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Modern Website Design Trends in 2023

Through the years with evolving customer buying behavior, companies have shifted their business operations to online platforms. This has had a profound impact on the e-commerce and website design services industry, leading to witness significant growth and radical digital transformation.

The scenario in Bangladesh is no different as it experienced massive advancement in the IT sector. As more and more customers adopt online marketplaces for shopping, it is important for retailers to not only build a digital platform but also ensure the provision of an elevated customer experience through engaging and interactive web page design. In such a case, it has become increasingly relevant to seek out professionals who provide complete website design solutions in Bangladesh to strengthen market position.

“75% of people base the credibility of a business on how their website looks” 

(Source: Stanford)

Business credibility depends largely on a website’s design which puts great emphasis on developing those that are in sync with recent trends. Since website design trends have progressed over the years, below are some modern website design trends listed that will surely secure sales growth and customer loyalty for your business.

Adequate spacing

Website of: AQS

“If everything yells for your viewer’s attention, nothing is heard.”

– Aarron Walter

White spaces are deemed irrelevant to many which leads to filling up a web page with the maximum amount of content possible to fit in. It is usually perceived as an effective way to deliver messages to customers. However, what we often do not realize is that customers are overwhelmed with all the information hovering in front of their eyes.

Empty spaces create a vacuum of content and makes it easily scannable as well as readable. This significantly increases legibility and decreases bounce rate as customers are able to comprehend the exact message being delivered by the company, continue exploring, focus on the content and scan out the information that they require. Apart from the easy readability and usability, empty spaces provide room to breath, makes the website aesthetically appealing and enhances overall customer experience.

Concise content

Website of: Cox’s Bazar Beach Club

“41% of consumers will stop engaging with a page if the content is too long.” 

(Source: Review 42)

Although it is difficult to put together an elaborate thought into a small phrase, it is, however, the most effective way to connect with customers. Why is this so? When customers open a website, they scheme through to learn about the information they are looking for. With long content, they often get lost and redirect to another website. This way the bounce rate increases and many fail to hold customers and consequently retain them. Content writing is a vital aspect of web presence, and efficient use of it can drive profound success for a company.

While concise content helps to effectively entice readers, it also helps to efficiently utilize time for writers. Although it takes a dedicated, considerable time to research and ideate, nevertheless, once that is done properly, the writing part does not take very long. However, while shortening the size of the written content, it must be ensured that no information is missing; and this is effectively done by incorporating numbers, statistics and engaging headlines into the website. Apart from increased effectiveness, concise content greatly reduces misinterpretation, helps to reach a wider audience, removes ambiguity and strengthens the overall content.

Augmented reality experience

Augmented reality is an interactive experience of the real-world environment dramatically changing the way we solve problems and interact with our world.

In this era of digitalization, the world would have been considered to have not progressed if website developers could not provide immersive experiences combining real and virtual objects. Augmented reality is an exceptionally intelligent way to interact with customers, which has the ability to enhance parts of users’ physical world with computer-generated information. It provides visitors an elevated experience while preserving the integrity of the site and creates a lucrative relationship with customers.

Jeep, an American automobile company makes use of AR to allow consumers customize their preferred vehicle according to their personal taste. This feature helps potential customers to build and price their vehicle of choice, empowering them in the buying process.

Muted and/or gradient color schemes

Website of: Aqua Forte Restaurant

With the recent sprawl in online shopping, customers spend an intense amount of time staring at their computer and/or mobile screens. This puts much emphasis on developing websites with color schemes that are light to the eyes and do not create pressure. Website design companies in recent times take refuge on simple, muted colors that not only help with reducing implications of eye strains but as well complement the overall layout and outlook of the website.

“It takes 2.6 seconds for eyes to settle on key areas of a web page that influences their first impression”. 

(Source: CXL)

Light toned and/or gradient color palettes on a website are a crucial way to grab attention, as first impressions are key to customer retention. Playing with muted and gradient colors throughout a website gives it a polished look and an exceptionally sophisticated touch that engages customers and instantly grabs their attention. In addition to this, it is also important to take into consideration the customer base the product or service is targeted at. Psychological colors in this case play a significant role where the colors chosen are associated with the mind set, age group, demography, geography of the targeted audience.


Scrolling has become a natural gesture for website navigation which makes scrollytelling one of the successful ways to engage customers, consequently reducing bounce rate.

