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Established in 1974, the Bangladesh Institute of Planners is the national professional organization of Planners and is the central point for all the resources and communication related to planning. They are responsible for centralizing resource queries, establishing communication channels, and facilitating individuals into teams.

BIP envisioned a modernized powerful web portal with the capacity to handle all the processes related to the organization. Such a powerful complex system essentially requires a robust security system and the integration of advanced tools to secure and organize data. To accomplish this, BIP, an organization of national significance, engaged the services of DCastalia, arguably the best software company in Bangladesh, to assist them in realizing this mission.

Dcastalia, renowned for providing high-end web development in Bangladesh, partnered with BIP, to develop a dynamic web portal with a flawless data management system to serve as the central repository of all operations with regards to planning.

scope of

  • Design
  • Development
  • Data Presentation

At Dcastalia, we pride ourselves on being a premium software development agency in Bangladesh, clearly reflected by our working methodology and our talented team of skilled individuals. We had to create a user-centric design of both the website and the web portal that would be capable of enhancing usability by incorporating extensive persona analysis. Different types of users had to be identified and their workflow analyzed to come up with an experience design that could cater to the needs of the users.

The architecture of the system would need to be backed by advanced algorithms and data management techniques that simulate human tasks, making it faster and more efficient.


Being updated on modern technology is a crucial feature of any top software development company in Bangladesh and across the world. Dcastalia has used these technologies to ensure the system’s fast processes, ensure security from vulnerabilities, and improve the efficiency of the website and web portal.



A user-friendly graphical interface is a critical feature for an information system and is a criterion that Dcastalia, a top software company in Bangladesh strives to achieve. So we created a unique & user-centered view for the admin and the members, where the activities are organized and color-coordinated for ease of access and navigation.

The admin panel is more robust with dynamic data updates in the activity log, displaying membership statuses, upgrading membership, and tracking payment transactions. Bulk texts and emails can also be sent from the dashboard and various types of reports can be generated and delivered.

Responsive, Dynamic

We prioritized a mobile-first approach in designing the website, to enable the use of the system through the mobile platform. Responsive media queries have been implemented to make the system usable and optimized on various platforms.

At the same time, we integrated the application of high-tech database management technologies and frameworks to update the data dynamically. The information in the system is used in payment processing, journal publishing, and updating the activity log.

Membership Management

The manual process of registration has been fully digitalized to make the process more efficient and user-friendly, with the inclusion of an advanced membership management system. The automated process adds and upgrades members and checks for eligibility by Date of Birth and Date of Registration. If requirements are met, the members are notified through the member’s dashboard on the system.

Being the leaders of contemporary software development in Bangladesh, we fully understood the needs of our clients through rigorous use case analysis. So not only did we digitalize the complete system but also implemented modular coding vectors to the website that will allow the website to update its content with appropriate flexibility. This means that we created a multifunctional membership management system that can grow with time and is capable of migration to other technologies with ease.

Payment System

Maintaining the highest security features for information systems is characteristic of the projects taken on board by Dcastalia, ranking it as the top software company in Bangladesh. Accounting algorithms have been integrated into the web portal to operate different payment procedures, combining all processes into one system, thereby, making it easier for the administrator to track everything.

The web portal presents the admin with special payment-related features for bill payments, managing invoices, and sending and viewing all kinds of transactions. The website also allows members to view payment history and pay their membership dues. All transactions go through a highly secured module with the help of SSL.

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Challenges &
Our Approach

Data migration

Digitalization of the information system was a major shift from the original process as thousands of data sets were documented manually. A massive amount of data records were dated long back in time with a number of anomalies. We had to transfer this vast amount of data in the manual system to the newly developed digital system.

Our Approach

We conducted the process of data migration by working closely with the client to determine the valid data and filter out the anomalies. We utilized our in-house algorithms to migrate and enter the raw filtered data into the system and consequently test the integrity of the data sorted.

Outdated payment data

The former manual system of dealing with membership payments was handled by different systems over time leading to errors and mismatches in the payment records. It was incumbent upon a responsible software development company like ours to responsibly ensure the validity of every data set before entry into the system to avoid any discrepancies.

Our Approach

We verified all the data to correct the mismatches caused by manual inputs. We connected the accounting system that we built with the payment gateway data and uploaded all the data that had been filtered in raw format. This helped our client to get an updated set of payment data which was easy to access and track.

Multi dimensional report

Since the platform is focused on membership and payment tracking, it was important to build the system in such a way to generate multiple reports on membership levels, ledger, payments, etc.

Our Approach

We designed multi-functional algorithms to sort different data depending on different variables. We made sure to give the users the freedom to sort and filter data based on which the report is generated. The report generation module is designed to provide customized reports as per the user's needs. This also helped our client to track their membership system more efficiently.

Key Numbers

After the digitalization of the platform, there has been an exponential growth in the numbers of membership registration as the process became faster and more streamlined.


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operational Activity



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They were always accessible and available to hear the issues and resolve them.

Dcastalia Limited developed the membership portal and streamlined the registration process. As a result, we saw exponential growth in membership registration. Moreover, Dcastalia Limited was very involved and delivered more than we expected.

Mohammad Rasel Kabir

Joint Secretary, Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP)

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