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Shanta Lifestyle started its journey with the aim to cater to the rising interior design and home décor needs of Bangladeshi consumers searching for luxury & exclusivity. Dcastalia Limited partnered with Shanta Lifestyle to design and develop a unique E-commerce portal that provides an enhanced and visually modern UI/UX.

The objective of the project was to help Shanta Lifestyle mark the start of its journey with a modern and contemporary design for its newly onboarded clients. The E-commerce website supports a highly efficient, powerful, and secured portal. We took a user-centric approach to the design, portraying a clean and minimalistic look. The project development stands on the use of cutting-edge modern technologies and techniques for optimal performance output and all the necessary functionalities of a modern E-commerce platform.

Dcastalia Limited, reputably the best software development company in Bangladesh, prioritized the client’s business goals and successfully achieved them to provide a customized E-commerce development service.

scope of

  • UI/UX Design
  • DBMS Design
  • Website Development
  • System Development
  • Data Presentation

To ensure an outstanding digital experience for our client, we planned our workstream to dedicate a large segment of our strategy to developing and executing innovative ideas and modern principles, in building this project.

From understanding the client’s requirements and analyzing to successfully delivering the final product, we went through various stages of planning, strategic analysis & meetings, conducting testing, and quality assurance.


We have used a variety of state-of-the-art technologies to create a visually appealing, secure, and high-performance portal that can handle a large number of users and data with ease. We combined WordPress for the backend and React Js for the frontend.



Shanta lifestyle aims to be an icon in the lifestyle product market, serving local clients with the best products sourced from world-renowned brands. With that in mind, we analyzed the clients for user persona, and the brands they will be representing. It was important for the design to be coherent with the source brand themes to highlight the products. Similarly, we also had to design the UX so that it provides an amazing user experience, the smoother the experience the higher the chance for the customers to complete a successful order process.

To live up to the mark as the best UI and UX design service provider in Bangladesh, we created a sophisticated design with all the design principles in mind for our client. We emphasized the responsiveness of the design and content management for different screen sizes as well.


Shanta lifestyle will collaborate and bring their products from different parts of the world from renowned brands. The process of delivering and showcasing the products at their showroom has a dependency on the shipment time which is due to logistical reasons.

We introduced an appointment module to overcome this situation. The flow of the module is defined in a way that customers can order their desired items at all times with the help of scheduling an appointment. In terms of development, we implemented various parameters depending on the user and the products. Schedule management is also done carefully, and the complexity is taken into consideration on the code level rather than the user level.


REST API is an integral part of the software development process considering the impact it has on business and IT operations and especially to provide a good customer experience on demand.

We developed REST API where we ensured the optimal industry practices ensuring a well-structured API rather than using the default REST API of WordPress. This gave us the opportunity to customize the API for available endpoints and allowed operations on each endpoint, operation parameters, authentication methods, and other information.

Challenges &
Our Approach

Data Optimization

As an E-commerce site, it is crucial to ensure that the system is capable of handling a large amount of data and users at the same time, and efficiently managing data without any functionality or performance issues.

Our Approach

For a product-based e-commerce operation, it is important to showcase a large amount of product data with importance on the quality of the image, loading time, and overall performance. To maintain the quality of the data and performance, we designed the system architecture carefully and used various optimization techniques and algorithms for the best performance and output.

Ensuring Security

An E-commerce website, with the feature of the transaction, is always vulnerable to security breaches and malware attacks.

Our Approach

To handle all kinds of digital attacks, we developed an in-house algorithm that is capable of preventing any possible vulnerabilities. We also offered our maintenance service which ensures constant monitoring of the website at all times by a dedicated team of IT professionals, lowering the risk of any possible malicious activity on the system. We have also implemented proper user validation as part of ensuring security.

Multidimensional Features in Action

Given the nature of the project, it has a large number of features that are required to be properly functional otherwise which might affect the overall business.

Our Approach

The challenge of building a system in a web environment is not something that is easily achievable. At Dcastalia, our approaches in the projects follow a systematic strategy of agile methodology, maintaining our sprints, prioritizing our testing processes, and being very deadline-oriented. We also focus on efficient usage of time and skills, and proper resource management resulting in successful project delivery and helping the client reach their ultimate goal.



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