Why Businesses Redesign their Websites

In today’s digital Bangladesh, a website reflects businesses’ overall activities and promotes existing business locations, products, services, pricing, and other significant information. It is the guidebook answering every question of the viewers and attracting them to convert into leads. Besides, an active website creates a window of opportunity to communicate with consumers 24/7.


88% of users are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience


A vast majority of internet users never get back to a website if it fails to provide an outstanding experience. Therefore, it is highly required that your website delivers the most up-to-date data. Otherwise, your competitors would convey the latest details and take over the market.

Moreover, business owners need to have a firm idea of a website redesign and seek assistance from a website design company to implement modernized technologies in their site and allocate time, resources, and budget to rebuild the website.

Therefore, a website design company in Bangladesh plays a vital role in measuring different companies’ website performance at regular intervals and ensuring that their websites are responsive to meet customer demand.

Website redesign means way more than changing an existing website’s color, font, menus, or button. It is something similar to modernize or improve a website that keeps state with emerging trends using recent technologies that are browser-friendly, take shorter loading time, and meet SSL certificate requirements.

In this way, a complete website redesign is a systematic renovating approach, beginning with the code through replacing the previous website with the updated format, enriched content, refreshed structure, and improved navigation. A competent website design company also provides partial website redesign, which requires improvement either in the backend to enhance the website’s functionality or the frontend to display a more attractive visual interface to the users.

Besides, it entirely depends on the company’s needs, whether it requires simple updates or a complete do-over. Despite that, website redesign usually has several primary targets to achieve, for example, better UI design, increased online presence, greater user experience, and many more.

According to Ecommerce Foundation80% of potential buyers research their preferred product or service before purchasing on the web or in the store.

Therefore, redesigning a present website is as essential as developing a functional, visually attractive website. Though your first target is to draw customers’ attention, you must convey to them adequate and up-to-date information on the market to generate higher leads. Even after this brief explanation, you may wonder whether it is worth spending time, effort, and money to overhaul your website. On that account, the next section will help you in an elaborate way to minimize your confusion.


How Often do Businesses Prefer Redesigning their Websites?

There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should redesign your website. Though it is reported by Business 2 Community that depending on emerging design shifts and technological advancement, the average cycle of any website is between 18 and 30 months. However, it depends on multiple factors, and you need to specify what works best for your business.


For example, some businesses believe in refreshing their site every time business goals or market demand changes. In contrast, others consider overall redesign only if they become too old to feel trendy and competitive.


Again, if you want to rebrand your business, you are good to change a few photos and colors. On the other hand, if you change your marketing strategy, you need a complete redesign with functionality and customization options.


Moreover, a few factors will help you feel the need whether your existing website needs remodeling, and these are listed below:


When any problem arises

As investing in a website redesign seems time-consuming and costly, most businesses prefer redesigning a website only if any problem emerges. For example, when a company experiences a decline in visibility in SERP, or even more striking if they face site hack or rivaling content-stealing crisis.


When a website performs poorly


Though website design in Bangladesh has become a popular trend, businesses hardly focus on redesigning their websites. They wait to revamp until their website starts performing poorly. Here, poor performance indicates numerous scenarios like:


  • While your page link guides to any defunct, error, or 404 pages either on your site or offsite
  • If your content buries so many pages or stays at random that it requires multiple clicks to reach

When a website design becomes outdated


A website can turn old-fashioned at any time during its life cycle, depending on multiple factors. It might require a new look on the home page and critical categories pages to meet contemporary customers’ expectations when it becomes obsolete. A website must engage consumers with a fresh brand impression and tell them that it can meet their needs.

Though there is no universal rule on when one should redesign a website, businesses often prefer remodeling if they encounter any of the above scenarios. Apart from these, companies expect to achieve some common redesign goals while a website design company in Bangladesh redesigns its site.


Is It Worth Redesigning an Existing Website?

To accomplish the vision of ‘Digital Bangladesh,’ this country has witnessed a dramatic increase in overall internet usage along with an e-commerce boom. Therefore, almost every business senses the importance of a website for business success in Bangladesh.


Consequently, they have considered the effective approaches to designing and developing a result-driven website in the first place. However, redesigning a website carries significant importance because its initial appealing website can lose its value when modern website design trends evolve in the industry. 


For example, a business that created its website one decade earlier needs to renovate it now because people in Bangladesh have started browsing from their mobile devices or tablets which will not respond to previous website designs. 


According to Datareportal, the number of mobile connections in Bangladesh in January 2021 was equivalent to 100.2% of the total population which emphasizes how essential it is that your website is current browser-friendly. Again, according to the eCommerce Association of Bangladesh (e-Cab), the trade body for e-commerce in Bangladesh, there are more than 700 existing e-commerce sites in Bangladesh that highlight the necessity that your website is SEO friendly. Therefore, it is more than worth investing both time and money to beat the competition in the market.


Moreover, to elaborate on the importance of a website redesign, some of the essential benefits are listed below:


Increasing conversion rate with credibility


It is already stated that when customers discover the latest information on your website, they will find the website more reliable to make a purchase.

