About 38% of people will stop their engagement with a website if the content, layout or design is not appealing. This puts much emphasis on designing a user centric website that would attract and retain potential customers.

Online presence has become increasingly crucial for businesses to communicate with potential customers and market their products and services in an effective yet presentable way. Nothing beats this attempt of customer acquisition and retention than a properly functional website.

Having a website is very important, however, all your efforts and investment will go in vain if the overall design, content and outlook is not good. In most cases, businesses struggle to convey their vision and efforts to customers because of their cluttered, non-operational, extensively graphic oriented built website. Content is another aspect that results in a higher conversion rate, and most companies find it difficult to properly establish a framework of where to put which content and how much of it. Additionally, photography and videography have a significant role to play in the visualization of your website. This is another lacking that provisions bad customer experience.

As a proficient and competent website design company in Bangladesh, Dcastalia has served several industries and over hundreds of companies, streamlining their initiative to position themselves in a prominent place in the market, competing successfully with their rivals. We have marked our presence both locally and globally in real estate, government and NGO, e-commerce, business and corporate, healthcare, groups and many other industries.

The website design process starts with a good amount of time dedicated to both qualitative and quantitative research of our client and their establishment. Following this initial stage we approach interviewing the clients and working collaboratively with them acknowledging their needs and personal choices, bringing their vision to life. Our purpose is to serve your needs effectively and accordingly we guide you to your path of progression. After a rigorous research and strategy development process, we move on to creating a structure of how to proceed with the designing. Finally, we come to a place where we deliver an outstanding and comprehensive website that leads your business to flourish.

Our team of extremely talented, experienced and accomplished individuals spend a lot of time on crafting design layouts with the stance of sustainability, reliability and, effective and efficient usability. Our constantly evolving design composition to cater to the continuously transforming customer preference, protects ourselves and our clients from unforeseen market shifts. Therefore, in order for you to consolidate your position in this increasingly competitive marketplace, make your mark with Dcastalia, a leading website design company in Bangladesh, by creating a website that would not only attract customers but bring them back over and over again.


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InnStar Limited

InnStar Limited

Innstar in a premium real estate in Bangladesh that focuses on innovation & a lot on the design, inspired by current sustainable trends. They partnered with us to design the web presence that highly tells the legends for them.

We designed a fresh & visually engaging website where they could communicate to their niche customers.

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Ventura Properties Website

Ventura Properties Website

Ventura Properties Website

Ventura Properties is a Bangladeshi real estate company and its mission is to redefine the quality and aesthetic of Bangladesh's real estate industry.

They wanted us to build their website specifically for iPhone 6 - iPhone X and reduce the load time of the website to as little as possible, which is why they decided to contact Dcastalia and were fully committed to meeting all their requirements.

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Elite Paint

Elite Paint

Elite Paint produces a wide range of paints and coating for a variety of different industrial needs. The company is also manufacturing paints to protect ships and offshore structures. Elite Paint’s product portfolio goes from economic to high performance, catering to the demands of every user.

Our challenge was to design a responsive web experience for their customers and explore the wide range of products.

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Corona Info Portal is an initiative of Aspire 2 Innovate (A2I), a government initiative to provide information & services for COVID-19 and non-coved-19 patients. We provided on-demand design & development support on the frontend, backend and quality assurance.

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Development process

We ensure quality and commitment throughout the development life-cycle

Understand what the client wants

Businesses might be similar but the companies are all unique in their own way, so this aspect must reflect upon their web design. We sit down and discuss with our clients about their business. We spend ample time discussing and analyzing what our clients want. Once we have the precise project goals established we move on to the next stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Most definitely. We make sure your website is fully responsive and doesn’t break on any resolution.

Can the design be made according to my preference?

Yes, the design will be made keeping your preference and choice in mind so that we can deliver the best results

I have a strict budget, do you have any low-cost plan?

We understand the importance of a website today. We have a budget plan for every business.

What if I am not happy with the design?

It’s ok. If you are not satisfied with the design, we redesign the website according to your preference and your choice. We have a large collection of design templates for you to choose from.

Do you create a WordPress site also?

Sure. We design your WordPress website and optimize it as well. We can fix your html, css, asp, php etc. bugs as well. If you need plugin customization we can help you with that as well.

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