Bangladesh – A Rising Hub for Offshore Software Development

Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing nations in the world with immense opportunities and possibilities. It has a competitive market and it is swiftly establishing itself as a well-known and trustworthy name in the sector. Global tech behemoths Google and Amazon both registered their businesses in Bangladesh in May 2021. Companies with offices in Dhaka include Huawei, Microsoft, Samsung, Oracle, and Cisco. Software engineers from Bangladesh are employed by organizations like Facebook.

Digitalization and technological innovation are becoming more prevalent in Bangladesh as the country enters a fourth industrial revolution. In recent years, the nation has drawn a large number of international businesses with cutting-edge technology and excellent compliance standards. Even in the wake of a global pandemic, the manufacturing sector in Bangladesh has grown more competitive due to the emergence of such brands.


The country is the leading provider of sales and marketing support services, and offshore software development companies there are rising and bringing about a contemporary revolution in the sector. Over the last few years our country has been gaining ground on the global market through a high offshore  demand for its ICT products and services, like IT solutions and custom software development.

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According to the leading international financial organizations, Bangladesh will have the 24th-largest economy in the world by 2030. According to a recent report by the Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh’s GDP is predicted to increase by 6.8% in 2021 and 7.2% in 2022. Bangladesh has been the source of doubling-yearly offshored software projects for the past few years.

Offshoring software development for technological and financial considerations is a legitimate corporate decision given the speed at which the sector is expanding. Offshoring a variety of software development tasks, including everything from basic coding to custom development, software support and maintenance, mobile application development, and website design and development, not only relieves you of the burden of finding and empowering skilled labor but also guarantees that you receive the highest-quality software solution in the shortest amount of time. In the end, this shortens the development process and accelerates your time to market.


Over the past few years, the number of software projects offshored here has nearly doubled every year. Currently, thousands of people are employed in the software development and IT services sector.

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Therefore, the essential software-related exports from Bangladesh to international markets, such as Europe and North America, include custom software development, SQA, design, and graphics. According to recent research from Accelerance Analysis 2021, software outsourcing rates are increasing globally. Countries in the South Asian region charge between $19 and $75 per hour. Hiring a software developer from Bangladesh can run you anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour, depending on the project’s complexity, the developer’s experience level, the length of the project, and other factors.

Pros of Off-Shore Software Development:

You It’s difficult to choose between developing software consisting of in-house developers and working with an offshore partner. Since the development of custom software is a critical task all-in-all. However, off-shore software development makes sense from a business perspective given the advantages it provides:

  • Skilled & Bottomless Resource Pool

    Bangladesh is currently acknowledged as a significant offshore IT hub. Software development companies in Bangladesh focus on agile offshore software development, thus, keeping up with the modern trend. With 2 million IT experts, Bangladesh’s ICT industry generated $5 billion in sales. In a 2019 CNBC report listing the top 10 nations for freelancers, Bangladesh was ranked eighth.

    The overall cost of operation for a typical custom software outsourcing development is significantly lower than in the best offshore software development countries, such as India & Philippines, and there is a plentiful supply of successful software engineers.

  • Hassle-Free Communication

    A strong prospective talent pool is produced by the fact that two-thirds of the young English-speaking population attend schools of the highest caliber. These recent grads are aggressive, diligent, tech-savvy, and capable of speaking with customers directly.

    Additionally, the developers are knowledgeable and experienced in using a variety of project management platforms, including Trello, Hubstaff Tasks, ClickUp, Bitrix24, and others. With the help of these instruments, clients can receive a comprehensive update on the project’s status. Consequently, this makes conversation and understanding possible.

  • Custom Software at a Bargain

    Maintenance of an in-house IT workforce becomes incredibly expensive, as it becomes difficult and expensive to manage. By outsourcing your custom software development, you can avoid spending money on IT infrastructure and time on hiring, training, and staffing.

    Moreover, offshore software development trends entail a modern and lucrative system for your organization. Offshore software development services using agile methodology enable tasks to be completed faster and encourage more engagement within the development phase. Therefore, it allows Bangladesh a competitive advantage in the digital economy.

  • More Emphasis on Core Business Pursuits

    With offshore software development, it enables more concentration on primary business strategies & executions. Thus, eliminating your worries about overseeing the intricate and time-consuming software development process. In essence, freeing up your business to concentrate on its core competencies.

