Team tracking increases the efficiency of your team and makes them more productive. You can accomplish more with fewer headaches!

Managing a team is difficult especially when you have numerous projects and are working with tight deadlines. If tasks cannot be assigned properly or kept track of, you might miss the deadline and we all know the frustration that this leads to.

Team Trekking is our in-house application to simplify your team management. Which helps to conduct multiple projects and a huge team of employees. You can keep on track if each one of the employees is doing their assigned task properly or not. Even the process and progress of your projects can be kept on a check to meet the deadlines just on time. Keeping all these in mind DCASTALIA has developed a perfect solution, Team Trekking. We bet you’ll find our ‘Team Trekking’ the best team tracking app in Bangladesh.


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Rangs Properties

Rangs Properties

A leading property developer of Bangladesh that represents architecture at its best. Relentlessly pursued “Creating Lifestyles” without compromise.

To tailor their requirement of a modern website, we went through several UX sessions, worked closely with different teams of designers & architects through out our development process. The final result was a top-class website that becomes an example for rest.

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Shanta Holdings

Shanta Holdings

With remarkable success in the real estate sector, Shanta Holdings is now one of the prestigious and leading construction companies in Bangladesh.

Under mutual collaboration, the Dcastalia team developed a thoroughly informative and communicative website to showcase their products and services and increase customer engagement.

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We ensure quality and commitment throughout the development life-cycle

You can create a workspace for each user

The Team Tracking application gives you a space where you can create a customized workspace for each of your team or employee. This gives you a better view on what the objective of each employee is and how much progress has been made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to keep track of my entire team?

Yes, you will be able to keep track of the entire team and also monitor the progress of each task assigned to them.

Can the application be customized according to my requirements?

The app is designed to fit all your requirements but if you require some additional features, we can implement that as well.

I have more than 1000 employees. Will the system be able to handle that large amount?

The number of your employees doesn't matter. The system will be able to handle any amount of employees and assist you with your team management tasks.

Will I be able to add timings to my app?

Yes you will be able to add all the timings specifically.

Will the app be too complicated for the employees?

No. The app will have a very easy navigation system

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