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With so much competition, how can web designers maintain a premium identity for their work while also forging a successful career in web design? The solution is found in the design approach. Web designers must exit the race by competing on a completely different level.

An overview of the existing race in Web Designing

As people are spending more and more of their time online, digital user experiences are becoming the foundation for almost every large organization.

Businesses that do not have a proper website risk missing out on an excess of growth opportunities. They can reach far more people through the internet than they can through any other medium of advertisement. Therefore, organizations both globally and in Bangladesh who jumped into the boat of digital user experience, are having their website be the focal point of their company’s online presence.

As a result, the number of web designers and web developers in Bangladesh, as well as web design and development firms, has increased to meet the demands of the growing popularity of startups and businesses seeking to go online.

While the supply is plentiful, so is the competition. The web designers’ goal should be to create distinctively one-of-a-kind design works for their clients, which elevates them above the competition and contributes to the development of a diverse, one-of-a-kind, and strong body of work.

Web designers frequently concentrate their efforts on the visual aspects of a design. How do the colours compliment one another? Is the design balanced? Is the spacing ideal? As designers, it is normal for them to want their work to be as visually appealing as possible since it has a direct impact on the overall quality of the experience.

However, designing an excellent website entails far more than simply making it visually attractive. Therefore, to improve web design skills, one of the most effective things designers can do is to connect with web developers for inspiration.

Web developers bring a website into its full functioning form by developing both the front-end and back-end part of a website. After the website’s design is made, designers hand it over or work side by side with the developers to bring the website into its life.  Afterwards, the developers work their magic. However, after the site is published, developers have the access to its performance analytics. So, they can provide valuable information on improvement factors of the design as well as information about the modern technologies they can implement.

At Dcastalia, professional web developers and designers work closely together on a project. By following the Agile Methodology, the whole team collaborates with the user, to create segments of the website design and functionality, test it and then repeat the whole process for another segment. In this way, the web designers get valuable insights from both the expert developers and the clients which they can utilize to generate the visual aspects of their next design.

Ensuring security for website visitors

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Web protection is now more important than ever. With technical innovation comes a slew of new attempts to breach online defences. Every hour new malware strains are being produced and other groups of data mining taking it to the next level.

The state of cybersecurity in Bangladesh and how web designers can improve

Bangladesh has risen from 73rd to 65th and ranked 2nd in South Asia in the UK-based National Cyber Security Index’s global cybersecurity Index (NCSI). According to a press release published by Dhaka Tribune, the index was created by the NCSI to assess countries’ preparedness for basic cyber-attacks as well as their efforts in handling cybercrime and major crises.

While this gives up hope but does not give us the guarantee that our information is secured. Therefore, web designers in Bangladesh need to be up to date on web security and technological expertise. Considering site protection from the beginning of website design and collaboration with the web developers in Bangladesh will reduce the likelihood of potential cyberattacks.

Security while generating customized-display

Customization is all about helping companies better satisfy customers using their websites but at a cost.  Modern websites are designed to collect personal information from users (from cookies), or while opening accounts which is then used to give a more tailored experience. This applies especially to business sites or eCommerce sites that take in customers’ payment details.

Credit card compromises rose by 212% a year, credential leaks increased by 129%, while malicious applications grew by 102%.

(Source:Purplesec )

As a web designer, it is important to provide security and priorities more than personalization. The designer must consider the demographic of customers for the websites. For example, if the percentage has more senior people visiting the site, then ensuring them that their data is safe through visualization is vital.

Even if it is just a name and email address that the site is requesting from customers, designers need to learn how to get that information through visual cues which ensure security. In this case, the Chrome browser, for example, indicates that the site is served on HTTPS which is a more secured server compared to HTTP. However, most customers need a more prominent signal which is easier to understand.

Defense against front-end vulnerabilities

A cross-site scripting vulnerability (XSS) that causes a company to shut down its service is the last thing any company needs to deal with.

Web designers must pay special attention to preventing client XSS and should exercise extreme caution when using Iframes, CORS, and cookies, as well as HTML5 elements and APIs, which are considered to be fraught with vulnerabilities.

Web designers are now expected to be more security conscious than ever before, and they have no choice but to live up to standards.

The designer and the developer must discuss issues such as the above while building a website. Only through this type of teamwork can the best outcome be obtained — one based on how the website is supposed to look and perform, as well as the criteria for handling and protecting users’ data.

Top web design firms in Bangladesh such as Dcastlaia, comprise a team of professional and experienced designers and developers who work together in bringing out highly secured websites for local clients. Dcastalia’s in-house production of their very own customizable eCommerce platform: Store -Up proves their established methods and concern for web security and thus ranked their services such as web developmenteCommerce development as well as web security and maintenance high up in the country.

Responsive Websites – Is it the responsibility of the designers or developers or both?

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According to Statista, mobile traffic accounted for 52.64 percent of all global traffic in 2017, implying that a website that is not responsive or mobile-friendly is losing roughly half of its traffic.

