Top 10 Software Company in Bangladesh


You’ve come to the right place if you are looking to find the best software development companies in Bangladesh to partner up with! About time you’re seeking the services to transform your business to a technologically sound one.

Current Situation in Bangladeshi Software Industry 

We all bear witness to the achievements Bangladesh has gained over the decades in the IT industry, since its declaration to make Bangladesh a “Digital Bangladesh”. As a result, the IT industry in Bangladesh is now valued at around $700 million, providing employment opportunities for approximately 70,000 professionals, the majority of IT graduates. Furthermore, It is estimated that by the year 2025, the export revenue from the ICT sector will achieve a target of US$5 billion.

The contributions and influence of technology have certainly transformed the face of the country, as well as inspired beautiful progress in development through the ICT industry. Now, Bangladesh has reached a pool of more than 800 registered software and ITES companies, and most of them adapt to the potential to develop valuable digital assets– that influences life-changing possibilities.

What Do You Need…

The ever-evolving digital landscape is constantly bringing forth new innovations, and it is only expected to progress further with time. And for your business to stay relevant and compete in the industry it needs to keep head-on with the changing tides of technology.

I will be highlighting the top software development companies in Bangladesh for you to partner with, by exploring their notable contributions and achievements that have significantly impacted the industry over the years. Let’s get started!

10 Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh 
Sl. No. Company Name
01 Brain Station 23
02 Selise Enterprise
03 Dcastalia Limited
05 JoomShaper
06 DataSoft
07 Monstarlab Bangladesh
08 Cefalo
09 Enosis Solutions
10 Dream71


Top 10 Software Company in Bangladesh

1. Brain Station 23

top 10 software development company in Bangladesh

Brain Station 23 is a leading software development company that has gained recognition in the industry for its innovative approach and ability to bring about digital transformation in everyday life. Moreover, Brain Station becomes a partner with companies and commits itself to make businesses achieve integration of inventive technology solutions to their operations.

Their groundbreaking contributions have not only established their reputation in Bangladesh as well as globally, in countries such as the USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Norway, and many more. This couldn’t have been possible for them if they didn’t have an accomplished team of exceptional developers, designers, and creative marketers.

Company Strength Services Industry Expertise
12+ Tech Partners Adobe Experience Manager Fintech
16+ Years of Experience Banking Solution Healthcare
25+ Countries Served Mobile App Development Telecom
700+ IT Professionals  AR-VR Solution Real Estate
2000+ Projects Completed Game Studio Software/ITES
Cloud & Cyber Security E-Commerce
ERP Solutions
E-Commerce Solutions
SharePoint Services
Data Science & Business Intelligence
Software Testing as Service

2. Selise Digital Platforms

top 10 software development company in Bangladesh


Selise has become a reliable technology partner for businesses of all types due to its focus on delivering high-quality, innovative, and client-oriented services. Its software development and business consulting services cater to established and emerging businesses in different industries.

They are based in Switzerland and provide services from Dhaka, Bangladesh, from cost-effective custom software development, IT consulting, digital transformation solutions, and many more to make your business a success. 

Their signature products are Samsung Kiosk & SELISE Signature. SELISE Signature is an e-signature solution enabling their clients to create their own customized e-signature solution to simply impress. And Samsung Kiosk basically is the most awesome solution for restaurants– the solution has helped restaurants by increasing their revenues and reducing costs, making customers happy and keeping them coming back!

Services Industry Expertise
Strategy Consulting Retail, Food & Gastro
Process Engineering Insurance & Financial Advisory
Platform Development Telecommunications
Application Management Mobility, Engineering & Logistics

3. Dcastalia Limited

top 10 software development company in Bangladesh


Since its inception in 2009, Dcastalia Limited has been leading the way in software solutions for major players in Bangladesh and beyond. With a strong focus to enhance businesses with their solutions, Dcastalia has an impressive portfolio of real estate companies. Allowing them to gain a global reputation for excellence, delivering cutting-edge technologies to help stay ahead of the curve.

Offering a comprehensive suite of technological services, including software and website development, technical support, and graphic design. The company is highly regarded for its exceptional UI/UX design tailored to their unique needs, as well as speedy delivery and seamless consultancy, Dcastalia Limited is a trusted partner for companies seeking to maximize the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

From redeveloping Pickaboo’s E-Commerce App to creating a brand new Lube Solutions Mobile App for Mobil, Dcastalia has certainly expertized itself in every industry to provide everyone with a custom software solution.

Company Strength Services Industry Expertise
14+ Years of Experience Custom Software Development Real Estate
170+ International Clients Ecommerce Development Telecommunications
900+ Clients in Bangladesh Mobile Application Automotive
1350+ Completed Projects DevOps Solutions E-Commerce
Website Design & Development Education
WordPress Website Development
UI/UX Design
Technical Support


top 10 software development company in Bangladesh


BJIT is a software development and IT services company established through a collaboration between Japanese and Bangladeshi entities and is widely regarded as the best IT company in Bangladesh. 

They have an impressive global presence and impressive clientele. Since its inception in the year 2001, the vision of the company drove an entrepreneurial foundation for its growth, as well as the leader’s influence helped establish a strong presence in the Japanese IT market.

BJIT’s talent pool attracts the best minds in the industry, which ensures a high level of technical expertise among its workforce. Therefore, delivering the best kind of software solutions to clients, including AI, Blockchain, CRM, and many more.

Company Strength Services of BJIT
22+ Years of Experience Offshore Development
1000+ Completed Projects  Project outsourcing
50+ Clients & Partners Custom software design & development
Industrial engineering
Automated QA testing.

