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Green Multimedia Limited is a news and multimedia company dedicated to entertaining its viewers. They came up with the idea of the Green TV application, an innovative and fun quiz game, that allows its participants to explore the world of knowledge, engage in competitions, and win fun prizes all in real-time.

The application is interactive and virtually real in every possible way. It allows the users to get into playing quizzes as to their area of interest and likes, enabling them to explore the possibilities to learn new knowledge. Furthermore, the application is focused on quiz enthusiasts of any age group and with a personalized theme.

The concept of the Green TV application consists of three apps, Director App, Presenter App, and Participant App. Basically, the Direct App controls what questions to ask and which is the right answer for its questions. Besides, it provides a set of designed questions to the presenter, and then the presenter in the Presenter App will present the questions to the participants. So, the participants in the Participant App would be able to see the question and choose an answer. Moreover, the participants can either choose to pass the question or select lifelines to make it easier for them to answer the question. At the end of the game, the participant would be shown their score and whether it is eligible to win any prizes.

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  • Android App Development
  • Web App Development
  • CMS Development
  • UX Design

The Green TV application is a complex and multilayered quiz application that is highly entertaining and interactive. We focused on visually immaculate UI/UX solutions based on thorough research and our strategies. Our team of skilled developers succeeded in portraying the swift data flow of connectivity between the users in real-time, by integrating the application with all the necessary logic and frameworks for all the different modules of the system.


The system was required to develop three separate user-based applications which would be linked to each other for real-time interaction purposes. Hence, it was crucial that the separate applications are synchronized and communicated without causing any technical or functional issues. To achieve that, we have implemented the use of modern and cutting-edge technologies to keep up with the recent trends in application development.



The unique element of the Green TV application is that it has three different types of users and individual apps for them. The Director App controls the whole system starting from generating quiz questions, answers, and the scores for the participants, in the Participant App. The middle user, the presenter, controls the viewpoint of presenting the questions and giving the participants lifelines and a chance to pass the question through the Presenter App.

Architecting a unique and effective approach to connect these apps enabled a seamless connection between the user-end and server-end.

Customized Panel

We developed a customized panel with detailed information about the participants to simplify the process of allocating questions to the participants. This allowed the director to assign questions to the specific participants who could access data related to their scores, prizes won, and performance radar.

Report Generation

The most important factor is providing a summary of the participant’s activity in the application. Thus, developing a module to generate the end-user report was another essential feature.

The report would allow the participants to know about their progress in the quiz game and the director and presenter would be able to see the position and ranking of the participant.

Access From Local Network
With CMS Support

The unique feature enables the apps to function from a single point with a well-designed and strategized content management system (CMS). Hence, it allows the three different apps to function independently but is controlled through a single CMS.

We implemented the apps in such a way that the system can be connected to a local server and operated offline. Therefore, it reduces the dependencies on the internet and allows portability to the system.

Challenges &
Our Approach


The application is meant for people from various age groups, and providing them with a visually entertaining background was a requirement from the client. It was a challenging task to implement the feature.

Our Approach

We resolved the problem by implementing the panel management method. This method enabled a useful module in the CMS’s design, allowing the clients to change the themes and background dynamically.

the Applications

Connecting three applications, Director App, Presenter App, and Participant App, to communicate with each other was challenging to implement.

Our Approach

We have implemented the usage of, which allowed us to devise a strategy that enabled seamless communication between the applications. Furthermore, the usage of this method helped us to generate an ideal solution and provided event-based communication between the user-end and server-end.


The application is developed for users to have an entertaining experience with a visually vibrant interface. Therefore, implementing features like a buzzer is a unique option in the system and was a challenging task for our team.

Our Approach

To make the participants interact more in a multiplayer quiz game, the buzzer needs to be pressed fast and should be responsive in real-time. Therefore, we ensured that the clicks register and communicate with the director app in less time. Here the time calculation was crucial because keeping it at microseconds gives the users an optimal experience.

Key Numbers

The system that we have developed has the capability to handle multifunctional actions and keep the users entertained. This is possible due to the solutions we designed and developed, where the apps are linked for multiple users providing a fast convenient user experience.


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