“The objective of a website is to bring a visitor who brings another visitor.”

Amit Kalantri

When customers determine a website trustworthy, their word of mouth will automatically bring more visitors and eventually more conversion rate. This is because website design companies in Bangladesh first target to demonstrate the recent market updates along with easy access while revamping a website. It helps them to establish the existing client’s faith and confidence which will bring more potential buyers.


Enjoying competitive advantage with modern technology


Embracing new technologies is one of the major advantages of a website redesign because it will provide you with a competitive advantage. If you implement the latest advancement in technology, including parallax animation, geomorphic, abstract art compositions, digital interpretations of physical products, three-dimensional colors, or captivating questionnaires on your website, your business will enjoy an edge over your competitors.


Improving search engine optimization


When you redesign a website with the latest statistics and details, your website gets the opportunity to rank higher on SERP. Otherwise, your content could be gold, but search engine crawlers do not count it as appropriate anymore as it is from five years back.

“Updating old blog posts with new web design, images, and content can increase your traffic by up to 111%.”


Remodeling websites also enable us to rethink new keyword lists and content as the way people used to search a few years back has altered significantly.


Updating user interface and user experience


If you run a website, you must evaluate customer reviews and constantly look for ways to improve the look and functionality of the website. Also, you should investigate the reasons behind bounce rates and ensure website links and gadgets function without a hitch. Thus, to make your customers satisfied, investing time and effort to redesign your website is certainly worth it.


Reasons why Businesses Redesign their Websites

No matter how prominent a brand is, a bland website can reduce business success. Therefore, business operators are responsible to measure the website’s weaknesses and setting targets to accomplish those to improve the website’s performance.


The above picture shows the real reasons why businesses are redesigning their websites. Here, most companies take this initiative while they generate a lower conversion rate than their expectations. Besides, a high bounce rate is another significant reason more than half of the businesses want to renovate their site. 


Both of the reasons occur when the website is not SEO-friendly; therefore, SEO plays a vital role. Again, to provide a great user experience, a vast percentage of businesses remodel their website. Apart from this, the other reasons that a website design company in Bangladesh considers while overhauling any company’s website are discussed below:


Old-fashioned Website


Updating a website with the latest plugins, modern content and recent designs has great significance, especially when your competitors do so. If you look at the above picture, it is showing that many businesses consider their old-fashioned website a crucial reason to bring renovation. In 2021, if you still use Flash Animation, which is no longer supported by advanced devices, you need to redesign your website with the most recent trends without any further ado. 


Again, you must reconstruct if your current website contains generic colors and fonts that were trendy years ago. Moreover, your content might seem challenging to navigate because of the poor use of white space. Therefore, a website redesign will help you in numerous ways, which include driving more traffic, converting more users into leads, and, lastly, adding functionality to your site.




According to Google, a mobile-friendly website plays a vital role when it comes to search results. As the number of mobile users in Bangladesh has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, your website must be responsive to smartphones and tablets to provide a more user-friendly experience.

93% of people have left a website because it didn’t display properly on their device


If visitors need to zoom in to find your business address or contact details, they will immediately get a negative impression. Therefore, you must make the best use of HTML, CSS, and grid systems to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, and move the content to fit it perfectly on any device if you have not yet done so.


Loading Time

47% of Users expect a maximum of 2 seconds loading time for an average website

Source: SWEOR

In today’s digital Bangladesh, users expect instant responses. Therefore, if your website takes long loading times, more precisely, if it is more than 3 seconds, you need to reconstruct things at the earliest possible time because it will affect losing visitors and eventually have an adverse impact on SEO.


According to a report published by Amazon, after improving the 100 milliseconds speed of their website, revenue rose by 1%. Similarly, Walmart experienced a 2% rise in conversion every time after speeding up their website by 1 second.


Therefore, you can assure faster load times by redesigning a website to generate new conversions.


Stronger Security


If you established your website ages ago and have not modified it yet, you are at great risk of virus, malware, and website hacking. Besides, obtaining an SSL certificate can help you prevent attackers from establishing a duplicate site and enhancing customers’ credibility. Also, if you have encrypted traffic by SSL, you will safeguard your users’ data and verify the site’s ownership.

Get Started on Your Website Redesign Today with The Right Website Design Company in Bangladesh

When the internet was new in Bangladesh, only possessing a website seemed enough at that time. However, over the years, the web is constantly modifying and upgrading, and if you fail to adjust or adapt it, you will indeed be lacking behind in the industry. An established website design company can guide you towards remaining relevant and offering the best user experience to the customers by implementing an effective approach to redesigning a result-driven website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • When do I need a website redesign?

    You need a website redesign mainly when your organizational goal changes. Besides, it depends on multiple factors discussed above, and you need to specify what works best for your business.

  • How long does it take to redesign a website?

    It completely relies on your website requirements and reasons to revamp it. To know more in detail, you can contact us.

  • How much does it cost to redesign a website?

    The cost varies with different packages, including various offerings. Besides, the exact amount can be stated once we know what changes you want to bring to your website.

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