  • Indulging in Popular Services and Technologies

    In today’s cutthroat marketplace, businesses place a high value on having solutions made specifically for them, just as developing custom software. Software companies based in Bangladesh have also been inspired by this expanding market trend and using newer technologies.

    Let’s see, which services are offered by top custom software development companies:

    1. Business Intelligence & Data Mining

    2. Cloud-Based Solution Development

    3. Native Android & iOS App Development

    4. Progressive Web Apps Development

    5. Software as a Service (SaaS) Development

    6. Ecommerce Development

    7. DevOps Solutions

    8. System Analysis & UX/UI Design

    9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Application Development & Custom Software Development

    10. Website Design & Development

    11. Software Testing, Quality Assurance & Technical Support

.Net, Angular, React, NodeJS, Magento, Cross-platform and Hybrid Deployment, Big Data Analytics, Cloud-Based Solutions, Java, Kotlin, and Scala, among many others – are some of the most well-known and contemporary technologies used by off-shore software developers

Ecommerce software development is one of the most demanded services today and a crucial business opportunity for any company. Considering all of its advantages, Magento is one of the most widely used tools for creating eCommerce software. Consequently, developing your eCommerce platforms for the business using Magento is a wise investment.

Obstacles of Hiring an Off-Shore Software Development Team:

Offshore outsourcing software development companies offer enormous flexibility and potential, but like all good things, it also has some drawbacks that could have negative consequences and frequently spiral the situation out of control. Offshore development in Bangladesh can be challenging to undertake, but if we work to address some of the following problems, we can overcome obstacles and achieve our objectives:


  •  Different Time Zones

  • Lack of highly experienced and qualified personnel

  • Cultural & Language Differences

  • Poor Understanding & Visibility of the Project’s Status

  • Absence of face-to-face interaction

  • Misalignment of Project Budgets

  • The Possibility of Onsite and Offshore Teams Working Independently

Insights for Anyone Who Wants to Hire a Off-Shore Software Developer based in Bangladesh

Bangladesh primarily works with the USA and Europe on IT-related projects. The quick expansion of Bangladesh’s offshore development centers has made achieving such tremendous growth possible. Bangladesh used to see an annual increase in the number of offshore projects. Additionally, as the software sector has developed, it has created many new businesses
and provided opportunities for independent contractors.

Here are some recommended practices to help achieve your business goals, when you’re considering hiring an offshore software development team for your custom solutions:

  • Get introduced to all of the off-shore developers, which creates a lucrative understanding.
  • Create a highly skilled & qualified team.
  • Employ an onshore and offshore team lead, who will monitor the progress & status of the project constantly.
  • Set up video conferences for scheduled & timely meetings.
  • Make use of the right tracking tools for software development.

These are all the essential elements that guarantee efficient and effective team communication. Consequently, they will be able to comprehend the nature of your needs and offer you the best possible software solution for your company.


Let us look at some of the most-hyped services that are being offered by software development companies in Bangladesh:

  • Software Development and Web Application & Website Development
  • Development and Hosting Services for Websites & Mobile Apps
  • Technical Support & Maintenance for Software
  • Development of Databases & Managed services
  • Cloud Services & Infrastructure Development
  • Services for Off-shore Custom Software Development
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To Wrap Up!

It is obvious that hiring outside assistance for your software solutions makes sound from a financial and business point-of-view. Although it could appear intimidating, offshore software development companies in Bangladesh are not as terrifying as they may seem if you prepare well to select the right team and comprehend the risks. Therefore, to keep working with transparency, simple communication, and proper coordination of the project, entails success for your project. Thus, choosing the ultimate and right software development company will ensure that possibility and seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What factors should you focus on when choosing an offshore software development company?

    The most important factors to take into account are previous achievements, location, and the ability to scale and meet your business goals.

  • What advantages do choosing an offshore software development company offer?

    The benefits of choosing an offshore development company are saving money. interacting with professionals, lower risk factors, and thinking about other things.

  • Why is choosing offshore software development services preferable?

    Companies opt for offshore software development services for these factors: the total cost for the project is lower, shared responsibility, turnkey basis, and finally, the constant availability of experts. They will always assist you if you are unsure of what to do.

  • Which is potentially the better option for software development, offshore or nearshore?

    Nearshore software outsourcing is an option if you’re on a tight budget, want to communicate more easily in your native tongue, and are in the same time zone. However, you can choose offshore software outsourcing if you intend to have the best quality of the project.


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