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Crow Capital is a finance management portal focusing on providing high-end analytics capabilities, concurrent data, and a sophisticated experience to the user. The company approached us for a complete revamp of their UI to create a visually stunning, slick, and modern UI backed by a robust system capable of handling highly fluctuating real-time data.

The design revolves around utilizing the company's namesake to create a UI that can leave an everlasting first impression and provide interactive dictations to guide the user through the system while showcasing the large cluster of data in a clean and minimalistic manner. The client approached us for our famed design solutions in Bangladesh. In return, we pushed the bounds of our design capabilities in order to implement a UI that passed all WCAA tests and gained high best practices scores in various testing platforms. We had to create a dark-design scheme where every element was perfectly functional, responsive, and a visual eye-candy without compromising user accessibility.

scope of

  • Custom Software Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Technical Support

Our design team addressed every area of the design scheme provided in the system, from logo recalibration to system UI design. This entailed creating a fictitious brand guideline to generate custom icon sets, stunning mockups, and one-of-a-kind UI elements.

With the support of their skills and the helpful collaboration of the client, our team of expert designers required less than four days to ideate, sketch mockups, construct prototypes, evaluate created ideas, and establish the complete pseudo-branding set.


A robust system regulating the data flow is required to provide maximum uptime for a sophisticated dashboard that shows on-demand analytics data from various sources to thousands of users. This was accomplished by designing a system architecture that allows resources to be distributed depending on usage-based criteria.


A Slick, Suave,
and Modern Dark UI

A seamless dark UI capable of perfectly displaying all the elements properly in any platform without accessibility issues while maintaining a sophisticated outlook was one of the prerequisites of this project. We achieved this by creating a pseudo-brand guideline that allowed us to develop a set of custom iconography, define color scheme, state typography rules, and establish a font-usage guide to perfectly illustrate what the brand wants to be.

The guidelines were created pro bono for the good of the client and had the potential to be used in creating astounding marketing collaterals, perfect for showcasing the system we built.

Complex Data
Management System

As a finance management system, it must manage the influx of data from various roots and transmit them to the users coherently in the system dashboard. The robust system we created can smartly organize the data by inherently distributing performance resources to maintain maximum uptime, low latency, and undisrupted usage.

Variable User
Access Control

Depending on the type of user role, the system provides varied access to the user. This means that the user management system that we built is not only impenetrable in terms of security to disallow unauthorized user access but also sturdy enough to take a large number of user access requests and manage them seamlessly.

Integrating Various Sources
for Data Collection

The system was designed to collect, store, manage, and display user data gathered from various sources. And that is exactly what it accomplishes, with no hindrances. Our attention to detail in developing a large number of unique APIs enabled the system to flawlessly manage all incoming data and sort it according to the system's logic tables, resulting in an immaculate finance management experience for the end-user.

Challenges &
Our Approach

A Dark UI Without Accessibility Issues

A dark design scheme has inherent accessibility issues resulting in poor navigation, unresponsive modules, and obstruction in usage.

Our Approach

We approached the problem by creating a branding guideline and afterward utilized it to develop, test, and implement a UI with perfect accessibility and usability.

Anti-breach Security System

A finance management system that collects monetary data is always a target for illicit attacks.

Our Approach

By building an impenetrable security system, conducting various security tests, and adjusting it accordingly, we implemented a safety blanket for the system capable of throwing away any number of unauthorized access attempts.

Undisrupted Data Flow

Crow Capital allows its users to analyze their financial data from various derivatives. Thus, the system has to be capable of handling a multitude of data flow without a hitch.

Our Approach

Our veteran developers understood the core goal of the project. Therefore, they created the system accordingly with in-house coding algorithms to devise a system capable of showing much data without disruption.

Key Numbers

As a veteran software development company in Bangladesh, we ensured that the platform’s core goal of providing a singular platform to manage, store and review financial data from various entry points is achieved seamlessly. Hence, its users require high uptime, low latency, real-time data injection, precise data presentation, and ease of navigation.


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