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Pickaboo is the second-largest e-commerce platform in Bangladesh, they have created a revolutionary impact in the digital industry. It has been retailing a wide range of products starting from electronics to lifestyle, catering to the diversified needs of the consumers online.

To stay at the top of their game, they needed to manage their business in a well-developed e-commerce application. So, the application required to be designed and developed in such a way that would ensure absolute satisfaction as well as enable users to navigate the application easily. This is because previously, issues related to the development structure and the functionality resulted in frequent crashes and were frustrating for online users. Consequently, Pickaboo turned to the market experts, Dcastalia Ltd., a leading software company in Dhaka, to come up with a highly intuitive UI design for the app in order to rectify the concerns.

scope of

  • Android Application Development
  • iOS Application Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Deployment

We focused on the UI/UX aspect of the application, to provide Pickaboo with a more defined and user-friendly navigational application. A key requirement was to ensure that the new design would greatly enhance accessibility and build brand identity. The previously designed application was developed on a ready-made template, and as a native app, it failed to meet the hybrid aspect and caused functional issues. Therefore, we focused our development on a customized procedure and React Native to create native applications for both Android and iOS platforms. Time was a critical factor in meeting the extensive design requirements of the app which our expert team was successful in achieving.


The application is developed to prioritize smooth usability and navigation to the users, both of which were extremely important aspects of the app. Hence, we used a variety of cutting-edge technologies that would cater to those needs. Furthermore, as it is an online shopping platform, we needed to use third-party payment methods and specific bank-wise payment gateways for user convenience.



Pickaboos’ application is for online users, so usability and functionality were the prime performance features of the system and the objective of the project.

With user priority based on online users for this application, it was essential to implement actions that would allow the system to perform faster and with ease. Therefore, we used a CDN to accelerate the data flow, resize and compress the images, and reuse data templates; all these techniques enabled the application to load faster and perform better.

App Deeplinking

Being an e-commerce app loaded with products, the simplicity of easy accessibility is crucial for a positive user experience.

So, we used Mobile App Deep Linking as it can redirect to the specific products in the app. When the users tap on the desired products, it will direct them to the intended screens instead of leaving users on the home page. It also enables them to explore and look at different product varieties and categories.

Implementation of
Elastic Search

The convenience of searching is the most useful and important factor in an application that consists of thousands of products. For that, optimizing the search option was an essential feature that would allow the users to search for any products to their needs.

Therefore, we optimized the search bar using Elasticsearch, a popular search engine significantly used in log analytics, full-text speech, business analytics, operational use cases, and security intelligence.

Payment Options

The essence of an e-commerce application relies on whether the users are not at risk of any security issues while making payments for products. Furthermore, a discount on prices is provided to gain users' loyalty and trust.

To prevent the breach of sensitive information, the development of payment methods requires enhanced technologies to validate their credibility. Moreover, algorithms have been used to calculate and generate a discounted product price depending on specific scenarios.

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Challenges &
Our Approach

Data Manipulation

Slow performance issues were faced when the app was uploaded on beta in the server to go live. Therefore, it caused the application to perform slower and affected its usability, the issue was detected as layer caching.

Our Approach

The issue was resolved by using different caching layers such as magneto cache and app cache layering. Here, we have used the data manipulation technique to change the data in order to make them more readable and organized in order.

Lack of Documentation

Working on an existing codebase requires detailed documentation of the features and specifications to understand the pattern of the codes and the logical aspects. Unfortunately, no documentation was available, which posed significant blockers to the execution.

Our Approach

To overcome the lack of documentation, we had to understand the codebase and the logical parameters of the existing modules. We adapted quickly to this challenge, collaborated with the client frequently, and analyzed the existing codebase. We also prepared documents and user flow diagrams that dictated the business goals. We then approached our usual workflow to plan new features and enhancements.

Implementation of Magento 2 Technology

Pickaboo’s existing e-commerce application was developed using Magento 2 technology. Magento 2 technology is basically an open-source e-commerce platform that is completely written in PHP. Furthermore, its community is small and we had less knowledge about it.

Our Approach

Therefore, in order to proceed with our development of the application, we needed to learn Magento 2 and use it. It was challenging since our team was not aware of its techniques and carried less knowledge. We learned it from scratch and used it in the development process.

Key Numbers

The recent number of consumers steering towards online shopping is increasing, as it is convenient and hassle-free. Pickaboo aims to create a statement with its application that it is reliable and a one-stop e-commerce solution.




Reduction in
App Crash





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