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Lube Solution is a curated mobile application developed for MJL Bangladesh Limited, the country’s top-ranked company in the Lube Oil Industry. Currently, MJL BL is the industry leader and the sole distributor of the global brand Mobil™ in the market for lube oil products in Bangladesh.

The lube oil industry giant envisioned the mobile application to make accessible all lube-related services with expert professionals to its customers right at their doorsteps.

MJL BL entrusted Dcastalia, a result-driven software company with intuitive UI/UX design portfolios, with this project because of our proven expertise in artistically redesigning the dynamic and interactive MJL website.

The objective was to completely revamp the earlier version of the Lube Solutions mobile application, into a more, content-driven, modernistic, and aesthetic piece of technology that would enhance the user experience and at the same time efficiently manage the large amounts of data in their systems. The assignment was to be completed within 60 days which was an exceptional feat given the magnitude of the project.

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  • Design
  • System Architecture
  • Development

MJL required a stunning, modernistic, functional UI/UX for its mobile application Lube Solutions, which would increase the customer conversion rate and also establish a very strong brand presence for MJL in the Lube Oil Industry, within 60 days.

MJL’s previous mobile application did not reflect the desired branding, visual appeal, and functionality. It was complex as MJL BL maintains a heavy-duty database system with a vast number of product categories, a large and complex network of retail outlets with enlisted service providers, and an extensive customer base.

We simplified the complex information architecture and implemented a single CMS, powered by modern technologies: ReactNative and Headless CMS, to centrally control the huge database shared by MJL Corp, MJL Portal, and Lube Solutions The technological framework of the application has been designed to reflect modernism with ease of navigation. The UI/UX has been refined to meet the highest standards of user experience with a masterpiece of a display that incorporates all necessary features, directs a smooth flow of information with ease of navigation, and much more. The robust application adheres to international quality standards and security measures, reflecting the essence of the global brand Mobil.


We deployed the most modern technologies in creating this fully functional application with immense visual appeal. Lube Solutions Application was completely revamped and redesigned from its earlier version which had operational issues with poor aesthetics, and we re-launched it as a robust, high-performing information system architecture that is capable of serving thousands of customers from its database on a daily basis.


Revamped UI/UX

In re-designing the application we maintained absolute focus on enhancing user convenience and aesthetics. The app’s UI/UX was modernized and refined to reflect the global brand essence for MJL’s Mobil. A large amount of data was managed to categorize the product section with all specifications and improve the ordering process, making the experience easier for the customer. We incorporated the add-on services for each product provided by 3rd party suppliers which was a complex key requirement by MJL. We also implemented home delivery and in-store pick-up facilities on the Lube Solutions Application. Under the payment module for home delivery, billing and payment options through bKash and Nagad were added to simplify the payment process for the customer.

Seamless Performance

The objective of this project was to ensure the implementation of prime performance features that would enhance the usability and functionality of the Lube Solutions Application along with an exceptional design to match the brand's global standards. We focused user priority based on the application’s ‘online users’ and implemented the essential actions that allowed the system to perform better and faster with utmost ease.

Security Seal Repository

Security Seal is an exceptional feature of all Mobil products that allows the user to verify the authenticity of the product online. We implemented this module in the application to facilitate the database in inheriting the thousands, if not millions of product IDs which can be verified by an end-user to determine the authenticity of their products with just a few clicks on the website.

Incorporating the Security Seal in the Lube Solutions Application allows MJL Bangladesh Limited to showcase its corporate integrity while managing such an extensive database is a reflection of our capabilities as a noteworthy web development company.

Deep Linking

The Lube Solutions Application is loaded with products and essentially required ease of accessibility as a crucial feature to ensure a positive online user experience for the E-commerce app.

This criterion was fulfilled by utilizing ‘Mobile App Deep Linking’ which can redirect users to the specific products on the app. On tapping or clicking on the desired products the users are directed to the intended screens instead of leaving them on the home page. The feature also allows users to view different product varieties and categories.

Referral System

Implementing the referral system for the app is a significant feature that encourages users to share the brand with their family and friends, thus, motivating potential customers to transform into actual users. The customer is rewarded referral points upon purchase and also for sharing the link/code with others, which can be redeemed for consequent purchases. In return, both parties mutually benefit from the code/link sharing option thus, increasing the conversion rates for Lube Solutions Application.

Push Notifications

This feature is a key component of the Lube Solutions Application which has been implemented to keep the app users updated on active promotions, campaigns, updates, reminders, and more. To avail of this feature, users need to install the app on their devices and turn on the ‘Push Notifications’ option enabling notifications through text messages, alerts, and pop-ups. This is an essential feature to strengthen brand loyalty for MJL BL amongst users and prompt them to use the app.

Repeat Order System

We implemented the repeat order system feature in the Lube Solutions Application to assist customers in repeating their orders which are made at regular intervals by recording their purchase history and adding the products from their earlier invoices to their shopping cart.

This means, that a customer can repeat their desired specific invoice from any given date to purchase similar products regularly, significantly making the entire purchase experience user-friendly and convenient.

Active Promotions

To keep customers engaged and coming back to the app for more, the Active Promotions feature has been integrated in the Lube Solution Application to keep customers updates on promotional offers, codes, and/or discounts.

Workshop Appointments

The Workshop Appointments feature in the app enables customers to choose between different options for vehicles related services like oil change, oil filter change, car wash, etc, that are required depending on the type of vehicle. Through this feature in the Lube Solution Application, customers can either make appointments online or make calls to get their desired services from MJL BL’s vast retailer network across the country.

Social Login Integration

Incorporating the Social Login Module for Lube Solutions Application is a crucial aspect of the mobile app. Popular social platforms, Fb, Google, and Apple are widely used to log into different apps serving as an authenticator of the user ID and assisting in creating individual user accounts on the relevant apps with a single click. MJL BL customers can log in to the Lube Solution mobile app through these platforms with IOS having an exclusive feature that enables users to log in with the Apple ID, but this option is not available for Android users.

Retailer Finder

The retailer finder option was added to the app to enable users to determine the nearest authorized Mobil ^™ retailers within their district and city by adding the relevant information to the location fielder. Implementing this feature made it easier for the customers of MJL BL to select their required services at their convenience and within the shortest time and distance possible.

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The mobile app was designed and developed with the goal of serving thousands of people every day who want to purchase products, verify the authenticity of their products, find retailers or get customer support.


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