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The inherent notion and practice of marketing strategies has completely changed and entered the realm of constant evolution. Marketing products and services are no longer confined within the cubicles of an electronic device, but have far reached technological channels. Over the last few years, businesses in Bangladesh have experienced dramatic changes in their mode of communication with customers; and this greatly has to do with the shifting trends in customer purchase behavior and preferences. The consequence of customers adapting to and changing their course of interaction as a result of technological advancement and in pursuit of comfort has by an extensive amount, initiated companies to restructure their marketing approach and conform to change. Globalization and market saturation are other facets that establish the way businesses interact with customers.

Research says around 70-80% of potential customers conduct their research of a business online before physically visiting their outlet or reaching out to a sales person.

With increasing competition, enterprises are continually faced with the challenge to intervene the market in different ways to attract customers, as in this era of digitalization, people first do their research online before actually making a purchase. This is exactly where digital presence comes to play and has much relevance and importance to business entities.

So, what exactly is Digital Presence and why is it so important?

Digital presence accords to activities that help organizations to interact with customers collaboratively on the internet through websites, applications, and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and others. It enhances customer experience and ensures customer satisfaction by making products and services available from any place around the globe.

About 81% of shoppers carry out online research prior to buying a product and 97% of customers search for local businesses or services on the internet

(Source: Minewhat)

Online presence is key to consolidating the position of a business in its specific industry and leveraging online solutions to differentiate themselves from their competitors is an effective way to do so. Hence, it is increasingly important for every company in every industry to mark their presence online, or else, it is highly probable for them to get plunged into obscurity.

Although the approach of digital marketing might differ from industry to industry but in no way can be considered as unnecessary for market players of certain industries. Even though one might find it irrelevant for industries like real estate to have a website or an application or a social media presence, it is equally necessary for them as any other industry to have an online presence to market their products and services. Speaking specifically about the real estate industry, although real estate investment requires physical visits and speculation, nevertheless, having a website makes the purchasing process easier for investors.

Importance of online presence for the Real Estate Industry

Urbanization has spurred the need for housing in both urban and semi-urban areas. Real estate developers have become increasingly important for apartment dwellers and property owners. Although, it might come as a surprise to search online for properties and apartments but it is evidently true among many nowadays who have moved away from the conventional method of home research and towards various digital channels. This practice of home and property search has become widespread, and the scenario is no different in Bangladesh.

The real estate industry, one of the most lucrative sectors, is a key driver of economic development and industrialization in Bangladesh. The industry has witnessed considerable growth throughout the years which has led to massive development progress in the country. With increasing demand, it has become extensively important for real estate companies in Bangladesh to serve every customer, thus, adapting to different ways of marketing products and services is strongly required. One major way to do so is through investing in digital marketing.

importance of online presence for the Real Estate Industry in Bangladesh

Digital presence through a website, an application, or a social media platform has revolutionized traditional ways of marketing strategies.

Even though online presence for real estate companies might be perceived as a waste of time to many in our country considering clients have to visit the site physically anyway, however, creating an online space enhances the experience of customers for home and property search. It is also an incredibly effective way to generate leads for real estate companies.

Nowadays, people spend most of their time browsing the internet which forms the foundation for online interaction with customers to advertise and sell products and services. Presenting your product line on the internet helps investors in their decision-making process and lets them decide whether they actually want to make an investment or not. Furthermore, as physical visits restrict companies from showcasing all their products and services to clients at once, being digitally present gives real estate developers the opportunity to provide customers with a comprehensive view of their work.

While an online presence is important to capture the market, designing and developing a properly functioning website and other medium is not enough to attract and engage customers. All effort and investment will go barren if the bounce rate is high. Therefore, in order to attract and keep customers at your site, it is essential to have a well-designed, user-friendly website, application, or other forms of the digital channel.

Visually sound digital presence

According to Forbes, most people generate an impression within the first seven seconds of interaction.

The first impression is heavily skewed towards non-verbal than verbal cues, which is very quick to form but has a lasting effect. This calls for an intense amount of time devoted to forming websites and applications that would keep customers engaged for a long time, finally leading to a purchase.

characteristics of a visually sound digital presence
Website design and App design are two components that elevate a company’s digital presence by enhancing the overall outlook of the digital channel. Therefore, it is vital for every company to focus on this area for customer acquisition and retention. What most companies struggle with even after having a properly operational site is keeping their customers on their page for a long time. The total outlook of the digital channel does not only constitute the design layout, but also the content, photography, and videography. A wordy site with too many pictures and videos will definitely reduce the functionality of the site, increasing the reaction time of the page, and reducing the subsistence of customer interaction.

