91% of marketing experts stated that paid search marketing is one of the best lead generating tools next to SEO

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a highly cost-effective method where search engines allow you to show your advertisement on top of their search results page as a sponsored link that drives traffic to your website. One of the major benefits of PPC marketing is, you only ever pay when a user clicks on your ad. This helps to control how much you pay for each click and how much budget to allocate to your advertising campaigns.

Dcastalia is a results-driven PPC advertising agency in Bangladesh focused on delivering leads and sales. We are always accessible to manage all your PPC activity with our years of collective experience and PPC marketing expertise. Our digital marketing experts pull out the meaningful data form advertisers and deliver it back to you in a simple format for a better understanding of market trends. We help to manage PPC campaigns and provide a bespoke service for each of our clients.


Building result-driven digital products that create
value to the consumers

Rangs Properties

Rangs Properties

A leading property developer of Bangladesh that represents architecture at its best. Relentlessly pursued “Creating Lifestyles” without compromise.

To tailor their requirement of a modern website, we went through several UX sessions, worked closely with different teams of designers & architects through out our development process. The final result was a top-class website that becomes an example for rest.

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Shanta Holdings

Shanta Holdings

Shanta Holdings Limited, a leading real estate, famous for its eye-catching residential & commercial projects. We have been working as a digital partner and providing various design, development & technical solutions.

Our goal was to design and develop a web presence that emphasizes simplicity and speaks for the brand.

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We ensure quality and commitment throughout the development life-cycle

Stage 1. Setting the Goal for PPC Campaigns

The first step of a PPC campaign is to talk to our client and set precise goals and objectives which will aid in driving your campaign effectively. While planning for campaign strategy it is important to keep the ad objectives in mind so that we do not deviate from the original goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to run and manage my PPC campaigns?

Yes we will manage your campaign and report you periodically.

How often do you review PPC accounts, keywords and negative keywords?

For reviewing, we invest approximately 2-3 sessions each week. However, the amount of time invested will also depend on the campaign.

When do you conclude an ad test?

We conclude the ad test when our predetermined target is met. This varies from campaign to campaign.

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