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It is critically valuable for organizations to catch the attention of a potential visitor and inspire him/her to explore the web since they often sell a concept, not a tangible product. It takes careful consideration of the visual factors to convey your purpose and objectives that will keep people on your web presence long enough to soak up your message.

In the way websites are designed today, the relentless search of web designers to use imagination and innovation has brought a sea shift. The web development industry in Bangladesh has seen amazing growth in the last decade. Designers are currently using sophisticated techniques and methods to build functional websites that deliver exclusive user experiences.

Creators are making the design creation process more exciting with the introduction of new website design trends and techniques. As in every other innovative discipline, the web design industry in Bangladesh practitioners is often following the latest trends to represent their customers in the best possible way. For companies to beat today’s cut-throat competition, creating visually attractive websites that generate a large amount of traffic is key.

The secret to success is to give priority to useability while preserving the appearance of the website. In reality, businesses that fail to understand the difference between web design and web development, consequently the significance of usability, do not enhance their online reach. Improved usability plays a key role in improving every website’s efficiency and boosting sales. Only those websites that offer a smooth user interface are visited.

In order to achieve all these points to develop a functional yet attractive website, we use the SDLC which is a massive part of website development in Bangladesh. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process that describes the steps involved in the development of software at each level. It includes a comprehensive strategy for building, deploying, and maintaining the program. It describes the entire development cycle, i.e. all the activities involved in the preparation, development, testing, and implementation of a software product.

Web Development

The development of a website and maintaining its functionality is a fairly new concept in Bangladesh. The importance and significance of having a website that is both functional and visually attractive is the key to enhancing a business.

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1. Concept & Analysis

The concept and analysis of quality knowledge increase the usability of your website which consists of one of the main parts that are the architecture. The architecture of information is nothing but the manner in which information is displayed on your website – and that has to be great. Ignoring the value of the architecture of knowledge decreases your site’s efficiency. Since websites provide users with considerable information, organizing the information into correct sections and categories is crucial.

In the planning process, planning is often undertaken for the quality assurance criteria and the identification of the risks associated with the project. The outcome of the technical feasibility study is to identify the different technical approaches that can be pursued with minimal risks to successfully execute the project. The most significant and fundamental step in SDLC is wireframing the timeline. It is carried out with feedback from the client, the sales department, market surveys, and domain experts in the sector by senior team members. This knowledge is then used in the fiscal, organizational, and technical areas to prepare the basic project strategy and to perform product feasibility studies.

3. UX/UI Design

All the product’s architectural modules and their communication and data flow representation with the external and third-party modules are clearly identified by a design approach (if any). It is important to clearly describe the internal design of all the modules of the proposed architecture with the minimum of information in the DDS. The architecture of quality knowledge increases the usability of your website. The architecture of information is nothing but the manner in which information is displayed on your website by having an experience design – and that has to be great. Ignoring the value of the architecture of knowledge decreases your site’s efficiency. Since websites provide users with considerable information, organizing the information into correct sections and categories is crucial.

4. Development

The real production begins in this process of SDLC and the product is developed. During this point, the programming code is created according to the DDS. If the design is carried out in a detailed and structured way, without much hassle, code generation can be achieved. Developers should follow the coding guidelines specified by their agency and the code is created using programming tools such as compilers, interpreters, debuggers, etc. For coding, various high-level programming languages are used, such as C, C++, Pascal, Java, and PHP. With regard to the type of software being created, the programming language is chosen. It’s also absolutely crucial to have a mobile-friendly website if you want to attract more clients. Since a large number of people use their mobile phones to access the Internet, you would certainly extend your scope by providing a mobile-compatible website development.

5. Fine Tuning & Testing

This stage is typically a subset of all phases, as the research activities are mostly involved in all phases of SDLC in modern SDLC models. This stage, however, refers only to the testing stage of the product in which product defects are recorded, monitored, corrected, and retested until the product meets the quality requirements specified in the SRS.

6. Maintenance & Security

It is officially released to the appropriate market until the product is tested and ready to be deployed. Often, as per the business plan of that company, product deployment occurs in phases. The product may first be published and tested in the real business environment in a limited segment (UAT- User acceptance testing). The product can then be published as it is or with suggested changes in the targeting market section based on the feedback. The servicing of the product for the current consumer base is performed after the product is launched on the market and the website needs to be maintained and secured

Web Design

A website plays an important role when it comes to operation and conducting your business and it is slowly but surely coming into the minds of the people of Bangladesh. It can boost a company’s image. Some other points that are needed to develop a visually attractive website which equally as important as the SDLC are as follows

1. Graphics

The maintenance on a website of repeated visual elements makes it possible to unify the site and make it easier to navigate and this function is usually carried by enhancing the graphics. Help to create continuity by selecting colors and fonts that complement your organization or foundation’s identity and ensuring that they are kept on all pages. The identity of your company can be strengthened by preserving this visual coherence on the web and mirroring it in all the other information and communication media. The cultural theme should reflect the visual theme.

