How to Choose the Right Web Development Company in Bangladesh?

In a time now when a company’s credibility is judged by its website and its presence on the internet, web development certainly plays a very important role on the internet we all experience today.

From Google to Facebook, many top IT companies have started their journey with a successful website and are now owners of multiple technological ventures.

Websites have now evolved into many categories such as blogs, eCommerce, portfolios, homepages, etc., and have matured with advanced features utilizing the latest technologies.

Now having a simple website is not enough among the millions of websites already present on the internet. To stand out, a website must have a good User Experience (UX) design, accessibility and responsiveness by which it can be viewed easily via smaller hand-held devices.

In terms of features, a website must have powerful capabilities and security modules to hold vulnerable and personal data, payment information etc. and possess complex software solutions.

Therefore, with the emergence of high-tech websites came the requirement of high-tech web development. Web Development now involves all of the above technologies and many more which requires a high amount of knowledge and information of modern trends to be retained by the web developer.

Web Development in Bangladesh

Bangladesh started its journey with the internet back in 1996 and has grown substantially now with having over 115.43 million internet users as of May 2021.

(Source: BTRC

Our country Bangladesh may look small on the world map, but has grown significantly in the digital world where it ranked 23rd out of 90 for its propulsion in digital evolution according to the Digital Intelligence Index.

The ICT sector in Bangladesh that governs the digital evolution has been designated by the Government as a priority area to achieve its objective of creating a “Digital Bangladesh” by 2021.

Within this drive towards the goal, web development in Bangladesh is one of the areas that still have a tremendous impact on evolution. Besides the countless number of web developers working professionally and as freelancers, many web development companies in Bangladesh are contributing to the advancement.

According to the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), with more than 800 registered ICT companies nearly 45% of the companies provide Web Services that include Web Design and Development.

These web development companies are developing the country’s top and most demanding websites, including Government sites such as the latest Coronavirus information, designed and developed by one of the renowned companies Dcastalia Limited.

Now coming back to the main topic of this blog is how to choose the right website development company in Bangladesh among the hundreds of competitions.

Why is it Important to Hire a Web Development Company?

To maximize additional chances and attract customers in today’s marketplace in Bangladesh, the companies need a digital presence but it has to be highly functional and equipped with modern technology along with being visually attractive to customers. Otherwise, recouping the company’s investment will be difficult.

Many businesses in Bangladesh, do not have sufficient comprehension of the capabilities of a website. It is very important to stay up-to-date on the next best thing on web development, that is, the modern trends on web development to have an idea of what type of website is best suitable for them.

This includes having mobile-friendly websites which can be viewed easily from hand-held devices. Having a visually attractive website is also equally important to attract more customers to the site. Moreover, to make sure the website is available and attract the right kind of people into the business, the companies in Bangladesh also need to understand the value of content writing for their online presence as well as why SEO service is essential for their business.

Therefore, to ensure that the website has all the features and functions mentioned above and to get the maximum output in a small period, the businesses can hire professional web development companies in Bangladesh that provide full web development services well as other services that aid web development such as web security, web maintenance, providing technology consultation for improvement, etc.

Choosing the Right Web Development Company in Bangladesh

As mentioned above, according to BASIS, around 45% out of the 800 registered companies are web development companies in Bangladesh. So how do you choose the right web development company among them?

For your organization, a web development company is eventually the technology partner who will be providing the necessary digital services for you given that you are satisfied with their service. Therefore, to know which company will be suitable for your organization you can take help from some important criteria with which you can identify the best web development company for you.

The Type of Websites Included in the Web Development Service in Bangladesh

Three major types of websites benefit the businesses in Bangladesh:

Template-based Website

Templates are a set of pre-built web pages developed using HTML and CSS more on which can be found on re-learning the fundamentals of web development in 2023. The images and contents inside the web pages are changeable and even custom-made codes can be added.

WordPress is the most popular provider of themes in Bangladesh. It has a large database of free templates which can be installed in just one click and can be used to develop top-quality websites.

Web Development companies in Bangladesh such as Dcastalia mostly use WordPress themes, particularly when providing budget-friendly web development services especially for start-ups and those who are interested in a reasonably priced website.

Custom-Built Websites

There are certain web development companies in Bangladesh including Dcastalia that have expertise in providing custom-built solutions for clients. This means that the websites are created from scratch as per the client’s requirements and are integrated with advanced functionalities.

A customized web development process requires complex workflows that include research and analysis, understanding client requirements and many more which are all part of an effective approach to designing and developing a result-driven website.

This process requires time and budget and is most suitable for prominent companies in Bangladesh who are already established and want to give their audience an experience to remember.

E-Commerce Websites

Ecommerce is a platform that enables business owners to sell their products online and is integrated with a product directory, shopping cart, and payment processing system.

Developing an eCommerce website is more complicated than building a traditional custom-made website as it requires a very secured payment processing system, multiple payment gateways, and accurate data listing that includes a product catalog.

As the development of an eCommerce requires expertise in a lot of phases both in the front and back-end, the web development company you choose must be equipped with the full skills to deploy the complete site.

Dcastalia, in this case, developed its very own eCommerce platform product which can be customized and used just like a template by the owner. It is called Store-Up. It is built keeping the companies in mind, particularly the start-ups who are looking for a budget-friendly solution and established in a short period so that they do not have to wait in launching their business online.

Like Dcastalia, there are many web development companies in Bangladesh that provide full service in a website’s life cycle. Starting from web designing, prototyping, and content creation to web maintenance and security. This is an important factor to consider as it is extremely challenging to individually use one service such as web designing from one company and then shifting to another for the developing stage.

The web development companies will not have the same style and additionally, it is very difficult to transfer the codes and the resources.