Responsive websites are those that adjust to all screen sizes and resolutions, not just desktops, but also smartphones, tablets, and, in some cases, smart TV.

Despite the advancement in modern technologies and growing designers and front-end developers, there are still abundant websites that are not responsive. This is because many designers are still learning the principles of responsive design, and front-end developers are hesitant to take on the responsibility since according to them, website responsiveness appears to be in design territory.

This resulted in the presence of blind spots in a typical Design – Frontend setup, which is located at the junction of design and development.

To begin with, none of the design tools available for web designers allows for truly responsive interfaces to be created and the available tools prove to be inefficient. Designers cannot fully grasp the principles of a responsive website unless they dive into the code. Front-end developers, on the other hand, front-end developers either lack the authority or the neOnst to make design decisions directly in code.

As a result, the blind spots are ignored, and the internet is flooded with ordinary websites. Building responsive sites is impossible unless there is a connection built between design and frontend development.

Share the responsibility – Break the ice with your front-end colleague

There is a major difference in the responsibilities of a web designer and a web developer which is a whole other topic.

The solution is not for the web designers to learn to code and start programming but to consider the fundamentals of responsive website development and to be conscious of the technical options available. In the meantime, web designers can share their design concepts and knowledge of good and bad user interfaces with their front-end colleagues.

The rise of responsive web development in Bangladesh requires designers to stay updated

Bangladesh’s ICT sector has grown at a 40 per cent annual rate since 2010.

(Source: UNCTAD ).

The emergence of a large number of young entrepreneurs and their passion, as well as the government’s strong emphasis on “Digital Bangladesh,” are key driving forces in Bangladesh’s ICT industry.

As Bangladeshis become more reliant on technology, many businesses began to establish online presences to participate in the evolution of Digital Bangladesh. Therefore, the need to have a unique and responsive website to represent the company’s value has mounted to attract customers. With that, over the last decade, Bangladesh’s web development industry has grown exponentially.

The constant quest for web designers to use creativity and innovation has resulted in a drastic change in the way websites are developed today. Web developers in Bangladesh are now using advanced techniques and methods to create functional websites that have unique user experiences and are mobile-friendly.

With the emergence of new website design trends and techniques, web designers in Bangladesh are making the design development process more exciting. As with every other creative discipline, experts in the web design industry in Bangladesh often pursue the latest trends to better serve their clients.

Renowned web development companies in Bangladesh such as Dcastalia follow SDLC for web development.

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a method used to design, develop and test high-quality software. This method induces the collaboration of web designers and developers, especially in the designing phase of the process where the designer has to produce more than one design approach and document it in the Design Document Specification (DDS) which is then reviewed by all the important stakeholders such as the developers and clients. This process ensures high quality, robust and mobile-friendly website design and development.

Optimizing Accessibility – What the developers have to say

Source: Equalize Digital

According to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WCAG),  Web accessibility refers to the design and development of websites, resources, and technologies so that people with disabilities can use them.

More specifically, people can:

– perceive, recognize, navigate, and communicate with the Web

– participate in the Web

Web accessibility includes all disabilities that affect access to the Web, such as:

– Auditory

– Emotional

– Neurological

– Physical

– Voice

– visual

Current role of web designers for implementing accessibility

Accessibility is initiated during the design process. To build for usability, the designers must consider the users’ needs. The inclusive design ensures that digital materials meet the needs of the greatest number of people, regardless of age or skill.

Understanding the needs of disabled users is important for creating better and more inclusive experiences for them. One of the most difficult aspects of designing for accessibility is determining which individual user type needs to be addressed.

Colour and contrast

Colour is a powerful tool for defining a brand, and conveying thoughts, feelings, and ideas; however, the power of colour is diminished when a user cannot see or understand it differently. Colour blindness affects approximately one in every 200 women and one in every twelve men .

Web designers usually include a non-color identifier, such as icons or text descriptions, to help distinguish between colours and avoid oversaturated and high-contrast colors, which are common in autism spectrum disorders. It is best practice to maintain a minimum contrast ratio of 4.5:1 between the foreground and background colors.


It is also the designer’s responsibility to consider the context of images and determine whether the image is merely decorative, conveys meaning, or contains the text.

Designers can transform image information into alt text so that screen reader users can understand the image’s meaning. A screen reader is a program that reads out loud the contents on the screen to visually impaired users.

How developers ensure web accessibility and what designers can learn from them

The developers usually have to consider accessibility as soon as they begin writing code. While there is a learning curve at first, writing accessible code takes about the same amount of time as writing inaccessible code.

Developers and designers need to collaborate the accountability for improving accessibility in a website, especially when it comes to making user interfaces for several adaptive technologies such as screen-readers. Their collaborative goal should be to create a website that at a minimum meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) which are established through the W3C process in collaboration with individuals and organizations all over the world, to create a common shared standard for web content accessibility that addresses the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide.

