A thriving and colourful website designed and developed to reach out target audience, piloting the first taste of a dynamic web presence back in 2009

Airtel Bangladesh is a venture of Bharti Airtel Limited, a worldwide telecommunications services provider, and one of the paramount mobile network providers in Bangladesh. The company provides a diverse range of innovative mobile services and is committed to extending its cutting-edge mobile network in terms of both coverage and capacity. Since its inception, Airtel has been a thriving telecom company offering the young generation of Bangladesh as well as other vibrant and affordable network services. It was one of the very few companies that focused on creating a dynamic digital presence back in 2009 when the internet was only starting to get prevalent among many. The company collaborated with Dcastalia to bring its vision of reaching out to an entire generation through a booming and highly interactive website with an attractive design to target the right audience. ...

Team Dcastalia worked tirelessly to successfully design and develop an interactive website with attractive features to fulfil Airtel’s goal to reach a certain group of users mostly the young ones and that too keeping into consideration the internet usability of that time. Our team worked effectively with structured strategies to create the various layouts, sub-sections, services and a total of more than 170 web pages of the corporate website. With instant data and landing page development for its various campaigns and events and synchronisation with Airtel’s live telecast media, Dcastalia kept up with the challenging requirements of immediate maintenance services and website update for full 24/7 timeline with zero deadline misses, the positive results of which were visible in the vibrant website.



  • Organised network packages
  • Upgraded management service
  • Powerful database of resources
  • Secured download feature of resources
  • User-friendly and interactive interface



24/7 update of the live telecom site with recent campaigns and events within deadline


Maintenance support provided due to continuous customer interaction within deadline


Kept in sync with their traditional forms of marketing on other platforms with zero deadline misses


Development of unique landing pages and subsections for the website for different services


Formulating appropriate User Interface Design through successive and systematic workshops

Conducting strategic and requirements analysis meetings for the integrated campaign pages

Wireframing and prototyping the site map design along with the various layouts and web pages

Developing the resource database, undertaking user testing and quality assurance for performance optimization

Continuous maintenance support for live synchronization of campaigns with other channels of advertisement



A vibrant telecom site with highly integrated marketing interface


Stable and secured web hosting with 24/7 maintenance


Live update of commercials and drama embedded on the site


One of the very first powerful websites of that time


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