Essentials That Every Bangladeshi E-commerce Website Must Have


In recent times, the e-commerce industry is growing at a very steady rate. There are over 2 billion digital buyers in the world right now and one of the main reasons why people now prefer to shop online is because of the ease that comes with it. It is a lot more convenient to shop online now rather than going outside to personally get something. As the e-commerce industry is expanding, the need for the right kind of website is very important because of the high competition in the market.

Importance of E-commerce websites

From startups to small businesses right through to huge brands, there are a huge number of companies that can benefit from their own ecommerce website, where they can sell their own products or services. In today’s competitive and convenience focused society, no longer do consumers want to venture to the high street in order to buy items, instead, they want to shop from their own homes, making e-commerce a flexible solution for both businesses and buyers.

E-Commerce is an ideal way you can take your brand from a traditional brick and mortar store to an innovative, well-loved brand. By offering great products 24 hours a day along with online customer service, blogs, and social media, no longer is your business one singular store, with an online presence your business can be the home of your products and the general home of your business, allowing you to fully expand your product ranges without having to worry about moving locations or worrying about not being able to expand your business.

An online store is available all day, every day meaning your customers can visit your store at all times, no matter what their schedule might be. A third of the interviewed consumers purchase products online once a week or more frequently. These days people don’t always have the time to physically go shopping, instead, more and more people are choosing to shop online to find the items they want or need and if your business can offer this to your customers there’s no you shouldn’t appeal to a wider range of customers all looking for a convenient and flexible experience. In 2020, an estimated 1.92 billion people purchased goods or services online.

Bangladesh is now witnessing a recent rise of e-commerce websites, as more and more people are now realizing the true benefits of an online business. Your website is one of the best marketing tools your business has, not only can the use of SEO when building your site lead to more chances of your business getting found in search engines, but a huge number of marketing techniques can also work alongside your website, including pay per click advertising, your social media marketing, and your email marketing, all of which can include links back to your website. This is why SEO is very useful for your business. Alongside, choosing and implementing the right digital marketing service can bring tremendous success to your business site.

As your business grows it’s very likely you’ll want to grow your product range and your target audience, as well as develop your business for customer requirements and consumer demand. An e-commerce site lets you scale your business accordingly, allowing you to add more lines, add more payment options, and even grow when you choose to ship, without having to worry about changing your location or moving to larger premises. E-commerce offers businesses a whole range of opportunities, from marketing opportunities to increase your product ranges to generating more sales, and with an optimized and well-developed website, you can not only achieve these goals but also offer your customers around the clock, convenient service that can boost your business.

Some must-have features for a good E-commerce website

As the above-mentioned points signified how important it is to have a proper e-commerce website, it is also important to maintain that website so that your main purpose of serving your target audience is served along with having an easy navigation system. There are some key features that every functional and visually attractive e-commerce website should have. Some of them are mentioned below:

Mobile-friendly design

Nowadays, more than half of all website traffic now comes from mobile devices, and 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from mobile-friendly sites.

It is very vital to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly as it can increase both your traffic and conversions for your website. In order to do so, it is important to use a responsive website design. Responsive websites adjust to the screen on which someone views them, so your site looks great and works correctly on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Statistics suggest that online shoppers make purchases via mobile more often than on PC. Around 51% of online shoppers conduct purchases via their smartphones.

User-friendly navigation features

If users can’t quickly find what they need on your e-commerce site, they’re unlikely to stick around long and even less likely to make a purchase. Helpful, easy-to-use navigation is one of the most essential e-commerce website features. It is very important to have clear menus that allow users to browse different product categories. These menus should be in easy-to-find locations, such as across the top of every page. Users should also be able to filter and sort products by price, style, size, manufacturer, and other characteristics. The features you include depend on the products you offer and the characteristics that are important to your customers.

Security features

Another e-commerce website must-have is adequate security. You need to protect your customers’ data, and you need to show visitors that your site is secure and trustworthy. If shoppers don’t trust your site, they likely won’t make a purchase. Insufficient security also opens your business up to significant financial and legal risks.