During web development, it is important for both the designers and developers to frequently audit and test for web accessibility. It can be done by checking the website in a browser to ensure that the display and the functionalities work correctly or not. There are many browser plug-ins and tools that assist in auditing the code for accessibility. Finally, testing the website or web application with a screen reader is recommended but not always required.

Bangladesh’s contribution in terms of web accessibility for all

Around twenty million out of 166 million people in Bangladesh have a disability. While Bangladesh aspires to become an ICT-based digital economy, there is a frightening likelihood that a substantial percentage of the population with varying degrees of disability and illiteracy will be left behind. While ICTs have the potential to improve the lives of people with disabilities, the lack of web accessibility is a significant barrier.

In November 2015, a2i, the Bangladesh government’s innovation activator, conducted an internal accessibility audit and discovered various barriers to accessing government websites. As a result, a national web accessibility guideline for Bangladesh has already been drafted under the leadership of a2i and the Prime Minister’s Office. A web accessibility toolkit is currently being developed to make all websites accessible and barrier-free for all.

In this regard, it is mandatory for web designers and web developers in Bangladesh to implement accessibility while building a website. Dcastalia is established as a prominent web development company in Bangladesh with over a decade of experience. The company excels at creating scalable, responsive, and accessible websites to help companies establish a strong online presence. Their supremely talented and experienced developers and designers create effective, user-friendly websites through mutual collaboration and by following the WCAG standard for web accessibility.

Last but not least: Staying updated as a web designer

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Web designers who keep up with web design trends have an advantage over those who stick to what they learned in universities. This is very common among web developers who like playing with modern tools and languages and are always trying to incorporate that in their work.

Instead of focusing on the basics, designers can give clients new solutions for their needs if they are aware of what is trending in the web design industry. Creating new design work regularly that combines current trends with the designer’s style will transform their online portfolio into a one-of-a-kind visual destination for other designers and clients alike.

There are a few different ways to stay up to date with web design trends and keep that at a higher standard. It is not difficult, and all web designers can do it, whether they are fresh graduates, self-taught, or have been in the industry for over a decade.

Thinking outside the box

Sticking to the comfort zone is one of the biggest shortcomings of a web designer. Repeating the same steps for each new design project would just trap the designer in a box.

Web designers must look for ways to expand their imagination, encourage their ambition, and learn new skills. International web designer forums are a great place to share ideas and see what other designers are up to. Taking a course or watching a video on something new to do or not entirely comfortable doing can be a way of learning new trends.

No limit to learning

These days it is not very difficult to find a learning resource. Online courses and tutorials for learning new skills are all plentiful on the internet now. The tutorials on the internet are created by web designers who are keeping up with trends and giving back to the web design community.

Co-working with other designers and web developers

Web designers have a surplus number of resources at their disposal to stay in touch with one another and showcase their work in a community setting. Sites like BehanceDribble, and Interaction Design Foundation are some of many great places to not only keep the portfolio up to date but also to meet other designers and developers and see what they are working on. Online communities are great, but joining a design association that hosts regular events and competitions can make things even more interesting.

Final word

Lastly, by understanding the points of improvements and the things developers can teach in terms of web designing, designers can not only create unique work for the clients but will also be able to build a strong body of design work for themselves by implementing modern tools.

They will be able to show that good design is not something that can be purchased off the shelf. If a potential client wants a distinct and unique web presence, it is something worth investing in an effective approach to designing and developing a result-driven website.

Dcastalia is one of the leading web design and development companies in Bangladesh and has a dedicated team that carefully considers the client’s needs and curates creative, adaptable, responsive, accessible and cost-effective websites. Over the period, the company has offered versatile services such as web development, eCommerce development, web design, experience design, and other assistance to renowned companies in Bangladesh like Airtel Bangladesh, Corona Web Portal, the World Bank Group, Edison Real Estate Ltd., and many more.

Frequently asked questions – regarding web design

How much does designing a new website cost?

The cost of a web design is determined by the requirements of each individual project. Every website is unique and necessitates different components; web designers design and develop custom websites for each business.

How much input can the clients provide in the process of designing?

A great deal! The clients’ input and feedback are critical to the success of the web designing process. The clients have to be clear about their needs, likes, and desires, and then work with the designer to create the perfect look and functionality.

What if the client wants to redesign a website?

The process is the same as making a design from the sketch. The client meets with the designer and other stakeholders in the team to share the requirements, goals and have an in-depth discussion about the design. After that, the designer starts making wireframes and prototypes in which the client provides feedback.

Do you make designs on pre-made templates?

Every website the designer creates is one-of-a-kind and custom-made for each client. Designers usually do not use any pre-made templates or themes unless the client specifically asks for them.

Can I add features such as an email sign-up form on my website? 

When web designers design your website, they will incorporate all of the features you desire, including an email sign-up form. Since they usually design the website from scratch, they can ensure that it complements your website’s style and branding.


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