Design is at the forefront of every organization’s digital presence. A well-crafted design outlook helps businesses to establish brand identity, earn goodwill and maximize profit.

Well designed elements are crucial for creating a corporate identity for a business. Various elements such as a logo, brochure, business cards, etc. contribute to the overall success of a company. Even a simple thing like a logo can create a huge impression on targeted consumers and in this era of digital marketing, having a proper corporate identity is a necessity.

Our team of diligent and expert individuals help you to successfully serve your customer base by catering to all your needs and requirements; in the process, helping to build an identity for yourself that is distinct from that of others. With a history of working in the field for more than a decade, Dcastalia has positioned itself as a leading traditional graphics design agency in Bangladesh, provisioning the success of clients in terms of customer satisfaction and market presence.


Building result-driven digital products that create
value to the consumers

Rangs Properties

Rangs Properties

A leading property developer of Bangladesh that represents architecture at its best. Relentlessly pursued “Creating Lifestyles” without compromise.

To tailor their requirement of a modern website, we went through several UX sessions, worked closely with different teams of designers & architects through out our development process. The final result was a top-class website that becomes an example for rest.

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Shanta Holdings

Shanta Holdings

With remarkable success in the real estate sector, Shanta Holdings is now one of the prestigious and leading construction companies in Bangladesh.

Under mutual collaboration, the Dcastalia team developed a thoroughly informative and communicative website to showcase their products and services and increase customer engagement.

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We ensure quality and commitment throughout the development life-cycle

We follow a well defined and project-specific procedure. But the general workflow for creating traditional design elements are as following:

Stage 1. Identifying the purpose of the design

The very first thing that we need to do is know what is the purpose of the design, who is it for and when will this be needed. All these decisions are important for creating a graphical material.

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Our Work Process



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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like the designs?

It is completely fine if you don’t. In such a case, we work on the designs until you are satisfied with it.

Who has the rights to my files once the project is completed?

We will have the rights to the file as well as you. You will be given the right to use the design.

What formats do I get?

You will get JPG, PNG, SVG or any other formats you ask for.

Will I own the rights to a logo that you design for me?

Once we have completed the design process, the copyrights of that final individual logo are then transferred to you and you own them. We own the rights to any creative concepts not chosen.

How can I work with a designer and stay on budget?

We offer services at competitive prices. We shall proceed keeping your budget in mind.

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