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National Forensic DNA Profiling Laboratory (NFDPL) is the first DNA laboratory of its kind in Bangladesh. It collects DNA samples and related sensitive evidence from crime scenes to formulate DNA profiling reports and provides services to various investigations to solve crimes and cases, across the country.

The nature of operations by the NFDPL are complex and sensitive, involving handling, analyzing, and storing large amounts of data.

Initially, NFDPL was manually managing the process of sorting large volumes of sensitive information which was chaotic and time-consuming. NFDPL realized that the solution to the problem was to digitalize the process of data archiving and report generation and for this, they turned to the best software company in Bangladesh, Dcastalia.

Dcastalia successfully accomplished the enormous responsibility of building a dynamic web portal for NFDPL that now serves as the core repository for the vast amounts of data concerning DNA profiling cases across the country.

NFDPL’s information system holds highly sensitive national data, legal exhibits, victim and witness statements, etc. related to crimes. Dcastalia designed NFDPL’s web portal to facilitate the entry of the data into the information system through multi-layered forms, which allow for cases to be created for legal purposes. Reports are generated from the data collected based on various sorting filters such as year, case ID, location, etc. These reports are represented through data visualization using google chart tools, to produce a number of charts and graphs which can show patterns, trends, and discrepancies.

scope of

  • Design
  • Development
  • Data Presentation
  • Data Management Application

Dcastalia, a reputable software company in Bangladesh, was assigned to create a web portal for NFDPL to efficiently manage the national data by digitalizing their manual information system. Thorough research helped determine the persona analysis of the users of the system, develop the design, and improve the usability of the web portal system.

The architecture of the digital information system was based on advanced algorithms and data management techniques (auto case generation, data representations, and many more). After ensuring the system's functionality, sophisticated security technologies were applied to safeguard the system from data breaches and vulnerabilities.


Being updated on modern technology is a crucial feature of any top software development company in Bangladesh and across the world. Dcastalia has used these technologies to ensure the system’s fast processes, ensure security from vulnerabilities, and improve the efficiency of the website and web portal.


Fully Informative

On entering the system the users will find an information dashboard that presents data in an easy-to-understand format. A comprehensive set of data of the full system presents the users with information concerning the no.of samples collected, no. of tests done and types of cases filed, and a comparison of cases created over the years, all at a glance.

Many different types of graphs and charts such as pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, histograms, and spline charts are displayed to represent the information and generate reports based on the criteria used to filter the relevant data.

Multilayered Case
Creation System

Dcastalia designed the system to grant special access rights to the user to create a case, only after completing a multi-layered form-fill-up module.

Each case application has to go through a process of providing the required information on different forms such as a Forwarding Form, Identification Form, Sexual Assault Examination, Sample Item Form, Exhibit Form, Document Attachment option, and Current Report Status.

Restricted Access Control
For Sensitive Data

Being the best software development company in Bangladesh, Dcastalia highly prioritizes the protection of information. Powerful security tools and techniques were integrated to maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive cases that are uploaded onto the national database, which includes DNA data with personal identification information.

A protected access control system only allows access to users with special privileges, who log in bypassing several verification steps.

Distinct Management
Software Modules

Dcastalia developed a unique user-friendly content management system for NFDPL that allows advanced search options into the old database for updating data or generating reports based on the information database.

Smart Report

High-level of sorting techniques have been used to manipulate the case data and generate reports by location or time.

These reports are protected and can be accessed through verification processes. Graphical representation of the reports can also be obtained from the system.

Challenges &
Our Approach

Sensitive & outdated
data migration

A massive amount of raw data was manually handled by NFDPL initially. Immediate digitalization of the process was essential and NFDPL engaged the services of the best software development company in Bangladesh for this task. Dcastalia faced a massive challenge to convert and digitalize the information system as not only was the process outdated but the nature of the data is sensitive, complex, and extensive.

Our Approach

Dcastalia analyzed their data and employed various data parsing tools like excel importer, SQL queries and manually converted these data into the system’s database. Various kinds of data structures were used to compile these data.

Maintaining the logical
process flow of the system

A crucial feature of the information system is the completion of interconnected forms, that are codependent on the type of inputs required, to create a case. As a renowned software company in Bangladesh, Dcastalia had to responsibly ensure a smooth error-free system free of any glitches.

Our Approach

Dcastalia approached this challenge with proper planning and brainstorming of different cases and scenarios. We ensured documented case diagrams for various types of cases and had multiple testing techniques to check all the scenarios and outcomes under different logical parameters..

Ensuring Security

The process of digitalization required uploading both the old and new case data onto a mirrored link that was provided by NFDPL and not the actual national server. Dcastalia was responsible for completing the process while ensuring system security.

Our Approach

Being an adept software company in Bangladesh, Dcastalia is updated on modern security methods and techniques. By incorporating the strictest security measures for NFDPL, we efficiently accomplished the task of transferring the large volume of databases onto their newly built system

User validation

The access to the highly classified and sensitive information within the NFDPLs system required strict controls. So, we had to design a digital format that would validate users based on pre-set criteria to grant them access to the system.

Our Approach

We created multi-layered security checks and specific protocols to control the access of users into the system. Complex algorithms are used to validate users through an automated verification process and categorize users based on pre-set guidelines fed into the system.

Key Numbers

NFDPL is amongst the key organizations in Bangladesh that holds large reserves of sensitive national data and is continuously adding more and more data collected from every part of Bangladesh. A digital information system supports the entire framework of NFDPL’s data management process and facilitates the technically advanced and efficient method of archiving national data, within their systems. It was a noteworthy achievement for Dcastalia to successfully complete a project of national importance. The construction of a powerful digital system was combined with the highest levels of security to ensure the protection of all the classified data. We established a robust information system to accommodate the vast amounts of national data and created interconnected modules to ensure the seamless functioning of the system, which would be used to support investigative agencies to solve criminal cases all across the country.


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Dcastalia Limited has shown profound rigor in professionalism and expertise. Working with them collaboratively has greatly helped NFDPL to establish a digital platform that efficiently manages larger number of data, subsequently streamlining related activities. They have greatly supported us by acknowledging our needs and working accordingly in building an effective and easy-to-use database application system that has fostered growth for us.

It was an amazing experience partnering with Dcastalia Ltd and I would highly encourage others to work with them

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