5. JoomShaper

top 10 software development company in Bangladesh


JoomShaper is renowned for providing premium Joomla and WordPress template solutions to their clients.

They have catered to more than 80,000 clients globally. With an in-depth knowledge of the market and their customer’s needs, they always come first in giving them the optimum solution-specific themes required in order to represent their businesses or brands effectively.

They have a unique collection of premium Joomla templates, along with free Joomla extensions and responsive WordPress themes, that are meticulously crafted to simplify their clients’ unique preferences.

Company Strength Products
13+Years of Experience Joomla Templates

SP Page Builder

362,597 Community Users Joomla Extensions
252 Joomla Products Helix Framework

6. DataSoft

top 10 software development company in Bangladesh


DataSoft is highly regarded as one of the innovative software companies in Bangladesh. Their singular goal is to provide out-of-the-box and cost-effective solutions to the businesses they work with, and it has enabled them to earn a reputation as one of the best software companies in the industry. 

Their portfolio speaks about the credibility and trust businesses have in them, including numerous Fortune 500 companies as well. Also, it is one of the first software development companies having achieved a CMMI Level 5 in Bangladesh.

Company Strength Services of DataSoft Industry Expertise
400+ Expert Professionals Software Development Solutions Banking & Finance
24+ Years of Experience Software Testing as a Service Port & Logistics
20+ Ready Software System Management & Implementation Government & Defense
Infrastructure as a Service SME & Development
DataSoft Advisory Services Automobile
Education & Training Telecommunications

7. MonstarLab

top 10 software development company in Bangladesh


Founded in 2006 in Tokyo, Japan, Monstarlab is a prominent digital consultancy and is considered as a dynamic team who expertise in digital development.

They are known for their strategic planning and efficient project delivery with a resource pool of talented strategists, designers, and engineers.

Offering comprehensive enterprise-level digital solutions they have solidified its reputation as a trusted provider of end-to-end digital services.

Company Strength Services Industry Expertise
1400+ Expert Professionals Data Wholesale, Retail, and E-Commerce
2,200 Completed Projects Strategy Transportation & Logistics
17+ Years of Experience Experience Health & Life Sciences
33 Global Offices Technology Banking & Finance

8. Cefalo

top 10 software development company in Bangladesh


Cafalo is a Norwegian software development company, offshoring its services from Bangladesh. Primary focus on providing IT consultancies, as well as software and web development services to European-based clients and companies. 

In addition to this, they offer integration and maintenance services, also technical advice, and project management assistance. Cafalo is known for their commitment to keeping up with the latest trends in the industry and continuously improving their culture and processes. Cafalo’s highlighting factor is their pool of expert project management team, dedicated to providing customized and effective project solutions to the clients.

Services Industry Expertise
Project Management Mass Media
Scrum Masters Hospitality Industry
Software Architects RMG
Programmers Banking & Finance
Testers/ QA Engineers Education

9. Enosis Solutions

top 10 software development company in Bangladesh


Enosis is one of the leading providers of software development and testing services in Bangladesh. Specializing in crafting compelling all types of solutions starting from mobile apps to web apps, they have ensured the unique needs of brands around the world.

Since Enosis Solutions’ establishment, they formed promising collaborations with numerous companies, offering operational gains to startups, emerging enterprises, and established organizations across the United States and Canada. Emerging as a goto name in the offshore market in providing optimum software solutions.

Custom Software Development
Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
Quality Assurance & Testing

10. Dream 71

top 10 software development company in Bangladesh


Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. specializes in developing the most optimum mobile apps, software solutions, and video games. It’s one of their focal point in being a rising software company in Bangladesh, as well as gaining recognition in global markets.

Their remarkable achievement is considered to an educational game called A2I, that’s based on textbooks, allowing the users to be more keen on learning in a new and engaging way. It has significantly impacted the education sector of Bangladesh as well. In essence, what sets Dream71 apart is their ability to expand beyond the local market and establish partnerships with global companies from different parts of the world in making modern solutions using technologies of the future.

Company Strength Services Industry Expertise
8+ Years of Experience E-Governance Government Agencies
250+ Expert Professionals Artificial Intelligence Sports
20+ Flagship Products iOS & Android App Development Aviation
12+ Countries Operating Web App Development NGOs
20+ Tech Partners Game Development Pharmaceuticals
200+ Completed Project

Let’s Conclude

Everything we see today is automated, digitized, and technologized. Keeping that in mind, it has become a mandatory measure for businesses and organizations that need to operate with the influence of technological advancement. 


Digital transformation has been proven to be the key to staying relevant and excelling in selling your services to consumers, since the consumer base has made searching for anything they need on the internet, it’s their first place to ask queries. It has become a middleman to a plethora of options. It is only necessary that you seek to develop your technical solutions from a team of experts, which is why I have provided you with the list of the top 10 software development companies in Bangladesh, and what have they achieved being the best all these years. 


I’d be delighted if you get to partner up with either of these companies and benefit from their services!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do you need a software development company?

Most organizations require software to function properly, which is why they often invest in custom solutions to simplify their processes and enhance their daily activities. Proficient software development companies can provide its services to develop that system for you.

2. Why is software needed in a business?

It allows you to reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks, enhance your customer service, increase your employees’ productivity, and communicate and cooperate electronically with your suppliers or partners.

3. What is ERP and how does it work?

Essentially, an ERP is a software that automates various business operations and offers analytical information and internal checks. It achieves this by utilizing a centralized database that gathers information from different departments, such as Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Accounts, Supply Chain Management, and HR.

4. What is the emerging technology?

There are 5 emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain and Web3 Technology, Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), Quantum Computing.