Elastic search

This feature allows a lot of suggestive texts to be added to the database so that all related searches pop up when the customer searches with a different spelling or a different search.

Prominent shopping cart and checkout buttons

Easy-to-use cart and checkout features are vital e-commerce website features. To encourage conversions, make sure your ‘add to cart’ and ‘check out’ buttons display prominently on your site. When the user clicks into their cart, show them all the relevant details, such as the name, price, and quantity of each product in their cart. Shoppers should also be able to remove items or change item quantity directly from their cart.

Several payment options

What makes a good e-commerce website? The way you accept payment. Allowing as many popular payment options as possible improves your customers’ experience and can encourage conversions. In addition to major credit cards, consider accepting payment methods such as Bkash and Rocket. Display icons of accepted payment methods on your site so shoppers know in advance what they can use to buy your products.

High-quality photos and videos

Visual content gets users’ attention, keeps them engaged, and helps them make purchase decisions. Using high-quality photos and videos on your site makes you look professional and improves user experience.

Stats suggest that product videos make shoppers 85% more likely to purchase a product, which makes video one of the top key features of an e-commerce website. However, we should not just settle for one image of the product either. Include photos from multiple angles, let shoppers zoom in on the image, and show people using the product in different situations. Also, page speed optimization also helps to prevent the pages load slowly because of all the images.

Detailed shipping and return information

Providing detailed shipping and return policy information can help shoppers feel more comfortable about making a purchase, which increases conversions.

Ratings, reviews, and other social proof

Do you read online reviews before you make a purchase? So do 95% of customers. And, more than 70% of users won’t make a purchase until they’ve read reviews, making ratings and reviews one of the top e-commerce website essentials.

Including user-generated ratings and reviews on your website can help keep shoppers on your site and encourage them to make purchases. To get reviews, build review functionality into your site and encourage customers to leave reviews on third-party sites like Google My Business, Facebook, and product review websites. Other kinds of helpful social proof include user-created social media content and testimonials.

Item availability

Few things in online shopping are more frustrating than deciding on a product or even making a purchase — only to discover that the item you want is out of stock. You must reevaluate your purchase decision or wait an unspecified amount of time for the company to restock. Making the availability of each product prominent on its product page is very important. If an item is out of stock, include information about when it will be available again.

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page

A well-thought-out and easily accessible FAQ page can help make users’ experience on your website much more convenient. If users have a question, a FAQ page can help them find the answer quickly. So, making a FAQ page one of your e-commerce website’s features will be very helpful for your visitors.

A contact page with multiple contact options

If users can’t find the answer to a question on your FAQ page, they may want to contact you. An easy-to-find contact page with several contact options makes your site more user-friendly and helps your business appear trustworthy. On your contact page, include contact options such as a phone number, and email address, and social media profiles. You can also use a chatbot to answer users’ questions and help them get in contact with the right members of your team.


Sometimes, a customer may be interested in a product but decide to buy it later. Or a customer may find a product interesting and want to check that later for more details. A wish list allows them to store a list of these products so that they can easily find them the next time they visit your site.

Language options

If your eCommerce site has multiple versions for different regions, then you can include language options to let users switch between different languages/regions. A typical ecommerce website in Bangladesh should usually have Bangla and English languages available for user accessibility.

Live chat

Live chat is common on many eCommerce sites nowadays. But to implement and maintain a proper live chat option requires careful planning and resources.

Product filtering and sorting

Product filtering allows customers to filter products based on different attributes. For example, a clothing store may use gender, size, colour etc. as its filtering options. The sorting allows viewing products in ascending or descending order of price and arrival.

Concluding remarks

Now more than ever, the right kind of e-commerce development is of utmost importance. However, the main challenge is the maintenance and support of the website and having the right features that would effectively benefit your company in the long run and make your website worth the money that you spent. Dcastalia is a web development company that can help you to design the perfect ecommerce website according to your preference. We always ensure that these essentials are met while designing your website. Having the right features will not only enhance your website but will also help your customers and might even make them repeat customers because of the ease of shopping. This is why designing your e-commerce website with the right features is of utmost importance.


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