Reshape the landscape of your business and meet your customer needs with On-Demand Development.

On-demand development involves the periodic customization of software one is making. Customizable business solutions make sure that you get the most out of your investment and stay on par with market shifts, taking into consideration your requirements and feedback in every step of the way.

Our team has the capacity of establishing money-saving schemes and providing innovative solutions to your business problems by analyzing and understanding your business and market altogether. Be it upgrading your existing mobile app, web application, website, customized software, etc. or building one from scratch, we ensure optimum outcome in every aspect. To ensure sustainable growth of your business we use cutting-edge technology to develop software that automates your daily business activities and caters modern problems. As a proficient provider of on-demand development service in Bangladesh, we offer the most effective solution to your varied business needs. Through mutual collaboration, we fulfill individual requirements and foster growth.


Building result-driven digital products that create
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Hadith BD Application Development

Hadith BD Application Development

Hadith is an integral part of Islamic education. Bangla Hadith is a platform whose main objective was to deliver authentic hadith and tafsir to the people.

The application is an one stop solution for all the users to obtain and read all the hadith In one application by creating and managing an enormous database of information.

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Duronto Quiz App

Duronto Quiz App

Duronto TV is the first kids’ channel in Bangladesh that airs hundreds of educational and entertaining programs on a quarterly basis.

In collaboration with Duronto team, we developed a dynamic web and mobile Quiz app that connected the participants and moderators instantaneously for a key connection module.

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We ensure quality and commitment throughout the development life-cycle

Stage 1. Client Consultation and Requirements Elicitation

At the beginning of each project, it is our custom to talk to our clients and know about their requirements. At this stage, we prepare a project plan to understand the requirements of our clients and that dictates the course of the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the CMS of the website be provided after deployment?

Yes, we will provide CMS for your website.

Is it possible to finish a mobile app in under a month?

It depends on the project. If you are looking for a high end mobile application, then it might take more than a month. But we love playing the deadline game. If you need the application urgently, we can surely try to manage it.

How do you ensure data security of mobile apps?

During the development phase, we implement proper encryption and the most recent data security method to create well-protected mobile apps.

How frequently do you share an update on the process?

Once we take the responsibility of your application, our team will inform you about the smallest updates related to your project and implement these with the best project management tools.

Can you update my app to the latest standards?

Yes, of course. You can take our app maintenance service to stay updated with the latest features, modern content, compatibility to the most recent mobile OS versions along with other customization.

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