Value of Content Writing for your Online Presence in Bangladesh


Content is everything. Content is like the ingredients when you cook something or the characters of a movie. Would you watch the movie if it were without any characters? In the same way, there would not be an audience for a website or app, if it did not have any content.

Content is anything that your business uploads online, be it an image, video, blog and the text of your website. For content to reach the appropriate audience and to rank up in the search engines, businesses now utilize the content for marketing and to get customers. Hence creating an online presence by following a strong content marketing strategy.

Once you understand the core elements of Content Marketing and its importance for digital presence for businesses next it is important to learn the value content writing creates for your business.

Developing eye-catching content for the company helps it in various ways such as:

– Delivering the company’s mission

– Rank the company higher up in Google Search

– Building connection with people and other businesses

– Educating and informing the audience

– Create authority in the industry

Bangladesh is rising as a country providing the most freelance services to other countries. There are hundreds of digital marketing agencies competing in providing the best content writing services in Bangladesh or even the most well-known copywriting service in Bangladesh.

Businesses are now hiring content writers or contacting content writing services for outsourcing their content to have great value and to survive among the sea of other successful companies.

Now that people spend almost three-thirds of their time on the internet, either through work, hobbies, shopping etc., more and more businesses tend to create an online presence so that people can know about their products or services online and do not have to physically go to the shop.

Especially during the global pandemic, when most of the people avoided going out and maintained social distance, the online presence of their favourite brands and businesses helped them to get what they wanted and helped businesses to strive during the challenging time.

Hence, it is very important to have a good and stable online presence along with clear and artistic content to get more customers for the businesses to grow in the industry and to have authority over others.

Source: Semrush

This is how much organizations have spent on content writing particularly for digital marketing in the year 2019 and 2020.

To create great content, we first need to understand the true power of content writing and how this weapon can be utilized to create a robust online presence.

Content writing delivers the company’s mission

Your website might have a very sleek design but it will not be of much use if you do not put sleek contents in it as well.

Contents in your website are what draws and retains the audience, just like a book does with readers. They might buy the book getting inspired by the cover of the book, but eventually, they will turn the pages to know the story, right?

Through various forms of contents, you establish your brand or company’s main mission to the readers. The contents can be of an image or video format but the key is the written format which you can utilize to be in the form of web texts, blogs, case studies etc. Think of it like clay which you can shape to be in any form you want.

Businesses, therefore, need to reshape content writing and add creativity to educate the audience about their business, deliver its mission and advertise the products they are selling.

Brand Awareness

The most important thing you need for promoting your business is a valuable piece of content that represents your company and engages the reader. When your customers read about your company or business, you want them to read something that will help them build a relationship with your brand.

Brand recognition is simply how comfortable consumers are with your business and its message. It is not as simple as your audience simply remembering your logo design – it all comes down to knowing your brand and what it stands for.

It is significant because customers are far more likely to buy/use a brand that they trust rather than only know.

Publishing useful and insightful content ensures that your industry role is stable.

Brand recognition is greatly influenced by content marketing. This moves your business beyond customers simply understanding your brand’s name – it’s about how they perceive your brand and what makes you special.

You do not just write whatever comes to your head if you want the content to speak for your company. Enough research needs to be conducted before writing a professional copy, which is why many brands and organizations employ professional copywriters or contact content writing service in Bangladesh in this regard so that their businesses can be portrayed online by professional writings and sales material.

70% of respondents value content quality over quantity.
(Source: Point Visible)

When good quality content is shared not only on the website but also on other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. it can reach more people.

Social networking ad campaigns, social media backups, organic promotions, and weekly updates can all be used to drive traffic to your website.

Furthermore, if you have enough leads, you might start email marketing. Schedule your daily designer emails to follow your leads. Smart customers adhere to smart words.

Therefore, writing website content is an important digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is simply marketing in the online platform. Digital Marketing and Content writing go hand in hand.

Marketing is mainly making the right offer at the right time with the products that you have. With content writing you make that offer while your audience is just hanging out in social media, scrolling through those feeds, staying updated on news and searching online for something they need.

Once they notice the content, they will want to know more about your product or service and thus will visit your site. They will try to learn more about you and even ask questions about the service you are offering.

For example, let’s say you sell electronic items and there are customers like me who want to purchase an Air Cooler. It is summer in Bangladesh and I need one to survive the coming days.

The first thing I do is open my browser and type in “Air Cooler buy online in Dhaka”

Now I will see a list of companies that sell Air Coolers and I will click on the first one on top of the list because I know about Google Search ranking.

So, being an electric company, you would want to reach on top of that list right? How do you do it? You do it through Digital Marketing and Content Writing.

Therefore, companies are now investing in Digital Marketing agencies to get their content out in the digital world. Agencies in Bangladesh provide digital marketing services packages or particular categories of Digital Marketing individually such as SEO, Content Writing, Conversion etc.

All in all, good content is all it takes to convey valuable information to the audience about your company. Such as your company’s mission and vision, the products and services you sell which is done by digital marketing and finally to promote your brand to earn more outreach and then customers.

Content writing ranks your company on Google Search Page

Source: Search Engine Land

51% of content consumption derives from organic search.

(Source: Kuno Creative)

Google is the most popular search engine on the planet. As a result, it receives millions of search requests each year from users all over the world. With that number, you can bet that someone in your region is looking for information about your industry on Google. That is an organic search.

