Importance of Content Marketing in this Digital World


Have you ever wondered what would have happened if we did not have a skeletal system, or if televisions did not have a cable connection? It simply would not have been possible to function, let alone be of any use. Content is the indisputable backbone of a website, application and other form of communication channels. It defines the structural framework of these platforms that gives an overall shape to it. The rigidity and brittleness that content adds to a communication platform ensures customer engagement and satisfaction.

So how would you define content marketing? What exactly is content? What are its elements? At the most basic form, content marketing is the utilization of text to deliver messages to the mass. It is focused on creating, publishing, distributing content to target audiences.

Content plays a very effective role in generating leads as well as fostering growth for enterprises even when their employees are not working. It helps to continuously attract, acquire and retain customers. Talking with respect to the Bangladeshi market, it has significantly progressed digitally. Companies have been taking advantage of online and ecommerce platforms to communicate with their customers, more so during the global crisis. However, there is one vital aspect that needs to be given adequate acknowledgment and importance to reap benefits of the online portal – content marketing.

Content marketing in Bangladesh is still a budding segment that has proliferated impact on a business’ progress. Therefore, substantial emphasis given to it can considerably mark a company’s success.

Elements of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vast area involving different components which are vital to establishing brand awareness, brand identity and credibility among customers. Every element of content marketing creates value that enhances customer involvement and experience with the company.

1. Proper Objective and Strategy

Every perceived result is accompanied by an objective and strategy. Without having a clear objective as well as a proper guideline or structure of how to reach the final outcome may develop constraints and limitations in delivering the right message to customers. In such a case, it is necessary to have documented content marketing strategy.

Market research and analysis, curation of contents according to target audiences’ preferences, graphical representation that is in sync with modern trends, sources of information and promotion plan; all adds value to the end goal of businesses. Without a proper marketing strategy, companies can easily be derailed and find themselves in marketing myopia, which might have a detrimental effect on their subsistence in the industry.

2. Research and Analysis

A core component of every department and industry is research and analysis. Conducting rigorous research of the industry the company is operating in as well as its audiences and analyzing the market needs, does most of the work for the creation and execution of strategy.

Particularly speaking of content marketing, in order to develop consistent, effective, and informative content, the need to carry out research and analysis is predominant. It is the foundation for gaining customer insights and understanding competitors’ moves.

3. Defined Target Market

Any sort of marketing involves having a well-defined customer base who is to be targeted. Knowing the company’s audiences before moving forward is very important as it sets out the approach of the initiatives to be taken.

Identifying the geographical, demographics, psychographics and behavioral aspects of customers and optimizing content accordingly assists a company in efficiently convincing customers into buying their products and services. However, it is also crucial to walk in congruence with recent market trends and keep up with the changing customer preferences. Therefore, having an understanding of the customer base the company is willing to serve, as well as staying up to date with market shifts establishes a firm ground for them to flourish.

4. Content Creation

The value of creating rich content is unquestionable for every business’s success. This plays an integral part as it allows the generation of lead, accumulation of traffic, and reduction in bounce rate. Content is a supplement to inbound marketing and a core part of digital strategy as well as its campaigns. Therefore as much as it is important to invest in digital marketing, it is equally important to put emphasis on the content creation part of the process.

Content creation can be segmented into 2 sections:

– Content writing and copywriting:

Writing and creating content have a pivotal role in convincing customers in buying the company’s products and services. It is the middle man for your business and its customers, as it covers every aspect of it. However, writing just about anything and everything, without maintaining a proper structure or approach might do more harm than help. Understanding what people want and giving them that delegates the way to success. Given a consumer’s preference to read concise content than elaborate ones in recent times has led to the adoption of a succinct writing style.

Incorporating messages, communicating with the mass, and persuading them into purchasing through a text can be stressful, however, knowing the components that make it presentable, informative, and concise is what is essential. Content writing and copywriting comprise a huge part of the whole content creation process, as well as the most important one therefore, practicing to plan, format, and write content to develop and preserve brand identity are exceptionally vital.

– Photography and Videography:

Static and motion pictures are an effective way to communicate with the mass. It helps to capture compelling content that consumers can effortlessly connect to. Even before someone starts to read an advertisement or a blog or perhaps a website’s content, they first look at the picture or video near it to try to process what the writing is going to hold.

Tiger Fitness got a 60% returning customer rate with video content marketing. 

(Source: Marketing Sherpa)

A single photograph or a video delivers a thousand messages which can easily be understood by the mass. Consequently, it ensures customer satisfaction and increases the rate of returning customers. Hence, choosing the right picture and making the right video and animation for content marketing to engage customers is crucial.

5. Robust Distribution and Promotion

After investing time and effort in planning, creating, and optimizing content, it is now time to share it to be communicated with the consumers. Without the initiative to deliver the contents to the public, it will add no value to an organization’s marketing strategy, objective and outcome. A well-planned distribution and promotion activity is an effective way to influence and acquire customers.