How digital marketing has helped real estate companies in Bangladesh to thrive

The real estate companies in Bangladesh like any other in the market have witnessed substantial change in the course of interaction with customers. A few years ago, when realtors and developers used to communicate with clients through handwritten letters and print media like newspapers, leaflets and magazines; it severely deterred the effortless flow of information and fostered communication gaps. Nowadays, real estate companies in Bangladesh have created a digital space for themselves through which they have received profound impacts on their overall sales output.

However, as mentioned earlier, having just an operational website and/or application is not enough to captivate and sustain customer engagement. Hence, implementing the recent trends in website design, content, photography, framework, and videography is crucial to ensure the success rate of customer acquisition and retention, as well as the reduction in the bounce rate of a site.

Following are examples of some real estate companies which have not only provided an exceptional experience to customers through the provision of high quality and affordable products and services; but have also through the effective and efficient usability of their digital channels. Some of them have also emerged as SEO kings, optimizing and better placing their website and e-commerce on the internet. The list goes as:

1. Shanta Holdings Limited

Shanta Holdings Limited has effectively utilized digital platforms to communicate with customers and streamline development activities.Shanta Holdings Limited

Shanta Holdings Limited has been there in the market for more than a decade now. SHL has integrated client vision with its expertise to produce outstanding results and emerged as the most reputed and fastest-growing real estate developer in the country. It has effectively utilized digital platforms to communicate with customers to streamline development activities.

The website of Shanta Holdings Limited gives the ultimate feel of sophistication and elegance. It serves as a benchmark that defines exclusivity and comfort in character. The website’s design, user-centric functionality, high image quality, engaging taglines and content succumb to a superior customer experience of product and service purchase.  It is through the facilitation of such solutions that has prominently hoisted the digital presence of the company.

SHL has been rigorously tailoring its marketing effort to current market trends over the years; redesigning and improving their website to stay up-to-date. Dcastalia has been a digital partner to Shanta Holdings Limited, a leading real estate company in Bangladesh for almost a decade now. We have invested extensive time in building SHL’s website to provide superior experience to their existing and potential clients; in the process establishing trust and reliance.

2. Rangs Properties Limited

An effective way that Rangs has employed to engage with customers is through online channels, very specifically, a website.

Rangs Properties Limited
Rangs Properties Limited has been on the real estate trail since 1996. Over the years it has shown tremendous rigor to provide sustainable living and has been successful in doing so. It has built its own identity in the market with unsurpassed design and architecture. Rangs has been able to thrive in the industry due to its customer-centricity, which has led them to adopt digital channels. With the outlook to serve their customers in the most effective way, they have created a presence on the internet through a well-designed, easily navigable and usable website.

Rangs’ website creates a satisfying digital presence and enthralls customers through the subtle animation and pleasantly presented videography capturing their projects. The arresting color palette draws attention and encourages users to continue using the site. Adding to these, the functionality and flexibility in the usage of the site ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, the concise, well-structured content makes it convenient for clients to stay engaged and extract relevant information. Dcastalia has worked closely with Rangs Properties Limited and dedicated a huge amount of time to planning and analysis to design the company’s website to align their vision to that of their target audience.

3. InnStar Limited

Through mutual collaboration both in-person and digitally, InnStar Limited has instituted lasting relationships with their customers.

InnStar Limited
Innovation is the cornerstone of inspiration for InnStar Limited that has enabled it to establish a firm position in the real estate industry of the country. With unprecedented and modern design, Innstar from all aspects has given tough competition to its rivals. Their beautifully designed, the well-organized website maintains a proper balance of precision and accuracy which generates leads and assists in anchoring sales.

InnStar’s effort to depict simplicity and finesse in their work is properly communicated through the coherent design of the website. InnStar Limited had partnered with Dcastalia to develop a website to cater to the needs of their clients; in the process, attract, acquire and retain them.

