More than 50,000 websites get hacked every day

Website security is very important to keep your website from cyberattacks. This will deal you a lot of damages including loss of reputation, finance and intellectual properties. If a website is hacked it can lose about 98% of traffic. Moreover, a client data breach can even land you a lawsuit.

At Dcastalia we bestow trust and competency. Not only do we stand on honesty but it is also reflected on our works and thus we understand the importance of vulnerabilities. We provide infallible web security service in Bangladesh, which helps avoid malware and threats such as spoofing, prevents customer data exploitation and offers protection from hacking.



Building result-driven digital products that create
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Rangs Properties

Rangs Properties

A leading property developer of Bangladesh that represents architecture at its best. Relentlessly pursued “Creating Lifestyles” without compromise.

To tailor their requirement of a modern website, we went through several UX sessions, worked closely with different teams of designers & architects through out our development process. The final result was a top-class website that becomes an example for rest.

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Shanta Holdings

Shanta Holdings

With remarkable success in the real estate sector, Shanta Holdings is now one of the prestigious and leading construction companies in Bangladesh.

Under mutual collaboration, the Dcastalia team developed a thoroughly informative and communicative website to showcase their products and services and increase customer engagement.

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We ensure quality and commitment throughout the development life-cycle

Stage 1. Switching off unnecessary Functionality

We scan and disable any extra and minor functionalities a network service or operating system has.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I secure the devices in my company without degrading the user experience (UX)?

Usually performing security scans on a website breaks certain UX elements. With Advanced peer-to-peer based technologies you can detect and remediate vulnerabilities with zero impact on the UX.

Can you provide SSL certificates for my website?

Yes, we certainly can. Without SSL certification your website will be vulnerable, for this reason we provide SSL certificates on your website.

Will my website be protected from the broken perimeter?

Dcastalia delivers your website from the cloud and lets you restore your security perimeter by providing always-on security that follows the user, regardless of location.

With increasing inspection demands, how can you keep my website safe?

With multiple inspection technologies, you get a fully integrated security stack from us with full SSL inspection that never runs out of capacity.

Why should I back up my website, and how many times should I do so?

You can maintain backups of your website regularly so that if it crashes due to threats, an earlier version can be restored and any bugs can be addressed.

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