Recognizing the Right Web Development Company to Work with

Once you determine the type of website and the services you want to make use of, the next step is to determine the compatibility of the digital partner you are going to work within the long run.


A website is the face of any organisation. When they hear about a certain business or see an advertisement, the first thing that people do when they hear about a certain business is to look them up on the internet and what they see there creates their first impression on the organisation. Therefore, experience is a key factor in choosing the right website development company in Bangladesh.

Beware of companies who promote themselves very well throughout social media with flashy graphics and very engaging content but once you show your interest and ask them questions, they go quiet.  These are the companies to avoid and the ugly truth is there are plenty of them.

What you need is a digital agency that can guarantee their previous work and experience and can prove with an extensive case study collection.

Examine their level of expertise by first studying their case studies and the various notable projects. If they are experienced enough, they might even have a case study in a project which is in the same industry as yours.

Once you go through the case studies and even the sites they have worked on, you can ask them questions regarding their involvement. Their professionalism and accurate description of methodologies will give you the answer.


All of your web development demands will be met by a highly professional web development firm in Bangladesh that provides multiple services that add value to the website such as content writing and other digital marketing services.

Having everything done by one firm is incredibly useful since it ensures a unified approach to the project, limiting the possibility of errors while also saving money on the project’s total cost.

A prominent web development company in the country will have a fully explained service page on their website that showcases the list of services they provide and in-depth information about that particular service, such as their process of providing that service, related projects where this service is provided and client questions or testimonials, etc.

This also allows you to check their website and online presence on other platforms. If they have a blog section, go through their blogs to understand their credibility. If they mention that they use the latest and cutting-edge technology in their services, it should be visible in their website’s quality. Checking if their website is mobile-friendly will also give you an idea of their knowledge in responsive design.

Other than that, take note of the website’s appearance, features, and the quality of the content it publishes. Their website design should be modern. If the organization does not adhere to best practices, it may be unable to handle your project.


In Bangladesh, one of the most efficient approaches to learning about a web development company’s competency is to read reviews from former clients.

There are several platforms where you can see reviews from their clients.

The first and the easiest way is to simply check their Google result where it will display their google reviews. Other than that, you can also check their reviews on their social media pages.

However, the most effective way is by visiting the Clutch website and checking their Clutch profile. Clutch focuses on collecting feedback from the company’s clients in a legitimate way by interviewing the clients themselves or sending the review form themselves to the clients.

These reviews will inform you whether your prospective web development agency is preferred for projects comparable to yours. You can also see if your prospective team has received any awards or has been acknowledged by their peers. Such research can offer you an idea of where they stand in the industry.

Response from the web development companies

When selecting a website development company in Bangladesh, responsiveness is another important criterion to consider.   If you choose to deal with a small company, you should be aware if they have a dedicated sales team or not.

The sales team in the company is usually your first point of contact. One of them will be the first person who will respond to your call or email. If there is a delay in that response such as not responding within the next 24-48 hours, then you can reconsider.

A positive response will be quick in which the respondent will either try to set up a meeting with you and your team or will ask you questions about your business on the phone. Remember that the team cannot provide you with an accurate estimate unless they understand your goals and needs. Hence the first meeting is one of the key giveaways about a company’s credibility.

Openly discuss your requirements with them and also ask them what type of technology they use such as the Content Management System they normally use and the hosting services they provide etc. These elements can have a big impact on the website’s day-to-day maintenance as well as in the future when, not if, the site is changed.

Final Word

With so many web development companies to choose from in Bangladesh, it can be difficult to find one that can fulfill all of your web development requirements. As a result, when selecting the correct web development company, it is critical to search for a few key aspects.

Looking for these key aspects in web development companies may necessitate extra effort and time before you find the ideal one. Finding an experienced and dependable service partner, on the other hand, will assist you in meeting your business needs and expanding your firm in the future.

Take a look at their portfolios and references, and use the facts to make the best-recruiting decisions. When prescribing the money, terms, and contract remember to be fair to them.

You can utilize this opportunity and check out the other blogs on our website and also have a look through all the services that we provide here at Dcastalia. For your reference, we have more than a decade of experience providing web development services along with other technological business solutions. Some of the companies that have partnered up with us are Matador, Ventura Properties Ltd, Amin Mohammad Foundation, United Hospital, and many more.

We have established a reputation for dependability and honesty among our clients and for sharing their success over the course of more than a decade of operation. Our skilled, attentive, and result-oriented team members are dedicated to developing and implementing realistic solutions that best meet your goals and concerns. Our personalized approach to web development enables us to provide an aesthetically improved interface for users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it important to dedicate one particular company to web development? 

Ans: Transferring a website from one provider to another can be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, spending a little extra at the beginning with the one experienced company can save your business a lot of money and more importantly, a lot of time.

How more can I do to determine the type of web development company most suitable for me?

Ans: Other than the points mentioned above, you can also consider their vision, what they value, their work culture, team management and most importantly how they treat their employees.

Is a web development company bound to add new features during the development process if requested?

Ans: A reputable web development business will give you the tools you need to update the material, add new pages and articles, and make minor changes. You will likely need to rely on your technology partner for additional features. Most web development businesses offer some degree of ongoing support, but it’s always a good idea to find out what level, turnaround time, and staff members will be handling this type of work.

What is my role as a business owner in the development process?

Ans: You are a very important part of the process and will be a member of the team. A dependable organization that is concerned with the quality of their work will establish your role and not only involve you but will also keep you informed throughout the stages.

What if I want to change companies during the web development process?

Ans: Even though it is highly advised not to do so after the project has already started, a prominent web development company will professionally handle the situation and collaborate with you and assist you in the best way possible.


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