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Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. (Bti) is a leading real estate company in Bangladesh, carrying on its operation for 36 years and counting. Starting its journey in 1984, BTI has established itself as a brand in this sector. In order to expand its business and take it to the next level, BTI needed a customized portal that would enhance its customer base and enrich its business by managing its potential customer leads.

BTI, as one of the largest real estate development companies in Bangladesh, owns a large customer base. It gathers a sizeable amount of leads from various sources. These leads are potential customers, so it is essential to manage the leads' data and approach them with the right strategy by a salesperson. To automate the process of managing and verifying the leads, assigning them to the right salesperson, and tracking the lead status, BTI required a lead management system. This automated system would also provide information on the sales team and employees with various businesses and KPI reports.

Dcastalia, as one of the leading software development companies in Bangladesh, was happy to partner with BTI to solve this problem and give a customized and altered solution for them.

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  • Software Development
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance

To address the complexity of the system with a number of customized features to cater to the client's needs, we had to approach this project with utmost caution in a systematic manner. The system data was of utmost importance, which gave us very little room for error, so proper planning and defining the project well was vital.


To address the complexity of the system with a number of customized features as per the client's needs, we had to approach this project with utmost caution in a systematic manner. Proper planning and defining were significant for this project as we had to deal with extremely sensitive data to present on the system.


Data Transformation

BTI has a large amount of lead data in raw format, which has been sourced. These data are initially noted in an excel/CSV format that must be verified and stored digitally in the portal we developed.

We implemented the methods of data import and transformation by mapping and analyzing raw data given by the client. An automated system was designed and built so that a bulk amount of data can be easily imported, keeping in mind that the system's user base might not be technically sound. Besides, data can be filtered and verified by several steps and stored within the system with a defined state for each lead.

Automated Lead

One of the key functions of the portal is to assign the newly added leads to a salesperson. Previously it was done manually, but with the help of this portal, the process has been fully automated with the option to make manual modifications.

A custom algorithm was implemented to differentiate between the pool of salespeople, how many leads they are handling at a given time, and the target they are given. We also used Cron Job for scheduling purposes for every salesperson.

KPI Calculation

A connecting tab was developed for the system to allow the designers to validate the vendor's serial number on the tokens. Therefore, it would allow the management to register their presence during the given time.

The tab would be allocated to the designers for verification and record management. So, when the vendors attend the meeting, designers can verify their serial number by scanning the token in the tab. Therefore, if the meeting gets verified, a timer would initiate, logging their meeting time in the system along with the vendor’s information.

Business Reports

This highly calculation-based system can also generate reports for various types of users. These reports about KPI and incentives are available for the salesperson with a detailed breakdown to understand and access easily.

Furthermore, the business reports that are useful for the organization can also be generated with the help of pre-defined reporting tools. Users can also develop their historical performance data using the reports as these include graphical presentations including weekly, monthly, and periodic records.

Challenges &
Our Approach

KPI Logic

Setting KPI in an automated manner with the client's custom logic was a technically demanding job for our team.

Our Approach

We approached the challenge very carefully, starting from understanding the overall business goal of the client and the organization's KPI module. We mapped the logic in detail, having multiples session with the client to write algorithms accordingly. Moreover, we carried out sets of testing based on different test cases to ensure the implementation was perfect


Setting KPI in an automated manner with the client's custom logic was a technically demanding job for our team.

Our Approach

As the client ran the project on their custom server, it lacked many essential standard features. Thus, we faced a considerable challenge initially to implement common components, including firewall, servers, and DNS, commonly available on regular cloud hosting services. However, our fast learning and technologically sound workforce solved this problem with success.

UX Point
of View

The raw data of the leads were unfiltered and completely scattered. Also, the data set was quite large, causing it to be difficult to manage the right data in the right place according to its importance.

Our Approach

To manage a large amount of data, we had to make extensive research for data management and design the database with proper data types. We took help from the client to understand these data, prioritize them, and design the forms so that their employees could fill them up easily.



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