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BTI Brokerage is a unique concept that has been molded and expanded into a full-service product that connects vendors and potential buyers in a safe, multipurpose, and dependable platform. Due to our reputation of being a trend-setting real estate website developer in Bangladesh, we were approached to create a seamless system with multifunctional capabilities. We went above and beyond to meet our client's business objectives, from strategy, market research, and branding through full-cycle product development.

This system is a sell-to-customer marketplace that allows clients to search a large database of listings using important filters and sorting algorithms. A major goal for this project was to enable people of various technical levels to navigate through an overwhelming quantity of data in a smooth manner with perfect speed and best-practice UI implementations - a challenge that we successfully fulfilled.

scope of

  • Software Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Technical Support

We are a group of dedicated designers and developers whose primary purpose is to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Because of our ability to provide feasible solutions for complicated UX challenges by designing effective navigation systems, modern UI design, and customizable modules all supported by a powerful CMS, we are regarded as one of the best web developers in Bangladesh.


With the effective usage of powerful and modern technologies, we ensured a highly impactful design to run on a robust system capable of handling mass usage by a diverse range of audiences.


Rent & Sell

The core feature and primary objective of BTI Brokerage is to allow users to enlist their property based on the information and with the option to either rent out or sell. With this objective in mind, we created a system capable of processing a large amount of data in the least amount of time.

We live in a fast world where information is readily available to everyone at the tip of their fingertips. Our design ensured that the audiences were introduced to a system capable of showing every property's core information with the least amount of clicks to achieve a superior user experience.


Our seasoned developers built and implemented a versatile search engine that allows each user to locate exactly what they're looking for. Our robust data management system quickly processes many filter inputs to offer data in real-time. The sophisticated search module ensures that no property is left unsorted and that no user is dissatisfied, resulting in a high conversion rate for the sellers.

Effective Watermark

With the competition in mind, we designed a simple yet effective solution that elegantly places a watermark on uploaded photographs. A great number of survey data was collected on the watermark system to guarantee that we had the proper amount of opacity for the additional watermark. Therefore, it did not hinder the customer's view while maintaining the photographs' anti-plagiarism security.

Dynamic Cost

Given a large number of potential factors in a property, the price is changed correctly and dynamically to offer the user a clear breakdown of the prospective cost. Our research yielded the algorithms that underpin the calculating logic, which was developed following the country's brokerage legislation. Being part of the leading website development company in Bangladesh, each of the team members assigned to this project was guided to get educated on our country's brokerage rules. They meticulously iterated an enormous number of calculation logics for the client to meet their business objectives.


Agent activity and progress are tracked seamlessly through our multifunctional CMS. The CMS flawlessly integrated multiple modules where collected data is processed to provide an agent's activity log and track progress to maintain a high level of transparency as a sign of trustworthiness.

Developing a CMS capable of processing a large amount of diverse and complicated data is never an easy challenge. Still, our team of experts accomplished it within the project timeframe while maintaining the high level of quality for which we are known.

Automated Notification

Marketing is the key to digital success. With that in mind, we built a notification module for the CMS that sends out automatic alerts, alert messages, and emails to users who have opted into the service. This ensures that users never miss out on a chance to purchase their ideal home while remaining engaged to the company.

Digital communication has grown in recent years, becoming an integral part of our daily life. Therefore, this automated notification system tempts purchasing decisions while also generating a strong brand presence for the company.

Challenges &
Our Approach

Complex Calculation
for Enlisted Properties

Each property has its unique set of data creating many variables to calculate for quotations.

Our Approach

By getting ourselves educated on the mandated laws of brokerage and relevant data sets, we created logic sets and accounted for pseudologic to ensure transparency for every user.

Creating a User Management
System with Hierarchy

The system is expected to handle a wide range of users with various levels of access to the data.

Our Approach

We built a robust, impenetrable, secure, and highly flexible CMS that can perfectly accommodate many registered users, all with their own assigned access level and privileges in terms of system usage.

Report Generation
and Analysis

A system built to manage data is sure to create a high number of reports with every usage. So, it was essential to develop an easy-to-use report generating and analysis platform in the CMS

Our Approach

In today’s world data is power, and this power requires a high-level system to manage. As countless users use the system daily, we created a system that can identify the key data fields and collect them in an easy-to-understand system to ensure proper analysis.

Key Numbers

Many people will utilize the platform to sell properties or find the required property. However, the primary purpose was to enhance visitor conversion rates in order to meet the company's financial objectives. As an ambitious web development company in Bangladesh, we take pride in these numbers.






Increase in
Conversion Rate



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