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Pickaboo is one of the leading online marketplaces in Bangladesh, offering a variety of products with a diverse range of purchasing options. This well-known corporation partnered with us, an established and experienced web development company in Bangladesh, to enhance its main website's UX design and front-end implementation to produce a visually attractive look that would stand out among its competitors.

We replaced the congested UI with a modern interface and logical information on the new website. As part of the redesign, we also sketched and constructed an expanded user interface with re-engineered search module, category section, product cards, cart area, and other major e-commerce features. As a result, Pickaboo grew from a niche marketplace to a feature-rich e-store aimed at the mass audience.

scope of

  • E-Commerce Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • UI/UX Design

Project Pickaboo is the culmination of many micro-tasks conjoined to create a massive success story. From audit to consultancy, sketch to prototype, lines of code to an enormous e-commerce portal.

We strategized, examined, and meticulously executed a major project phase by phase to produce a versatile e-commerce platform with dazzling visuals as one of Bangladesh's leading e-commerce development businesses. By opting for our content writing service, Pickaboo also ensured optimum content flow.


Product enrichment through the implementation of modern technology with precision is one of the core reasons behind our success. Our ability to handle a wide range of technologies and merge them seamlessly to work in harmony led to our client's success.


Optimized for

We were able to achieve new heights in this project because of our proven strategy of optimizing performance by removing render-blocking resources, avoiding superfluous payloads, lowering the DOM size, and compressing images without sacrificing quality. Our sound development decisions and precision in code optimization enabled us to earn an outstanding A in GTMetrix, a score of over 90 in LightHouse across the board, and comparably high results in other auditing tools.

The significance of performance for an e-commerce website aimed at the general public cannot be overstated. Whatever the challenge, we met it head-on with our expertise and triumphed with a fantastic performance in all the spectrum as one of the best e-commerce developers in Bangladesh.

Robust Payment

Payment is the core functionality of an e-commerce platform. With that said, Pickaboo offers various payment options from multiple payment gateways. Our job was to create a system capable of handling the diverse range of pay requests, sorting them accordingly, and sending them to the specified gateway for a hassle-free successful transaction while maintaining an impenetrable security system for the user in place.

We achieved this goal by implementing robust security measures that went through a wide range of tests, including, but not limited to, regression test, acceptance test, integration test, load test, and much more. The tests helped us adjust our security measures to ensure that it provides the high level of safety expected by the end-user and efficient performance. Being the premier web maintenance service in Bangladesh, we ensure that the implementation is updated whenever policy changes affect the payment gateways.


Pickaboo offers a multitude of products under a plethora of categories, subcategories, offers, etc. One of our core targets behind the UX design was to create a system capable of showcasing all these different products to the user without overwhelming them or affecting the overall system's performance. This gave birth to the elastic search - built for flexibility and usability. We created a search engine that can provide real-time results regardless of the platform.

Moreover, our solid data management system calculated the on-demand queries in the most efficient manner possible to offer a smooth browsing experience and reduced server load.

Dynamic Cost

Due to the nature of the website and its parent company, it was expected that a strong cost calculating module was required to manage and produce accurate results for various deals, promotions, bundled offers, EMI transactions, delivery fees incorporation, VAT calculation, and much more. Our veteran developers sketched and tested multiple use cases and created algorithms accordingly to tackle any potential cost variable that may arise now or in the future.

OTP and Social
Login Module

The influx of social media is not new. The ability to log into a system with a single click is a popular feature among users. With this in mind, we built a social login module for Pickaboo, allowing users to join one of Bangladesh's largest marketplaces with a single click.

We also implemented an OTP mechanism for standard login methods like email and phone numbers. The OTP and social login allow the system to weed out bots while inviting genuine users.

Order Tracking

Detailed analysis of the users’ behavior from the old website and comprehensive implementation of industry-standard guidelines and practices for e-commerce websites allowed us to bolster the popularity of Pickaboo through the re-design. One major reason for this success is the revamped order tracking system capable of reassuring users about their precious parcels.

We eliminated the suddenness of delivery by allowing the delivery service provider to seamlessly communicate with the system, ergo with the end-user, resulting in enhanced user satisfaction and an increase in the number of repeated purchasers.

Challenges &
Our Approach

Redesigning an Establish Entity

Pickaboo is not only an established brand but also one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh with a massive customer base. So, redesigning such an entity is never a light task.

Our Approach

By working with the branding team of Pickaboo, we created a UI that eliminates the issues of the old website while enriching the experience of the new one. Our minimal approach to de-clutter the interface added a refreshing breath to the website.

A Complex Cost Calculator

The high number of variables involved in a product served by Pickaboo is immense and a challenge we had to overcome.

Our Approach

By creating many logical tables ranging from simple to complex, our experts managed to overcome this challenge with a dynamic cost calculator capable of handling a wide range of variables seamlessly.

Optimizing for Multiplatform Functionality

Expansion was a core goal for Pickaboo, and that could only be achieved with a system capable of performing on a wide range of platforms.

Our Approach

By creating a robust system capable of multiplatform capabilities, we helped Pickaboo increase its customer reach and expand its business to every corner of the country.

Harmonizing Complex Modules Under a Simplified CMS

Pickaboo is a feature-rich e-commerce platform. So it is compulsory to create a CMS capable of managing all the different modules without compromising usability.

Our Approach

By utilizing the power of Magento, we created a system that is easy to use, flexible by design, lightweight yet sturdy, and capable of integrating all of Pickaboo’s primary, secondary, and tertiary features seamlessly without overwhelming the website admin.

Change in Social Media Login Systems

During the integration of social login features, we faced a sudden incident where one of the social media platforms had changed its integration system.

Our Approach

The sudden change of policy from the social media login provider was handled with utter professionalism. By researching the fundamental changes and observing the updated manual, we successfully adjusted our system to create the required environment for that particular provider's social media login integration.

Key Numbers

The platform hosts thousands of products, and new ones are added by the second. For such a large marketplace, the key numbers are not only large but also a reflection of our capabilities as the leading software company in Bangladesh.


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