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Spectra Group is one of the leading groups of industries in Bangladesh. Their experience in constructing architectural heights clearly establishes their skills and grasp of the industry.

The increase in the demand for construction development in Bangladesh and the growing size of the company made it difficult for the organization to maintain information records. It was essential for the company to build a construction management system that could be easily accessible by all in-house employees for smooth operation

To accomplish this task, Spectra Group required a seasoned software company in Bangladesh and thus, approached Dcastalia, to build them an efficient management system as per their requirements. To summarize, the system would be capable of providing time and price estimations and quotations for different projects based on the data inputs and would track the project progress and status at any given time and generate reports for analysis.

scope of

  • Software Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Technical Support
  • Application Training

The client wanted a simple and customized navigational system for their in-house team. Therefore, developing a technically feasible and optimal system for Spectra Group was our priority as a top software company in Bangladesh.

We customized the system based on our UX/UI perspective aligning with their requirement and provided a fantastic modern technical support framework to ensure the functionality and usability of the project.


Dcastalia used cutting edge modern technologies to develop and validate a technically enhanced ‘Construction Management Information System’. The software application was required for Spectra Group’s in-house team, therefore a thoroughly customized system with optimum features was designed for the client, as is expected of a reliable software company.


Role Specified

Each member who logs into the system would have different roles according to the tasks assigned for the project. So, a unique user-specific view is generated for the members.

Moreover, a data representative, precisely an engineer, would be able to create a sheet of items required to complete the project. It is also possible to estimate the number of materials and equipment required in a specific project as well as the manpower needed for the construction. Furthermore, a price quotation depending on the estimation is given. This would allow the project’s team leads to generate a progress report that reflects the status of the project.

Estimation And
Quotation Report

The system's core purpose is to generate reports and make sure everyone is aligned with the project’s progress, quotation, estimation, and further details.

The report helps the team to provide a clear idea about the project with the estimated analysis reports. Moreover, it allows the team members to make updates to the data as and when required such as the material's increment in price over time.

Material And
Equipment Module

Another essential feature of the system is that it maintains inventory records. The generated reports allow the engineers to allocate unused materials or equipment hours to another project if they are left unused due to a project pause or other delays.

The material management module makes an estimated breakdown of the raw, and work-in-process material. It thus determines which equipment has remaining hours, to be further allocated to the projects. This whole process ultimately increases work efficiency.

Progress Report

The whole system was developed with the aim to provide the team with a holistic vision of the overall project. As such, the system design prioritized the projects’ ability to generate project-wise progress reports over time.

This feature is also crucial to synchronize the project progress, at any time, and any current or foreseeable issues that may arise, over the life of a project. It provides a transparent picture and maintains a clear flow of communication, across the hierarchy of the company, from the company director to the assigned project team, for all projects.

Challenges &
Our Approach

Data Handling

Spectra Group consists of an immense collection of databases. Therefore, representing the data in the system became an obstacle for our team and created a blocker when entered into the system for estimation purposes. As a reputable software development company, it was our responsibility to ensure that this issue was effectively resolved with optimum results.

Our Approach

We implemented different formats of excel and algorithms to execute calculation methods to import tender information and provide project estimation. This resulted in resolving the data presentation and importing estimation issues without causing any usability or functional problems.

Managing Analysis Report

Generating the analysis report for the project’s estimation, quotation, and progress proved to be a tedious task, as it required multiple stages of approval from engineers, to confirm the validity of the reports. Furthermore, the calculations based on the data inputs and updates for the initial and final reports came with various complexities and became an obstacle to importing correct information from the system.

Our Approach

We implemented the usage of complex and custom calculation methods that allowed the report to be calculated in a precise process. Furthermore, the system was designed to acquire the authorization of the user to ensure the validity of the data, before it was allowed to generate reports.


A key aspect of the system required managing the equipment and calculating the depreciation value of machinery, and equipment, over time and adding it into the system. This was a challenge, as the equipment lifetime had to be verified, and every time estimation and quotation reports were prepared.

Our Approach

We resolved the issue of equipment management by allowing the reports to be reviewed in multiple quotations. Engineers would provide options of multiple estimates of equipment, materials, and quotation, allowing clients to choose the best fit in terms of value and time. Equipment lifetime calculations, allow the analysts to estimate the profit and loss factors as well.

Key Numbers

Spectra Group was on the lookout for a top software development company in Bangladesh to create a construction management system for their business, to improve the efficiency of their work processes, and thus entrusted Dcastalia with the project. We successfully delivered the best system for the company, to manage its inventory records and generate reports for their projects, thereby, ensuring the clients satisfaction in fully meeting their objectives.


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