4. Concord Real Estate Limited

With a fan base of over 2.9 lacs on Facebook, Concord has created a strong social media presence that has greatly helped them in their customer acquisition and retention process.

Concord Real Estate Limited

Concord Real Estate Limited has been in the real estate business for over 45 years. It has undertaken and delivered some exceptional and iconic projects that has consolidated its position in the real estate sector of Bangladesh. Few of Concord’s projects include, The National Monument in Savar, World Trade Centre in Chittagong, Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Striving for sustainable development efforts, Concord has outdone many in the industry in terms of performance. With the purveyance of superior products and services, this leading real estate company has also created its own online space to interact with customers.

Concord’s website beguiles existing and potential clients through its ingenuity. Digital presence plays a huge role for real estate companies in Bangladesh which has been properly acknowledged and utilized by Concord. The information in the website is brief yet easily understandable, and the overall positioning of the contents and the photographs are nicely ordered. Furthermore, the testimonials of flat owners deliver a sense of trust that helps customers in their decision-making process of which real estate company to approach. Dcastalia has provided a complete web development service to Concord Real Estate Limited, which has helped them build a brand image and actively create a digital presence for the effective deliverance of service.

Alongside the delivery of service through web presence, they have successfully engaged customers through other online channels such as Facebook. They have a fan base of more than 2.9 lacs and the content is very creative and informative. The utilization of both of these digital tools has greatly enhanced the company’s marketing effort.

5. Bay Developments

Adapting to shifting market trends, Bay Developments has greatly shaped its marketing strategy to cater to the needs of their clients.

Bay Developments
Over the past two decades, Bay Developments has seen remarkable growth in the real estate sector of the country. Through substantial emphasis on innovation, functionality, durability, comfort, and safety, Bay has witnessed profound changes in their sales figure. In addition to providing superior products and services, they have found different ways to interact with customers. In this era of digitalization, social media platforms, applications and websites play a vital role in the lives of individuals, where these channels have become a necessity. Bay developments have very well addressed this change and conformed to it.

The first glance at their website immediately attracts customers keeping them engaged. In addition, the high pixelated images and the short messages and writing placed all over the site place the real estate developer in a significant position of success. The gray scale and light color amalgamation convey the message of elegance in their work. Bay has not only ensured website presence but social media presence as well. Their activity and the regular rollout of creative content on Facebook have created for them a fan base of over 10,000 people and boosted customer interactions.

6. Credence Housing Limited

Digital marketing for Credence Housing Limited has enabled effective and efficient interaction with customers from every corner of the country.

 Credence Housing Limited

Credence Housing Limited has been in the real estate business from 2016. With the aim of landscaping the future, Credence has preserved innovation, inspiration and integrity in each of their projects. Moreover, every residential complex is developed with the view of climatic features that ensure longevity and augment customer satisfaction.

The company’s online presence has significantly influenced their sales output and put forth the interaction with customers from every corner of the country. However, as mentioned earlier, creating just a functional website or digital platform is not enough to attract, acquire and retain customers, but also a well-organized and designed one. They have exactly utilized this concept of marketing influence to create an operational yet presentable website for their online presence.

Their digital footprint has inoculated them to competition, as a result, flourish in the saturated real estate market. The easily accessible and navigable menu and toolbar alleviate client’s difficulty in retrieving relevant information. Furthermore, the proper framework and placement of content and images, as well as the color fusion captivates customers and keeps them on their website for a long time, easing the decision making process; concurrently, reducing the bounce rate. Dcastalia’s team has worked collaboratively with Credence Housing Limited to bring about digital advancement in their mode of operation to actively engage with clients.

7. Dom Inno

Even though the business environment has changed over the years, Dom-Inno has very well kept up by adapting to and making use of digital channels.

Dom Inno
Dom-Inno has been present in the market since 2002 with an excellent track record of delivery, integrity, conformance and superior quality assurance. The company has completed more than 200 projects over the years and a key driver of their success is their focus on customer comfort and contentment.

Dom-Inno’s completely functional website has had considerable influence on customer satisfaction. Being digitally present with a well-organized, wonderfully designed website and succinct content, clients have found to very easily access and use this channel of communication to fulfill their needs, and consequently, make a decision. The user friendliness and the intricate details of the site add to the overall user experience. The color coordination draws attention which reduces the bounce rate significantly.

