About Us

Dcastalia, derived from the name Castalia Digital, inspires spontaneous flow of creative ideas and innovations. Since our inception dated back in 2008, we have delivered amazing and effective set of solutions for the small and medium enterprises to the top businesses in Bangladesh as well as around the world.

We thrive to present simple and innovative solutions to complex set of problems.

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Our focus

Dcastalia believes that visually refined realization is the stepping stone towards the project’s completion. Still, we know that is just one part of the recipe for success. That’s why we are equally concerned about implementing state-of-the-art technology in our projects.

We want our realizations to help the users find the services and information easily, effortlessly and pleasantly. We feel proud whenever our work results in positive emotions and our realizations are remembered.

Team Dcastalia

Together we form one of the promising technology companies in Bangladesh in the area of Web & Mobile Platforms. We are practical & pragmatic to address & solve the challenges that we deal with. Blending of Talents, Skills & most importantly "Craftsmanship" makes us confident to cover it all, whatever comes in between from Planning to Deployment.