or apps like GarageBand or OHM STUDIO.

However, desktop development was the predominant form of software development; as a result, these programs are now, more or less, obsolete. However, the industry mostly focused on desktop software development, and as smartphones have taken over  , these applications have lost the charm they once had. 

With the emergence of cloud technologies, using a Google Workspace is more convenient than downloading & installing a heavy-duty Microsoft Office on your computer.

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Cloud Computing Softwares

Cloud technology comprises supplying on-demand resources without having to work with physical infrastructure or sophisticated processes. It encompasses a variety of software, from storage solutions like Google Drive to software tools like GitHub.

The global cloud computing market is projected to reach $832.1 billion by 2025.

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According to estimates, cloud computing has improved life in a number of ways, including making it more effective and frictionless and giving users the unique experience of always having access to all of their resources. The back-end of a software system is typically separated with cloud technology so that users just have to control the user interface.


Video Game Development

Video games form the foundation for  having a good time for gamers– and this type of software development  will continue to be in high demand for years to come. Video games are dynamic and constantly  evolving to  bring in contemporary strategies and approaches, making them more modern, faster, aesthetic and lifelike.

Video games development puts programming and storytelling together, which makes it more fascinating. The end product relives in the minds and memories of every video gamer. Nevertheless, depending on the intricacies of the game you’re trying to construct, creating a video game takes a year.

It is crucial to make interactive games compatible with computers, consoles, and mobile devices. Additionally, the visuals and graphics form the foundation of every video game.

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Let’s Wrap It Up!

Every current technology is based on some form of software development. Every software development organization or developer must be familiar with these 10 forms of software development. To learn more about the sector, it is suggested that you read additional tech publications. Moreover, businesses are now opting for outsourcing software development service, so it is essential for developers to have the expertise in all types of software development. It is important for the teams to have a seamless project management process, it ensures that every project is in track with the client’s requirements and gets delivered on time with proper efficiency.

The goal of the article is to provide you a deeper understanding of the many sorts and how they could benefit you, as well as make you aware about them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What Software Development is most in demand?

    The most frequently advertised software expertise are Python, SQL, and Java.

  • What Does SDLC mean?

    SDLC means Software Development Life Cycle– it is an organized procedure known that provides the fastest possible production of high-quality, low-cost software. Project managers are aligned with the checklist of an SDLC for a successful software development project.

  • Is Software Development a hard career option?

    Despite being a career with great potential, learning software development can be challenging because of its complexity. The field of software development necessitates that those who work in it have a solid grasp of various programming languages, operating systems, database systems, and other topics.

  • What is DevOps and why DevOps?

    DevOps engineers play an essential role in the integration of code, application maintenance, and application administration. DevOps is all about the unification and automation of processes. Therefore, a qualified DevOps solutions provider in Bangladesh understands not only development life cycles but also DevOps culture, with its guiding principles, procedures, and tools, is necessary for all of these responsibilities.


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