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MJL Bangladesh Limited is the country’s top-ranked company in the Lube Oil Industry. The company assigned us with the goal of improving the UX design and front-end implementation of their main website. The objective of the redesign was to increase the customer conversion rate for the critical areas such as the eshop and dedicated mobile version and streamline the overall product purchasing process to meet business goals.

From the information architecture to an improved UI with highly interactive sections that exhumes modernism and contemporary design trends, the Ecommerce website is a robust, secure, high-performing piece of modern technology. This eye-candy of a website is not only spectacular visually but is also backed by a solid CMS that offers an exhilarating level of control of the analytics data. Designed and deployed within only 3 months, this sophisticated website is proof of why Dcastalia is one of the leading UI and UX design service providers in Bangladesh.

Powered by technologies such as Next.js, Rest API, Cake PHP, and much more, this ultra-modern website not only managed to achieve its business goals but also gave us a very satisfied customer.

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  • Design
  • System Architecture
  • Development

Our workstream is constantly focused on transforming cutting-edge concepts into stunning digital presences that assist our clients in achieving their objectives with the usage of innovative technologies, best practices, and our well-renowned content writing service.

Our ability to produce an appropriate user interface design, hold strategic analysis meetings, develop a flexible portal, and conduct user testing and quality assurance all within the project timeline makes us a great, if not one of the best, e-commerce development companies in Bangladesh.


We used a wide variety of modern technologies to create a visually stunning, secure, and high-performing infrastructure capable of handling thousands of visitors every day.


Multifunctional CMS

The CMS was built with Cake PHP to provide the site admins with the perfect amount of control over the content and analytical data. With a high range of data fields, graphs, and charts required by the company in mind, we created a system that is not only able to perfectly show every ounce of data required but is also well within the reach of the site admins without complex journeys.

As a custom software development company in Bangladesh, we are well versed in designing, implementing, and deploying a variety of backend technology. Due to our vast experience, we were able to build a system with usability in mind and we achieved it with ease.

UI and UX

MJL Bangladesh Limited is a giant in the Lube Oil industry that has partnerships both locally and internationally. With that in mind, we created UI elements that perfectly portray the branding of the company while highlighting its elitism amongst its competitors. On the other hand, the UX was created with a wide variety of target audiences in mind.

We successfully created a liquid design that can perfectly fit on any device and function as intended. The highly intuitive design solution that we provided is a reflection of our capabilities as the leading web developer in Bangladesh. We successfully created a liquid design that can perfectly fit on any device and function as intended. The highly intuitive design solution that we provided is a reflection of our capabilities as the leading web developer in Bangladesh.

Payment System

Given the nature of the website, it was essential that we place security above all. Special security features have been implemented to handle various payment operations that also ensure a safe and secure experience for the user. Moreover, this was a critical implementation that addressed the objective of consolidating all processes into a single system, all the while making it easier for the administrator to keep track of everything.

The admin can use the online interface to make custom orders, manage invoices, and access all types of transactions in real-time without compromising a drop of security. And with the help of SSL, all transactions pass through a highly secure module, meaning that the end-user is never in doubt of security infringement.

Multilayered Product
Management System

The site admin has access to a plethora of options when creating a highly detailed product section. From PDS to basic policy documents, we created a system that allows the admin to easily maneuver the CMS and create a product entry that emulates international quality standards.

Security Seal

Security Seal is an exceptional feature of all Mobil products that allow the user to verify the authenticity of the product online. We implemented this module in the website so that thousands, if not millions of, product IDs are seemingly inherited by a large database against which an end-user can easily verify their product with just a few clicks on the website.

Security Seal allows MJL Bangladesh Limited to showcase its corporate integrity, while managing such an extensive database allows us to highlight our capabilities as a web development company.

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Challenges &
Our Approach

Complex Data Migration

Given the nature of this redesign project, we had to ensure that a large number of data was successfully migrated for dependent applications and websites to function properly.

Our Approach

By carefully analyzing the existing CMS and its codebase, we successfully imported all the data without disrupting other dependent applications or websites. We also used a diverse range of compiling tools to sort out the data.

Ensuring Site-Wide Security

A system used by the common people to purchase products is always subject to a high number of digital attacks by mal-intent people.

Our Approach

By using our in-house algorithms and utilizing the technology used at its fullest, we managed to create a robust system capable of handling all forms of digital attacks. The company also vouched for our maintenance services, meaning that our professional team of IT experts is constantly monitoring the website's health and integrity.

Establishing Brand Presence

The modern target audience requires a modern design to get enticed.

Our Approach

A website is built for the end-user so if the user is not satisfied with the aesthetics then all is for naught. So we approached the website with tried and tested method of combining modern UI trends with artistic intelligence.

From hand-drawn illustrations for product categories to interactive animations, we ensured that the website stands out not only for its sophisticated backend but also for its gorgeous visuals. After all, we want to turn visitors into fans.

Implementing Multidimensional Features

The website emulates the Lube Solution application, meaning that this website has to have a large number of features functioning properly at all times.

Our Approach

Building application modules for a web environment is never an easy task, but we achieved it by approaching the problem in a systemic manner. By analyzing the requirements carefully and planning accordingly, we created features like Security Seal Verifier or Finding Retailers well within the project timeline.

The efficient usage of time and the skills of our veteran developers ensured every core module and special features are implemented perfectly and always accessible by the end-user on-demand.

Data Presentation and Management

One of the fundamental concepts of web design is that a website is built for the content, not vice versa. With that in mind, we had to find a way to show substantial content in the front-end while managing large databases in the backend.

Our Approach

We created a highly effective way of sorting through a large number of data and implementing them in the front-end in a way that does not overwhelm the user. By doing so, huge product details pages are made digestible by the end-user. However, this was only half of the problem. The other half was solved by creating efficient databases and making systemic decisions in order to store thousands, if not millions, of product IDs in the database without overloading the website.

Key Numbers

The website was designed and developed with the goal of serving thousands of people every day who want to purchase products, verify the authenticity of their product, find retailers or get customer support. .


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