2. Home Page

Potential customers may be scared away by a cluttered home page that is overwhelmed by too much text or too many images. The home page is also the first experience of your structure that the user would have. Only to have a presence on the web can never be built at random. An uncluttered homepage will create a more elaborate experience for the user and give his/her brain a signal that the clean and uncluttered website is going to provide him/her with all the information they are looking for. Users do not really search for the easiest way to find the data they’re searching for. Neither do they search a linear webpage, moving sequentially from one part of the site to another? Users are happy instead; they choose the first rational alternative. As soon as they see a connection that seems to lead to the goal, there is a very strong probability that it will be clicked immediately. It is difficult to refine, and it takes a long time. Satisfaction is more successful.

3. logo

It helps make a site unforgettable by providing a logo that reinforces the essence of the structure or acts as a reminder of the cause. Visual identification through a logo is part of the emotional experience encountered by users when they come into contact with your brand. The design of a logo is an expense and needs to be a high-priority budget item. Ideally, the non-profit or lacking logo should be instantly visible, evoked, and conveyed by a non-profit organization.

4. Loading Speed

When visiting a website that takes a lot of time to load, visitors get really frustrated. For them, it’s one of the most significant reasons to leave the web. In order to build a website and get traffic to it, website owners expend a lot of time and resources. They should also strive to boost the efficiency of their pages because their rankings are largely influenced by it. In 5 to 6 seconds, all high-performance websites load, and if yours is far behind that you need to take critical action.

5. Navigation

Visitors get frustrated when they land on a hard-to-navigate website. It’s easier to keep it simple, instead of creating an unnecessarily complex web. One of the most important elements of a good website is intuitive navigation because it makes it easier for visitors to quickly navigate its various components. In short, to maximize the user experience, keep the navigation as intuitive as possible. To improve your site’s performance, use HTML or JavaScript menus. The greatest feature of using them is that on all the browsers they appear perfectly. Your navigation must be clutter-free, otherwise, users would not be able to operate. Users want their browsers to be able to monitor and rely on the consistent presentation of data throughout the web. For eg, they don’t want new windows to pop up suddenly and they want to be able to get back to the site they’ve been to before with a “Back”-button: so never opening links in new browser windows is a good idea.

6. Photographs/Images/Videos

The human eye is an extremely nonlinear unit, and edges, patterns, and gestures can be recognized instantly by web users. This is why video-based ads are particularly irritating and distracting, but they do the job of catching the attention of users perfectly from a marketing perspective.

Images or photographs give a more personalized look when a visitor comes to take a look at your website. The use of static or moving images helps to bring visitors, recipients, and beneficiaries face to face. Ignore images that could be used somewhere because your photos, not just others, need to reinforce your image. Still, photographs allow the viewer to concentrate on a single moment in time, allowing reflection and making a lasting bond, unlike film.

To gain the attention of Internet users, a persuasive video that tells a story helps. This will offer him a definite asset even though your site will exist without the video. If carried out professionally, making such a video can be expensive. But it can also be done with a simple camera with a minimum of editing, definitely a less polished look, but the role sought will be very well fulfilled: say your picture missions. The benefit will not be measured by the number of website visits alone. As a cornerstone of your organization, a well-made video will expand its utility beyond the platform itself.

7. Content

Since the Web is different from print, the writing style needs to be tailored to the tastes and reading habits of users. They won’t read advertising prose. There will be skipped long text blocks without photos and keywords marked in bold or italics. It can ignore exaggerated language. Avoid cute or clever names, names that are marketing-induced, company-specific names, and technical names that are not familiar.

An optimal solution is to write effectively. Using short and concise sentences (come to the point as quickly as possible), a Scannable layout is used (categorize the content, use multiple heading levels, use visual elements and bulleted lists which break the flow of uniform text blocks), Use clear and objective language (a campaign does not have to sound like advertising; give your customers a fair and objective reason to use your service or stay on your website).

End Talks

Giving priority to usability and functionality is the key to success. In fact, companies that fail to understand the importance of their website’s functionality do not increase their online reach. Improved functionality plays a key role in enhancing and increasing the productivity and sales of any website. Therefore, in order to provide a smooth user interface for websites, it is vital that we maintain a balance between and give priority to both its appearance and operationality of it.

Dcastalia is the perfect match for you in order to meet all these requirements regarding the development and design of your website and web presence. Dcastalia is going to help you create a brand of your own and enhance your online presence which is pivotal in order to grow your business. Therefore, Dcastalia will have everything you need to achieve consumer trust and business visibility if you are looking for a company to build a website for your venture. This agency has worked with both national and foreign consumers and successfully promoted their development in their respective sectors through 11 years of expertise in the sector.

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