The Augmented Reality Enables businesses with immersive technologies to drive maximum value

Virtual reality is an extension of augmented reality. These next-gen visual technologies utilize a completely opaque headset, blocking out the user’s view of the outside world. Using VR technology, you can be virtually transported to another place and time. Within these futuristic experiences, attendees play games with 360-degree movement and control. It also changes the way we look at the entire business world.

DCASTALIA offers a wide selection of solutions across industries in the space of AR, VR with expertise in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and 3D Content authoring.


Building result-driven digital products that create
value to the consumers

Rangs Properties

A leading property developer of Bangladesh that represents architecture at its best. Relentlessly pursued “Creating Lifestyles” without compromise.

To tailor their requirement of a modern website, we went through several UX sessions, worked closely with different teams of designers & architects through out our development process. The final result was a top-class website that becomes an example for rest.

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Shanta Holdings

Shanta Holdings Limited, a leading real estate, famous for its eye-catching residential & commercial projects. We have been working as a digital partner and providing various design, development & technical solutions.

Our goal was to design and develop a web presence that emphasizes simplicity and speaks for the brand.

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Development process

We ensure quality and commitment throughout the development life-cycle

Client Meeting and Understanding the project goals

The Augmented Reality application is still fairly new to the industry. It is a complex process. We sit down with our client and define their requirements and expectations from the project.

Team meeting and planning the course

After the initial meeting with our client we discuss the entire project with our AR/VR experts. They determine if the project is within their capabilities and define their course of action throughout the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a VR project for my architecture team that let’s us view the entire architecture of a project. Will you be able to create it?

We can create VR projects for real estate, medical purpose, games, business etc. Just contact us so that we can start with your project!

Will I be able to check on my project from time to time?

Yes. VR development is a time taking procedure and will always keep you in the loop so that you can check the progress of your project whenever you want

Do you develop VR games?

Yes, we can develop your VR game, we do require details on the project.



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