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Evento is an event assistant company based in Bangladesh with a focus on creating a seamless experience for users looking for a complete event management solution. Our full-cycle approach to the demanding user experience helped us create a system that is both elegant in appearance and unique in features.

The goal was to design an impactful website that could convey the company's unique characteristics and leave a lasting impression on potential consumers and partners

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  • Design
  • System Architecture
  • Development

Our work process is dedicated to developing unique ideas into outstanding digital presences that help our clients achieve their goals.

We are an experienced UX design service provider in Bangladesh. Our ability to create viable solutions to complex UX problems, design interactive interfaces, organize strategic analysis meetings, establish a flexible portal, and conduct user testing and quality assurance all within the project timeframe is the accumulation of a long list of successful projects.


We employed a diverse range of modern technologies to build a visually attractive, secure, and high-performing infrastructure that can handle thousands of visitors every day.


An Easy Solution

Evento has a plethora of services that have to be perfectly transmitted to the end-user without increasing usage complexity. Given the diverse range of use cases employed by the website, it was our highest priority to create a user experience that will allow users to easily navigate through and achieve the result they desire.

The Evento website is designed to help the company sign up new clients for its event management services in the Bangladeshi market. This means that the website structure and design are clean, efficient, and focus on presenting the key features and services in the most effective and compelling way. As a premium software development company in Bangladesh, this project is a testament to our skills.

A Visual Treat

There is a saying that “Less is more” in design that perfectly describes our approach to the strategic design of Evento. Even the smallest copywriting of this website was pre-planned and executed accordingly. By conducting our research on the brand’s identity and philosophy, our expert designers created a profound design scheme that perfectly got rid of an immense amount of data and visual clutter. This also helped us to create a user-friendly UI that is easy to understand and navigate while establishing the brand’s presence.

Evento is simple in design, but the simplicity and ease of navigation were achieved through a rigorous amount of research and experimentation to leave an everlasting impression on the user.

A Robust User
Management System

The website allows both users and vendors to signup, create an account, and achieve their personal goals - may it be to get a quote for an upcoming event or showcase their venue to potential consumers. This was achieved by creating a robust user management system that allows role-specific users to use the system just how they need to.

Together with rich amenities and superb performance, the website provides the perfect amount of access control to the user in order to have an exquisite experience.

Coherent Data
Management System

Since the website has a high volume of data in place, it was essential to create a data management system that the website admin can maneuver through without knowing complex system mechanics. In order to tackle such an ordeal, we created a CMS that provides flexibility to the admin and visibly shows all the data in various analytical formats, allowing the admin to make business decisions or set financial goals.

The database was also optimized with our in-house practices that allow the system to function perfectly, regardless of the thousands of visitors every day.

Responsive, Multiplatform,
and Dynamic

Based on the goals set by the company, it was of the utmost importance that we create a responsive system that can function on a wide range of platforms in a dynamic range of environments. The dedicated mobile version ensures that a user gets all the features of the wide-screen version without experiencing a complex set of interactions or layouts.

The website was created to be flexible, to say the least.

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Challenges &
Our Approach

A Complex UX

Since Evento has a large array of services and intricately entangled modules, the primary challenge was creating a UX that is coherent, clean, and convenient.

Our Approach

By dissecting the list of required modules to create a large number of use case diagrams, we were able to mold a UX that anyone can use on any device they want.

Large Volume of Data

Given the nature of the website, the system requires a robust database that can handle the load of accumulated data and present it without facing any performance issues or errors.

Our Approach

At first, we decided on the perfect technologies that could be used for a system so large. Afterward, we charted a development scheme that allowed us to create a database capable of handling a large volume of data efficiently and consistently.

Establishing Brand Recognition

Evento is a newcomer in the industry, so it was imperative that we create a design that can establish and promote their brand.

Our Approach

We started by sitting with the brand stakeholders to understand their philosophy and approach to branding. This allowed us to perfectly implement their design collaterals in our UI without overdoing the design while maintaining the targeted elegance.

Key Numbers

The website was created with the intention of serving thousands of people every day who want to get a quote for their events or showcase their venues or services to others for sale. These numbers are a reflection of our capability as a great, if not the best, website design & development company in Bangladesh.




Increase in
Brand Recognition





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