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Agencies You Can Rely on for Your API Development Projects

In today's tech-driven world, APIs are dominating by serving as a vital link of data exchange between companies. Their mechanism of doing so ultimately frees up resources and streamlines operations. The beauty of APIs is that their benefits extend beyond the realm of tech companies - to small and midsize businesses as well! 

API development services is also one of the key aspects of the future of software development in Bangladesh. However, determining which APIs to develop and what products & solutions they will enable, require experience & expertise. So, in this blog, I will list down some of the API development companies based in Bangladesh and their services, participating in this digital transformation globally, for you to choose from based on your business transformation priorities, such as cost-efficiency, offshore development capabilities, or tailored digital solutions.


Before diving straight into the list, let us first break down the jargons we will come across in this blog –

  • API Development

    In simple words, API development is creating interfaces that allow different software systems to connect and interact with each other. 

    Think of a translator who helps different apps or software understand each other’s language. That’s basically what an API does. API development creates a pathway for seamless interaction, enabling applications to work together smoothly and exchange data, making operations more efficient.

  • Rest API

    One of the most popular APIs used by mobile and web applications to talk to the server is called REST API. REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. 

    Imagine the Internet as a city and computers as its residents trying to talk to each other. In this scenario, REST API acts as the language that bridges the gap between computers. That is, it allows mobile and web applications to communicate seamlessly with their servers. Currently, REST is the most common API standard between computers over the Internet.

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API

    The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is like sending a message between you and your friend in a different language. In reality, SOAP APIs send information between applications in XML format.

    And the SOAP message consists of three elements – an envelope, body, and an optional header.

  • GraphQL

    GraphQL is an API query language and runtime. Think of it as a friendly mediator between your application and server. It allows the clients to ask for specific data they need and nothing extra. 

    With GraphQL, you can describe your API’s data clearly and make it easier to adapt and improve over time.


    JSON-RPC is a protocol that is used for data exchange between a user and a server. It uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to encode data and messages, where the notes are written in a simple and easy-to-understand format. This helps both humans and computers to communicate effectively and exchange data smoothly. In simple words, a client can send a request to a server and the server can respond to that request with a response using JSON-RPC.

    XML-RPC works similarly but uses a different language called XML instead of JSON.

  • gRPC

    gRPC is an RPC framework developed by Google. It is like a super-fast phone line for computers. It is a modern and open-source framework using Protocol Buffers as the data format that supports multiple programming languages. This allows different services to talk to each other, no matter where they are. 

    It’s like connecting data centers with a special plug-and-play system, making communication between services efficient and reliable.


As Harvard Business Review quotes –

You don’t have to be a tech company to reap the benefits of APIs — the opportunity exists in every industry 

In case you also want to be benefitted from the wonders of business opportunities that an API integration brings to your door, these are some of the software developing and service providing companies in Bangladesh, approaching API integration from different angles –

Brain Station 23

1. Brain Station 23

Integrating API services in making a project successful is the expertise of Brain Station 23. They have effectively integrated APIs like REST API, AWS API Gateway, web API, and more in their software and application development projects.

They have not only made a name for themselves in the API services scene in the country, but also made waves globally – serving clients in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Norway, and numerous other countries. 

Company StrengthAPI Integration ServicesIndustry Expertise
12+ Tech PartnersAdobe Experience ManagerFintech
16+ Years of ExperienceBanking SolutionHealthcare
25+ Countries ServedMobile App DevelopmentTelecom
700+ IT Professionals AR-VR SolutionReal Estate
2000+ Projects CompletedSoftware Testing as ServiceSoftware/ITES
 Cloud & Cyber SecurityE-Commerce
 ERP Solutions 
 E-Commerce Solutions 
 SharePoint Services 
 Data Science & Business Intelligence 
 Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 



BJIT Limited


Since being founded in 2004, BJIT Limited (Bangladesh) has consistently developed business application software and provided digital solutions by integrating APIs, for both domestic and international markets. The company’s leading API integration services include API development, system integration, and more. In recent years, they have also extended to emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Deep Learning.

BJIT is renowned for tapping into the Japanese market while managing an offshore development team from Bangladesh with timely execution and delivery, making them one of the leading businesses.

Company Strength API Integration ServicesIndustry Expertise
22+ Years of ExperienceApplication DevelopmentElectronics & Home Appliances
1000+ Completed Projects IoT and Embedded EngineeringIT Services
50+ Clients & PartnersEnterprise SolutionIndustrial Machinery Services 


Dcastalia Limited

Dcastalia- Best Software company in bangladesh

Since being founded in 2009, Dcastalia Limited has been providing custom software solutions through the integration of APIs. The company mainly on software & web development projects for providing API development services. Thus by leveraging cutting-edge technology, Dcastalia has made a name as a reliable partner, aiming to provide custom solutions to optimize the advantages of API integration.

Additionally, they offer a comprehensive suite of other technological services, including software development, website development, UI/UX design, and technical support.

Company StrengthAPI Integration ServicesIndustry Expertise
14+ Years of ExperienceCustom Software SolutionsReal Estate
170+ International ClientsE-commerce DevelopmentTelecommunications
900+ Clients in BangladeshMobile ApplicationEducation
1350+ Completed ProjectsDevOps SolutionsE-Commerce
 Website DevelopmentHealthcare
 WordPress Website DevelopmentFinancial Institute


Selise Digital Platforms

2. Selise Digital Platforms

Selise Digital Platforms is a reliable technology partner, based in Switzerland, who provides IT consulting, digital transformation solutions, and many more services from Dhaka, Bangladesh. They provide API-enabled self-care platforms i.e. build self-care applications that can automate customer support for businesses of all types.

Their signature products include Samsung Kiosk & SELISE Signature

Company StrengthAPI Integration ServicesIndustry Expertise
250+ ProfessionalsPlatform DevelopmentRetail, Food & Gastro
4 LocationsApplication ManagementInsurance & Financial Advisory
17+ Services Telecommunications
  Mobility, Engineering & Logistics



5. JoomShaper

JoomShaper have already helped numerous clients achieve their business objectives and even kick-start some of their journeys through API integrated products. They are currently developing cross-industrial products integrating APIs such as Malchimp API, Google Maps API Key, Web Service API, & more.  

Their primary focus is to develop comprehensive solutions by integrating appropriate API frameworks, for developing that specific product.

Company Strength API Integrated Products
13+ Years of ExperienceJoomla Templates
362,597 Community Users SP Page Builder
252 Joomla ProductsJoomla Extensions
 Helix Framework

Final Words

If you are looking for digital solution providers in Bangladesh for integrating APIs into your businesses, you can rely on the software development companies or platforms based in Bangladesh, mentioned above. Each of these companies is reputed for specific approaches to providing API development solutions. So, list down your requirements, analyze all the options provided to you, and make a choice that aligns with your goals!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why is Bangladesh good for outsourcing API development?

    Bangladesh is a favorable destination for outsourcing software development due to its tax breaks and incentives like the establishment of special economic zones dedicated to IT companies.
  • How to choose the right API development company?

    To choose the right API development company – understand the API banking guide, assess their integration goals, evaluate their quality of documentation, analyze their offerings with others, etc

  • What is the difference between API development and app development?

    API development creates interfaces that allow software applications to interact with each other, while app development involves building applications that end-users directly interact with.

  • What is the API trend in 2023?

    In 2023, there is a notable rise in partner and third-party APIs. This means businesses are integrating external APIs to enhance their services.

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