One of the well known face of the real estate industry in Bangladesh, DOM INNO has distinguished themselves through a strong presence both online and offline; and Dcastalia has played an active part in supporting their development initiatives online in the country. Dcastalia team partnered with Dom-Inno to design and develop their website in order to help create a firm appearance on the internet and consolidate their position in the market.

8. Aakash Developments

Online presence for Aakash Development played a huge role in the deliverance of high customer satisfaction.

Aakash Developments
Aakash Development is a concern of Aakash Group Limited with significant emphasis on loyalty and reliability. It has been a market player since 2015 offering unparalleled expertise and services in the field of real estate development. Through extensive focus on quality, transparency and hospitality, Aakash has fostered customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction over the years. Online presence is another facet of their success in delivering high client satisfaction that has given them remarkable growth and sustenance in the real estate sector. Their website, which has an entrancingly presented layout creates a quick positive first impression that increases traffic and decreases bounce rate. The website’s color palette goes hand in hand with the name of the company, Aakash, meaning “Sky” in english and ties in the whole look of it.

Dcastalia actively worked with Aakash Developments providing website development and design solutions. Spending much time on research and planning, we have created a website for Aakash that has helped the company establish a firm position in the industry.

9. United property solutions Limited

The regal design and well-constructed structure of UPSL’s website defines elegance and sophistication in their work which instantly grabs the attention of customers.

United property solutions Limited

United Property Solutions Limited (UPSL) is a concern of United Group, dedicated in providing the best services to their clients in terms of design and innovation. Their concentration is not only in the development phase but also in building management, maintenance and security. All these have very much helped the real estate company to build credibility and an identity of their own. Digital presence is another aspect of the company that has greatly driven this outcome.

UPSL’s website is well structured and nicely defined. The landing page immediately captivates clients and holds their attention span for a long time. The segmentation of two of their projects on the very first page delivers a sense of finesse in their work. The details provided in each of their projects leave no room for confusion. Clients can very easily extract all the relevant information required to make a final decision on which real estate developer to invest on. In addition to this, the subtle animation and color coordination accompanied by the high image quality enhances the overall look of their online platform.

10. Building Technology and Ideas Limited (BTI)

SEO is a vital part of digital marketing that entails some major activities ensuring the online success of a company.

Building Technology and Ideas Limited (BTI)


SEO is one of the most effective approaches towards creating trust and credibility which ensures better user experience for business entities. As mentioned earlier, shoppers invest an incredible amount of time online for research before making an actual purchase, therefore, it is very important for businesses to have a good ranking for customers to easily find them on the internet. One such company who has done this gracefully is Building Technology and Ideas Limited (BTI). Placing any real estate industry keyword in Google search bar results in BTI’s website to show up within the first 5 among more than 800,000 results. More than 70% of search engine users click on one of the top 5 suggestions and BTI’s website having this rank has the upper hand of more traffic and lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serves as one of the key factors of growth for a business. It plays a pivotal role for every company in every industry. Like many other, real estate companies in Bangladesh have greatly benefited from SEO activities. Dcastalia offers SEO services to businesses constantly striving to place themselves in a prominent position in their respective industries With a proven track record and expertise in the field of SEO, Dcastalia has helped many maximize their credibility and online presence.

End Talks

To stay on par with continually evolving market approaches to respond to customer demand, it has become increasingly imperative that companies sift out traditional methods of marketing and shift towards modern and collaborative ones. Hence, it has become inevitable for businesses to operate without being digitally present. Therefore, in order to thrive in this intensely competitive business environment, enterprises need to conduct market research relentlessly and establish a long-term strategy that would encompass activities on both online and offline channels. This can be achieved in many ways, however, an effective way would be to consult with an expert in the field. There are many Real Estate Website Design Companies that specialize in making websites for the real estate industry.

With 11 years of experience, Dcastalia has marked a prominent position as a digital agency in Bangladesh, driving businesses to excellence. Through rigorous market analysis and constant advancement in design and development to keep up with market trends, Dcastalia provides a personalized touch to your online channel, differentiating you from your competitors in ways that make you a competent player in the market. In addition to providing web developmentapp developmentwebsite design, and app design solutions, we also offer SEO services for your company to earn and preserve credibility and trust among your customer base.

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