If organic search is concerned with unpaid rankings in search results, paid search is concerned with paid rankings. Companies use SEO to boost their site’s popularity or rankings in search results for organic search. Paid search, on the other hand, enables users to pay for a prominent position in search results.

Organic search is not the shortcut to success but it is the right way, especially if you want to gain trust among your readers because it solely depends on the contents you publish. Therefore, creating good content and publishing it on your website is the perfect way to reach those potential customers.

To begin, research the keywords that will help you reach your intended audience. If you’ve found a collection of keywords that will drive qualified traffic to your website, you can create content around those keywords that are search engine optimized or SEO friendly.

Written content includes website blogs, e-books, infographics, and other written materials. The blog sections of the website will provide full-fledged SEO support. And the styles of writing mentioned above will help you generate leads and, as a result, turn your potential customers into buyers.

Search Engine Optimization is the main ingredient in getting your company’s rank higher up in Google search and for that, you can hire local Digital Marketing Agencies or look up content marketing services in Bangladesh that will create the perfect content strategy to meet your company’s goals.

Content writing build connections for your company through backlinks

Content Writing can build connections both with people and other sites or companies. Your website builds a connection with other sites through the links that refer the audience back to your site.

What are backlinks?

Source: Freepik

When other similar and reputable websites, primarily in the same industry as yours, connect to your site, quality backlinks are established. A backlink is simply a link from one website to another website.

Backlinks are exactly like citations where citations are for Scholarly articles and backlinks are more for the web but both contribute to the authenticity of the article. Citations trace back to the original idea which usually dates back before the recent article was written. However, backlinks take you back and take you to the future.

Links are one of the top two criteria considered by Google’s page ranking algorithm.

(Source: Search Engine Land)

When the content of your website gets referenced, each number of references is like a vote of legitimacy from Google. Hence, the more votes you get, the higher up you will rank up on the Google Search page. Google uses an algorithm called PageRank to calculate the importance of your website by counting the number of backlinks on your website.

How to write content to get backlinks

Content writing’s true power can be embraced by writing content that receive backlinks from top sources. To get those links you can simply make your content:

– Innovative

– Attention-grabbing

– Beneficial

– Full of backed-up sources

– Write attractive headlines

Remember that great content will continue to draw links long after your initial promotional activities have been spent—as long as your site is expanding.

If you can consistently publish excellent content (for at least six to twelve months), your results would most definitely skyrocket. For this, you can outsource the task to an agency providing a content writing service in Bangladesh. Usually, they have packages for SEO that you can utilize to publish content regularly on your website and hence get you more links.

Content writing educates and informs the audience on topics important to them

Source: Unsplash

When you establish your business online your range of target audience changes. Compared to people walking past a shop to browse, audiences might visit your website for a whole lot of other reasons. These can be to research, compare or simply to learn about the product or services you are providing.

Therefore, create exclusive content that will assist the readers, answer their needs, and make their lives better and that they will be encouraged to share on their social networking sites.

For example, a local software developing company may have a blog on their website on “What is Web Security?” This will help those who want to develop a website understand the importance of Web Security and thus will help them decide whether to add this while getting their website developed through the software company.

This helps the customer understand their future situation regarding the website better and will save them time from going to security specialists for advice.

So, when you produce content that informs your audience, you’re doing more than just telling them fascinating details — you’re assisting them in making the right purchasing decision while also saving time and money on your end.

That’s a win-win situation. A well-informed potential customer is one step closer to being a paying customer – all because you took the time to create a blog!

Your content not having a shelf life also means that you are continuing to educate your customers for no certain amount of days or years in the future. It will last as long as the site is up.

Content allows you to have authority in the industry

The readers of your content will determine your authority in the industry. Authority cannot be measured directly but the number of backlinks you have on your website can be one of the signs of authority.

To gain authority a business can grab attention from customers in a various ways:

  • Consistency: Contents must be published consistently over a long period. Consistency is crucial because it can take many interactions with your content before an individual associate your company with a subject area. A long-term commitment to publishing videos, infographics, or a mixture of materials gives you several opportunities to demonstrate that your content is reliable, trustworthy, and useful.
  • Relevant topics: It is important to consistently write about similar topics so that customers can appreciate your knowledge on that topic. For example, if you own an arts and crafts company, you can write about home decors, making DIY crafts as hobbies or scrapbooking as they are all based on the same topic. Therefore, when a customer is reading about scrapbooking he or she can hover on to the DIY crafts page and still be on your website. They might even return to be updated on the same topic.
  • Go deep: By analyzing the traffic on your website, you can understand which sections attract the most of the traffic and then create lengthy content based on that topic by investigating deeper into the topic.

In this way, modern solutions regarding that topic can be discussed in the writing which will add to your company’s credibility.


Content is the term that boosts your company’s online credibility and establishes success. Whatever you want to do, content allows you to do it. As a result, content is at the core of every digital marketing strategy. If you’ve never tried your hand at creating content for the web, now is the time to establish your online presence. Your company will thank you later.

For hands-on support on launching your business online, you can check out Dcastalia Limited and see the services provided by one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh. With over a decade of experience, Dcastalia team has created content for superior businesses in Bangladesh like Edison Real Estate, Spectra Group, Mir Cements, Ventura Properties, and many more.

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