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Shanta Securities Ltd. is an innovative financial services firm that provides a variety of brokerage and investment services. The company approached us for a total communication strategy overhaul, including brand strategy, visual identity, website design, and the creation of a robust customer portal. Shanta Securities is a visual marvel, jam-packed with technological sophistication.

We created a portal that allows BO account holders to receive and manage their financial updates, generate reports and download the collaterals, provide clarification of their deposit, submit withdrawal requests and so much more. This project is a dream partnership between one of Bangladesh's leading web development businesses and one of the country's top financial service providers.

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  • Custom Software Development
  • Technical Support
  • Website Development

Shanta Securities is a venture of the prestigious Shanta Group, one of the leading group of companies in Bangladesh and a key member of the STS Group. Given the gravity of their name, the design had to be unique, astounding, and polished.

With that said, we took a systematic approach to the project, defining, implementing, and testing the system from the ground up with creative collaboration and technical support from the customer. As a result, we created a refined portal that is both powerful in build and captivating in design. After all, our reputation of being a chart leading website development company in Bangladesh was at stake.


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One of a
Kind UI

In Bangladesh, Shanta Group is a luxury brand and an industry leader. We understand their need to define trends rather than follow them because we are designers for several of their ventures. Every design iteration that we have built for their different websites displays their desire for perfection, and Shanta Securities is no exception.

Besides, Shanta Securities has a contemporary, professional, and highly intuitive design strategy that sets it apart from the competition. The single-screen static design scheme employs advanced gridlines to create a fully responsive website that can function on any screen size or platform, making it ideal for reaching the diverse audiences Shanta Securities targets. By opting for our content writing service, Shanta Securities also achieved a high SEO ranking that was deemed impossible while maintaining the minimal UI.

A Polished UX with
High-end Use Cases

Shanta Securities' principal offering is financial services, which is an inherently difficult subject. Thus, our goal was to design a user-friendly portal with simplified navigational features that would make the onboarding process less overwhelming. We devised a user experience scheme based on rigorous analysis of the information architecture that expedites a user's enrollment while allowing them to explore the portal's extensive list of advanced features comprehensively.

The customer portal is designed with the users in mind, yet the subject matter is complicated on its own. So to achieve the required balance, we approached the system by developing a tailored and perfected-through-trial UX, making the system's sophistication accessible to users.

Engaging Onboarding System
with NID Verification

The high level of informational content in the registration process for a financial system is often overwhelming. We divided onboarding into different steps to guarantee that a user does not feel bloated with information while still being able to access what they require conveniently. This also ensures that the organization can obtain all the information required to provide its vast range of services while remaining transparent.

The system also has the capability of verifying a user’s NID during the onboarding process. By integrating the proper APIs with legal documentation, we built a system capable of identifying any NID number to check the authenticity of the data provided by the registering user.

Innovative Information

Shanta Securities is a highly informative website condensed down to a single-screen experience for a highly intuitive user experience. This was achieved by dissecting a large number of data to be shown on the website and creating a highly efficient information architecture capable of achieving the optimum information flow.

Our goal was to allow users to access every information they have access to with the least amount of clicks and find themselves lost in a sea of information.

Security System

Security is a core feature of Shanta Securities, given the nature of its service. We ensure that even human errors are eliminated from the risk factor by generating a random access key for each registered user with the established encryption mechanism. Shanta Securities is the Fort Knox of websites, with layers of security covering each access point to offer a risk-free user experience and to ensure that the information of both the user and the enterprise is never compromised.

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Challenges &
Our Approach

A Functional Yet Gorgeous UI

Shanta Securities required a large number of sophisticated usable features displayed on a gorgeous platter.

Our Approach

Using our expertise as one of the top design solutions providers in Bangladesh, we created an innovative and one-of-a-kind UI. As they say in Shanta, we set the standards.

Anti-breach Security System

A system created to provide financial services are often the target for high-level data extraction attacks.

Our Approach

Our approach to security involves implementing layers of interconnected security checks at every access point to ensure no data is ever compromised.

Reducing Error Count

A portal designed to use regularly does not have the luxury of tripping over.

Our Approach

One of the core challenges was creating a system with the least amount of error count to ensure maximum usability and the highest uptime. We achieved it by using in-house data processing methods, server optimization, and refined coding to allow the system to be flexible and robust.

Role-Based User Access

The portal is to have the capability to provide role-based access to users in order to thwart potential cyber-attacks or exploitation of the system.

Our Approach

For a system that manages the financial data of millions of users, it is essential that each individual user can access only what is allowed to them. This means that we created a system with role-based access management so that a user can enjoy their rightful privilege while the system can maintain its security.

Key Numbers

Shanta Securities boasts the record of being impenetrable since its launch. As one of the top web maintenance service providers in Bangladesh, we aim to maintain that accolade of the system.


Protection from
Data Breach







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