Visual storytelling has taken website design to a different level. It has emerged as an effective and visually pleasing way to attract, engage and sustain customers. Scrollytelling which has been developed from the concept of storytelling but with a twist, making use of animation, fascinating illustrations and scrolling features, has substantially changed the way companies communicate with customers. This specific element of website designing helps to easily convey the message that companies are trying to send out as well as hook audiences into its narrative. Additionally, it is a highly functional and time-saving way of putting forward the desired message without the usage of detailed content and lots of pictures.


Website of: Candiac

Every website has various elements that it needs to tie in conclusively to give a wholesome appeal and feel to users. Consistency is what exactly needs to be in a website to establish functionality and visual appeal. Starting from design to content, every single component of a website must complement each other.

“If a website is designed with consistency, the user will learn things about the site without even realizing it.” 

(Source: Go Fish Digital)

A big part of creating a website is establishing a brand image, and this is correctly done through consistency in design. Having a nice color scheme, similar patterned symbols, icons and animations enhance usability and learnability of the website. This is the part where users unknowingly get familiar with the brand through the congruent colors, fonts, vertical and horizontal spacing, navigation bar, icons, button designs, etc. creating a distinctive identity for the company.

Parallax animation

Parallax websites create instant appeal: they stand out from other websites and engage several senses all at once.
(Source: Mediatopia)

Parallax animation is an innovative website trend where the background content, usually an image, moves at a different pace than the foreground content, usually a text, while scrolling. An important reason to adapt this brilliant website design is its easy usability and power to let users experience different levels of depth and sense of animation.

Parallax scrolling, although has been in use in video games throughout the years, has now emerged as a prominent, interactive and visually engrossing website design element. Due to the active provision of interactivity and creativity, this effect encourages longer page visit time for users, decreasing the bounce rate. Apart from engaging customers with its compelling visuals, intuitive features and easy functionality, this modern website design trend increases user curiosity, leads visitors to the website’s CTA, emphasizes professionalism and most importantly creates a brand identity.

Digital interpretation of physical products

Designed by: JPS Design

Visually representing physical products into design creates synergy between the product and the website, making the web pages feel more organic and unexpected.

Products and services are the heart of every website. With that said it is crucial to highlight the key aspects to give users an elaborate idea of what the particular brand does when they land on that website. This approach does not only fulfill the criteria of clarity to the audience of what the company offers but also plays a crucial role in the design aspects. Using the products and services as an inspiration and incorporating the different components of it like the colors and shapes into the web page design gives more depth and oomphs the overall look and feel. That way, customers can better relate to the products and services offered.

While using colors of the same color family of the products sold is vital, just incorporating this is not sufficient to distinguish the company from other competitors. This is where this technique of blending the real world with the digital comes to play and has a substantial influence on users.

Bold and/or minimalist fonts

Website of: Nacre Watches

Choosing the right font is important as it supports a company’s brand image, website readability and creates positive user experience.

Having said 90% of a website being filled with typography, it portrays how important typeface and fonts are to the overall design. While thinking of it like this, website visitors will be spending a substantial amount of time with the website’s font triggers to use a font family that they could properly relate the brand to and of course not lose their vision from interpreting what has been written. In modern web page design, the utilization of bold, big fonts have done wonders to the aesthetics of the website’s outlook. Not only does this trend grab the attention of the customers to the important and informative parts but also contributes to the overall positive user journey.

Among many, Serif and Sans Serif font families have become very popular to give websites a visually pleasing touch. These fonts rightfully blend with the design and create a nice balance with the images, videos, background color and spacing. Other than these two, other widely used and beautiful font families include Playfair Display, Open Sans, Arial, Inherit, Garamond, Script, Gilroy, etc.

Full height homepage

Website of: Eastern Housing Limited

Full screen websites have become the paradigm of visual refinement. As we move forward, everything big and bold is making their way to grab web users’ attention. In such a case, we cannot certainly expect website homepages to lag behind, as they are the first point of contact for customers with the website. So defining their appearance and building a billboard like giant design creates a lasting impression.

Full screen homepage designs serve as distraction-free messaging. 

(Source: The Digital)

While full height and width landing pages with a large picture and bold writing attract customers, it all serves the purpose of easy, distraction-free information interpretation and communication. Speaking in reference to Bangladesh, this design practice has been widely adopted by companies of different industries. As a result, providers of website design solutions in Bangladesh have greatly shifted their design ideation to big and bold aspects.