Content marketing in every aspect pilots a company’s success. It constitutes the very essentials of marketing practices that strengthen growth prospects.

“Content is worth optimizing because 95% of people only look at the first page of search results.” 


SEO is another aspect that is greatly supported by a part of content marketing – content writing. This has a full stake in the enhancement of traffic, generation of leads, and contribution towards the total outcome of SEO.

With the digital transformation at the forefront of every industry in Bangladesh, as well as beyond borders, the way of delivering and deciphering information has undergone a vivid shift. In this case, content marketing in Bangladesh and the global stage has played a tremendous role by properly identifying the needs and wants of customers and provisioning services accordingly.

Content is a fundamental part of digital marketing strategy and aids to combat competition in the market. In addition to facilitating SEO activities, it provides other benefits that amplify growth.

Outcomes of Content Marketing

72% of marketers say content marketing increases customer engagement. 

(Source: Optinmonster)

1. Increases ROI

ROI is a huge component of marketing plans. While initiating to develop strategies to capture market share and reach customers, companies evaluate whether the cost associated with the particular activity will give favorable outcomes.

“Inbound marketers who measure ROI are more than 12 times more likely to generate a greater year-over-year return.”
(Source: HubSpot)

Content marketing is a clever practice by companies as it generates high returns with a reasonable investment. It is a major segment of inbound marketing which fosters positive results. Website contents, blogs, articles all contribute towards customer engagement and boosts sales as it provides tailored information. Content marketing is a continuous process of satisfying consumers through enriched content, which is why it very effectively increases return on investment for businesses.

2. Enhances Brand Awareness, Identity, and Loyalty

The world has become fast-paced, given everything now is easily knowable and accessible through just one tap on the phone. The internet has changed the whole game of marketing, and in recent times, we cannot imagine purchasing something without researching it online. Therefore, this shift has taken marketers by storm, and now more and more of them rely on developing strategies around the online platforms.

“Website conversion rate is nearly six times higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters (2.9% vs. 0.5%).”
(Source: Upland Software)

The presence of companies on the internet successfully creates brand awareness, identity and loyalty in a sense that more and more people start knowing the brand, creating a distinctive brand identity for themselves, as well as calling to purchase from that specific place over and over again.

Brand awareness is created through the positive associations around the brand that embeds the mind of the consumers. This notifies customers of what the brand does, how they do it and how they create value for customers. Gradually this leads to brand identity, which gives it a separate persona to be easily recognized by others, and finally a positive brand image generates loyal customers.

3. Builds Credibility

When it comes to marketing, all that is required to establish trustworthiness among buyers is content. Convincing people into buying a product or a service using the right words is what fosters credibility. Since people now take refuge on the internet, focusing on advertising a company’s products and/or services on the internet with adequate information yet concise writing earns credibility for enterprises. Educating your consumer base with your product and/or service line on the internet gives them the authority and enough background to entrust their investment in your products/services. Therefore, the utilization of content not only defines but ensures credibility for customers.

4. Improves Search Engine Ranking

SEO and content go hand in hand. As much as the internet is important for digital marketing, similarly content is important for SEO. Good, communicative content can have a profound impact on the progression of a company. However, just going about writing and publishing is not sufficient to be noticeable to the eyes of consumers. SEO-centric content, enriched with keywords and proper structure infuses the essence of success as it increases customer visibility and interaction.

“75% of the people do not scroll beyond the first page of the search result.” 

(Source: HubSpot)

As much as we depend on the internet, we do not move past the first page of Google search results, because of a common notion of the best to be shortlisted in the first. This lays substantial emphasis on utilizing SEO services, more so in the content creation process. Therefore, it is vital to acknowledge and create optimized content to rank on Google, subsequently triggering customer interaction and satisfaction.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

“Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.” (Source: Demand Metric)

One of the greatest advantages of content marketing is the accessibility to free content. Conducting a thorough research of the market, tailoring content according to it, and engaging in the distribution and promotion process heightens the possibility of grabbing customer attention. This does not require excessive monetary investment, but an extensive amount of effort, time and dedication to draw out and deliver the intended message.

Content is a scalable and reasonable strategy to attract, acquire and retain customers. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with the mass and satisfy them through what they want to see, hear, and gain. Content marketing in Bangladesh is a growing segment, as with the digitalization process and the global pandemic in place, companies have seen improvement in their sales numbers.

Is Content Marketing worth investing in?

Content marketing as most people would perceive as an easy and effortless way to communicate, it might be so from a buyer’s perspective but not from that of the creator or marketer. It requires a dedicated amount of time and effort to get the intended result. Crafting curated content to fulfill specific individual needs is a form of art. Content marketing in Bangladesh is still in the phase of growth, having the prospect to flourish. Therefore, this is the very time for market players in the country to attain its full benefit. However, content marketing requires adequate attention to be paid to create the right content, that is why reaching out to a professional to reap the benefits of the digital world might be an easy yet productive and cost-effective way out.

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