Aesthetic photography

Aesthetic photography

“Quality photography for website design helps establish your credibility in the marketplace, encourages visitors to stay on the site and engage with the content.” 

(Source: Savy Agency)

Good photography has always been the primary criteria for building elegant web page designs. Aesthetic photographs tie in the entire outlook of the website and are instrumental in drawing attention and keeping users engaged. It has the power to tell stories, imprint them on the minds of web visitors and take them to places never imagined. At this point it is also important to realize that a photograph is nothing without a photographer. Photographers are the ones who determine the depth of emotions, color contrast and other essential attributes, quality, and the final outcome of a picture. Therefore, it is very important to work with a professional who would understand the context and inspiration behind the picture concepts and bring in the exact essence.

Dark mode

Website of: Rangs Properties Limited

Dark backdrops are an essential way to make design elements pop from the screen. 

(Source: Webflow)

Website designers in recent times are embracing the dark mode aesthetics. As the already established notion of dark backgrounds accentuates other elements and colors in the space that it has been placed in, its visual viability is another aspect that is growing to be a need to many. Since, we already know the harmful effects of blue light on the eyes, dark colors substantially cancel this out. It reduces eye strain and at the same time gives a captivating appearance to the web page.

Other than this approach in response to increased screen time and establishing visibility in low-ambient lighting, dark backdrops are something that can never go wrong. While users might struggle to relate with other colors; black, dark blues, greens are some that they usually like and can relate to. Viewing it as a design standard, dark modes cater to every need and successfully preserve every contemporary design trend.

Embedded videos

“85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands”. 

(Source: Hubspot)

Video content has always run the show and played a lead role in retaining customers. This is a very effective marketing strategy to deliver messages seamlessly and grab the audience’s attention. Living in an era of technological advancement, it has become the primary job of website developers to make the lives of customers easier, creating a positive user experience. In view of this, embedded videos successfully do the job by not requiring anyone to click to play it, rather it starts to play automatically as visitors scroll down or through a website. Adding to the entire appearance of a website, embedded videos play a pivotal role in customer engagement and interaction with the brand.

So, which design trend is best for you?

“57% of consumers say they won’t recommend a poorly designed website.” 

(Source: Website Builder)

Website designs can make or break the image of a company, determining how successful it is in retaining customers. Users usually do not refer back to a poorly designed website and this can have detrimental effects on the growth opportunities. The aforementioned design trends are some that have gained popularity due to their functionality and capability to attract, acquire and retain customers. Although incorporating all at once can also have detrimental effects as well since it might increase the load time of the website, it is therefore important to understand which design goes best with the company’s image. In such a case, it is fundamental to gain some knowledge from web developers, and is best to hire a professional.

Dcastalia is a provider of website design solutions in Bangladesh, operating for more than a decade now. At this point, we have earned considerable knowledge of design that we have implemented to drive growth for many; which has resultantly earned us reputation in the industry. Our designers are adept at what they do and rightfully cater all your needs. Apart from website design solutions, we offer a range of services that include, web development, photography, software development, digital marketing, and many more. Besides, many prominent businesses in Bangladesh like United Hospital, Airtel Bangladesh, Shanta Holdings, Elite Paints, and many others have partnered with Dcastalia for superior services. Therefore, as we proceed forward with the digital war, it is vital to change the pace and strategy to determine strong growth and make a mark for others to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the steps of website design and development?

Ans: The website design steps commonly followed are goal identification, project scope definition, sitemap, wireframe and content creation, design, development, deployment, and maintenance. To get an elaborate understanding, see our blog Effective approach to designing & developing a result-driven website.

2. How would I know which design trend to follow?

Ans: Choosing the right design depends heavily on the type of products and/or services offered by a company as they will be used as design inspiration throughout the website. Therefore, at first it is important to understand what the particular company is specialized in.

3. How do I ensure functionality like decreased load time, easy navigation?

Ans: Functionality can be established by using small size (compressed) images, minifying CSS files, offscreen image lazy loading, fonts preloading and many others.

4. What are the modern tools used in website design and development?

Ans: Few of the widely used tools and technologies by website developers and designers are PHPStorm, MongDB, Angular JS, HTML. To get a clear idea, read our blogs on modern web design and development tools.

5. What is the main difference between website design and development?

Ans: The basic and main difference between the both is web design involves careful planning of how a web page should look and web development includes implementation of the design. In order to gain more knowledge, view our blog on the Difference between Web Development and Web Design.

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